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Best Mir4 Leveling Guide For Beginners

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Hello there, Mirage here, previously I create an article about The Ultimate Guide To Mir4 for beginners, where I teach the basics of what things are needed to consider in the game Mir4, those articles are so long 4000+ words in length that’s why I decided to create a separate article about the Mir4 leveling guide.

You can consider this article as a continuation of the previous Mir4 guide. In this article you will learn how to level up fast in mir4, a lot of players’ goal is to reach level 40 as fast as possible for one purpose “to mine dark steel”, since mining dark steel can only be unlocked upon reaching level 40, so without further due let’s proceed.

Spirits To Increase Your EXPI In Mir4

level up fast in mir4 using spirit

One way to increase the EXPI that you gain is using spirits, these creatures have a lot of uses, once you deploy spirits it will instantly increase your power score, and spirits has a different attribute, some can increase your damage, the other can increase your defense, and other spirits can increase your Hunting EXPI and item drops.

I recommend that you create different spirit decks based on the situation, some spirits can increase your PVP damage but don’t give you an increase on hunting EXPI, and other spirits can give you hunt EXPI but don’t give PVP buff, so I recommend, that you create different kinds of spirit deck, one for PVP, one for gathering (includes mining), one for hunting or doing the quest, and just switch between decks based on your activity.

Increase EXPI Using Magic Stone

mir4 level up using magic stone

Aside from spirit, cordial, and vigor, you can also increase your EXP gain by using magic stone, like spirit— magic stone has different attributes, some can increase your damage, crit chance, mana, and others increase your EXPI, those magic stones are called “Magic Stone of growth” the buff that it gives is based on its rarity, the higher tier the more increase on EXPI you can earn.

I also recommend that you also create different magic stone decks, one for PVP, one for gathering, and one for hunting monsters or quests to increase your EXPI gain every time your kill a monster.

Increase Mir4 Level by using Codex

increase expi in mir4 using codex

Another way to increase your EXPI gain is by completing code, what is codex? codex is a manuscript or textbook, in Mir4 codex is also a manuscript that players must complete, and by completing codex your character will gain some special attribute like increased hunting EXPI boost that can help us to level up fast in mir4, there are also attribute like hunting cooper gain boost, increase accuracy, PHYS attack increase and a lot more.

Completing codex your codex that is related to hunting EXPI will give your character a permanent buff to increase EXPI, and it will help a lot to increase your mir4 level.

Main quest is to increase the Mir4 level

I already mention in our mir4 guide how important the main quest is, it is also an important way to level up fast in mir4, as you progress your earn a huge amount of EXPI in the game, but as I’ve said before complete only a certain part of the main quest that you can if its getting harder don’t push too much into it.

Field Quest

mir4 field quest

I also said before that a field quest is very important and it is needed to be complete as you progress with your main quest, not only that it is a requirement to unlock some levels on your conquest, but it will also give your some items that are useful to make your character stronger and some EXPI.

By completing the field quest in mir4 as your progress on your main quest, you’ll earn more EXPI and you will notice you level up faster compare to completing just the main quest alone.

Mir4 Request

You can also maximize you’re earning EXPI by completing the request together with your main quest and field quest, a request is also a requirement to unlock a certain level on your conquest, and it also gives a lot of EXPI when dealing with some MOBs while completing the request and there are also EXPI rewards that help you level up fast in mir4.

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Complete 30 Daily Mission

mir4 repeatable mission

There is 30 repeatable daily mission in the game, and one of the rewards for completing those daily missions is EXPI, for maximum EXPI gain in a day, I recommend you must complete the daily repeatable mission based on your level.

Why based on your level? because a lot of daily repeatable missions are about killing monsters and in this game the higher the gap between your character level and the monster, the lower the EXPI you will gain except for the valley monster.

Always Refill Your Vigor

increase mir4 level refil vigor

One way to level up fast in mir4 is to make sure that you always refill your vigor, how can you do it? by using vigor pills or by gathering in the map.

Doing some quest while your vigor is empty is losing your chance to earn an extra amount of EXPI, how does it work? let me explain a bit further.

When you doing a quest and your quest is about killing monsters or MOBs, every time you kill one you will notice that there is an EXPI counter at the bottom left side of your screen, it is usually written in white number with a plus sign, those are EXPI that you gain every time you kill a monster, and the number that is enclosed in parenthesis are your extra EXPI gain from your vigor.

