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Best Car Games For Kids

5 Best Car Games For Kids In 2024

I’m Mirage a full-time gamer, I’ve been playing games for more than two decades, and I’m always on the hunt for the latest and best games out there, In 2021 I became parents my wife was born with our first child, a little cute baby girl.

Now that I’m a daddy, my perception of games has changed, I’m more concerned about games that are suitable even for kids and toddlers.

As I keep finding games for kids I have noticed that a lot of games are labeled for kids but should not be.

Now in this article, we will talk about Car games for kids, to save you time in finding car games that are good for your kids, I do it for you, I dedicate some of my time to finding the best car games for kids and trying them personally.

So without further ado, let’s proceed with our list.

Car Games For Kids Review

1. Amaya Kids Cars

car games for kids

Basic Info

PublisherAmaya Kids
Age Rating3+
Number of Downloads5M+

First on our list is a game called “Car Games for Toddlers & Kids” As expected the game is simple and lovely that your kids will surely love.

They can design the cars that they like, they can draw, can paint, and even wash the cars to reset to their default look.

Your kids can also attach some fun accessories to their cars like boosters, sirens, balloons, stickers, and more. The gameplay is pretty simple after customizing the car they can start to drive out of the town where they can meet some different fun obstacles like trampolines, a giant cake, a gift box, and many more.

This Amaya Kids car is an online game and you can use some real money to unlock some of its features, but if you want to spend some money on this car game, don’t worry since your child can play it for free.

Amaya Kids Car Gameplay

2. Metal Cars For Kids

metal car for kids

Basic Info

Age Rating3+
Number of Downloads10M+

This one was fun and can help the development of your kid’s creativity since this game them can build their racing car from scratch, it works like the Lego car that we usually build in our childhood.

In metal cars, they can build the cars that they dreamed of like a Lego car, they can add brakes, headlights, wheels, and engines. They can also build the frame of their car, the only limit was their imaginations.

After building their cars, they can put the car on the track, just make sure all bolts are tightened to avoid the car being dismantled when it bumps into some obstacles on the track.

Metal Car Gameplay

3. Animal Car Racing Game

animal car racing game for kids

Basic Info

PublisherRaz Games
Age Rating3+
Number of Downloads1M+

If your kids love animals and car games, I’m pretty sure they gonna love this animal car racing game. Instead of a regular car, this game features a car in the form of an animal like some of the physical toys that you can usually find.

Some mini-game is included in these car games like balloon pop, memory cards, puzzles, and the price claw that they will surely enjoy.

Animal Car Gameplay

4. Fun Kids Cars

fun kids cars, car games

Basic Info

PublisherRaz Games
Age Rating3+
Number of Downloads10M+

As its name suggests this car game is really fun for toddlers, the design of every car in this car game will surely be loved by your child, and their appearance is quite similar to the TV series “Car Patrol of the Car City”.

They can choose from five different cars in the beginning and unlock more cars by using stars that they can earn through racing, the opponent is also programmed to automatically slow down when your child leaves behind to give them some time to catch up.

There are also some mini-game that is included in this car game like ballon poop, memory cards, and a jigsaw puzzle.

Fun Kids Car Gameplay

5. Beepzz

beepz, car games for kids

Basic Info

Age Rating3+
Number Of Downloads10M+

Next on our list is the endless car game called Beepz. This car game has a lot of positive comments from parents, and a lot of them even stated that they even play the game and they love it.

The game is very simple, during the race your child has no opponents, they will just need to pass some obstacle that they can evade through jumping if they fail their car might flip but can continue on their race.

This car game is meant for kids of all ages, there are no opponents or time that they should beat, all they need to do is to drive and drive in different locations like cities, farms, deserts, snow hills, and more.

Beepzz Gameplay

Bottom Line

All the games on this list are carefully tested by me, I play them personally for me to make sure that the gameplay and graphics content of the car games on this list are suitable for kids.

I also prioritized the car games that can help in the learning of your child by choosing the games that have some mini puzzle games, memory games, and some other gameplay that can boost their creativity.

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