The API that you’ll gain from a vigor is more than half of the EXPI that you earn every time you kill a monster If I were you, I can’t afford to lose those extra EXPI since it will help a lot in increasing our level.

Using buff to increase your EXP

level up fast in mir4 by using buff

Some item buffs can increase your EXPI earn in Mir4, those items are cordial and tonic, the are different tiers in cordial and tonic, the higher tier it is the more percentage of EXPI it can give.

Cordial and tonic can increase not just your main EXPI but also the extra EXPI that you can earn from Vigor, so remember before doing some quest or hunting always use buff like cordial and tonic.

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Increase Mir4 Level Fast in Magic Square

level up fast mir4 magic square

Another thing to increase your level fast in mir4 is by entering portals like magic square, keep in mind that you will have two free daily tickets in a magic square, make sure to use them up since they will be reset daily, but if you have a spare ticket in the magic square the better.

Rooms in the magic square are chosen randomly, and since our goal is to level up fast, the room that was looking up is called “Training Chamber”, but be careful because there are two kinds of rooms in the magic square, the PK disable or a safe zone, and the PK enable, if you don’t know what PK means, it is an acronym for Player Kill.

I recommend choosing PK to disable the Training chamber, for you to farm EXPI freely even if your AFK because if you choose PK to enable a lot of players will try to kill you and it will affect your EXPI gain.

And as a bonus, you will also earn some Ancient coins in the magic square which are very useful since Ancient coins can be used to purchase rare items at the Spacetime shop. By the way, one ticket in the magic square gives you 30 mins, as your timer runs out, your character will automatically be taken out in the magic square.

Avoid Being Killed In The Game

increase level in mir4 at bicheon valley

If you want to level up fast in mir4, try to avoid being killed in the game, because every time your character dies you will lose 5% of your current EXPI, imagine if you die multiple times, it is a lot of EXPI that you are waisting, which is not good especially if you aim to level fast in the game.

Hunting Monster At Bicheon Valley

increase level in mir4 at bicheon valley

If you have already completed your daily repeatable mission, request, field mission, run out of tickets in a magic square, and the main quest is now too hard for you to continue, what should we do to increase our EXPI?, I recommend hunting monster at Bicheon valley, why? because you will notice that Bicheon valley has a higher EXPI gain compared to some parts on the map.

You just need to find an uncrowded spot in Bicheon valley and you are good to go, but you should also be careful in this area since a lot of hostile players go to Bicheon to kill other players for fun.

Hunting Monster at Demon Bull Labyrinth

Demon Bull Labyrinth mir4 for level up

Bicheon Valley is always crowded with people because there are a lot of players going there to hunt and others are mining Darksteel, if Bicheon was crowded our next choice is demon bull labyrinth.

At Demon bull labyrinth you can choose a room that suits your level, and one bonus benefit that we can get at demon bull labyrinth is an item called “Unihorn Slices” it is a bit hard to obtain, but Unihorn Slices are common in demon bull labyrinth which is a bonus if you try to hunt some EXPI at this place.

If you don’t know what unicorn slices are used for in mir4, it is an important material used to enhance your constitution.

Hunting Monster At Bicheon Labyrinth

level up in mir4 at  Bicheon Labyrinth

Another place to increase your level at mir4 is through Bicheon labyrinth, especially if you’re looking for an item called “Flower Oil” like unihorn slices, flower oil is hard to obtain, and it is also used to enhance your character constitution, it is hard to get on some other places, except for labyrinth and valley, so if you want to increase you EXPI, and obtain flower oil at the same time, Bicheon labyrinth is one of the places to go in mir4.

Hunting Monster at Hidden Passage

hidden passage mir4 level up place

Our next place to level up fast in mir4 is called Hidden Passage, it is the safest place to farm EXPI because PK is not enabled in hidden passage even if players choose to attack your character they cannot harm you, the only downside in this place are the item drops, you can only obtain EXPI in the hidden passage but there are no item drops except for demon badge that is a craft to an item that can be registered to the codex.

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Bottom Line

So that’s it, guys, I hope that you learn from this article, If you follow all of the things that I mention in this article, you will reach Level 40 in two just one or two days, but it will still depend on the time that you’re willing to spend in the game good luck, and have a nice day.

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