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Pokemon unite

Pokemon Unite Gameplay and Review

A highly anticipated addition to the Pokemon universe, Pokemon Unite, is now available on mobile platforms, including both Android and iOS.

Initially announced in 2020, the game made its debut on Nintendo Switch in July 2021, with promises of a mobile release. Developed by two gaming powerhouses, The Pokemon Company of Japan and the Chinese gaming giant Tencent, Pokemon Unite has generated excitement due to the esteemed reputation of these companies.

Today, we’ll explore whether the mobile version of Pokemon Unite lives up to the expectations and is worth playing.

Is Pokemon Unite Free?

Some might wonder and ask if the game Pokemon Unite is free to play. Indeed, it is free; you can play the game on mobile without spending even a single penny. However, similar to other games, some items can be purchased with real money, such as rare outfits.

Pokemon Unite Gameplay

pokemon Unite Gameplay

If you are not yet familiar with this game, it falls under the category of MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, akin to games such as League of Legends, Dota, Mobile Legends, and Vainglory.

In every match, you can select a hero or character, and you, along with your team and opponents, start at level one.

What sets Pokemon Unite apart from other MOBA games is that you don’t build a set of items during the game. Instead, you choose a set of items before the game begins, limited to three types of items per match, based on the Pokemon you want to use.

held items Pokemon unite

The Held items can significantly boost your Pokemon’s stats, such as damage, HP, crit chance, and more. These items can be enhanced and upgraded to increase their effects on your Pokemon.

Initially, held items raised concerns among players as they seemed to create a pay-to-win environment, where players could spend real money to upgrade their item stats, leaving free-to-play users at a disadvantage. This was unusual for MOBA games, which typically strive to be free-to-play-friendly, allowing all players to compete on a level playing field.

However, in the latest update of Pokemon Unite, the developers addressed this issue. Free players now have the option to upgrade their items, narrowing the gap between free players and spenders. The introduction of the super item enhancer maximizes the level of held items to 30, and players can obtain this enhancer when their trainer reaches a certain level.

In addition to held items, there are battle items that provide extra abilities to your Pokemon, such as the Potion, which restores some of your Pokemon’s HP, and X Attack, which increases your Pokemon’s attack. Battle items can be obtained as trainers reach specific levels.

battle items pokemon unite

During battle, you can select one of the Pokemon you own, and this is referred to as the Unite License.

For instance, when your team is choosing a Pokemon for a match, if you want to use Charizard but do not possess a Unite License for Charizard, you won’t be able to use it in the battle.

The only Pokemon available for use in battle are those for which you have a Unite License. You can acquire a Unite License by choosing one Pokemon after your first beginner’s tutorial, and you’ll be given a free Unite License for the Pokemon of your choice.

Additionally, you can obtain more licenses for other Pokemon by purchasing them at a store.

unite License Pokemon Unite

Pokemon licenses can be acquired through the use of Aeos coins or Aeos Gems.

Aeos coins can be earned by participating in battles and events, while Aeos Gems can be purchased through top-ups or with real money.

For free-to-play users, Unite Licenses can be bought using Aeos coins, and there is a weekly limit of obtainable Aeos coins, capped at 2100.

The cost of one Unite License ranges from 6,000 to 10,000 Aeos coins. Therefore, it is advisable to spend Aeos coins wisely on Unite Licenses, selecting Pokemon that can significantly contribute to winning battles, especially in Ranked mode.

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Graphics And Visuals

Pokemon Unite sample Graphics

Pokémon Unite boasts impressive 3D graphics with well-balanced and pleasing colors, extending from the characters and arenas to the Pokémon themselves. The outfits are meticulously crafted, some of which may entice players to make real-money purchases.

Worry not, as even if you don’t plan to spend money on the game, you can still acquire beautiful outfits for free. Yes, you read it right – free. Unlike other games where obtaining outfits might require purchases, Pokémon Unite rewards players with permanent outfits, not just 4 or 7-day trial versions.

Character Customization

Character Customization in Pokemon Unite

Upon starting the game, you’ll craft your character, customizing various aspects to match your preferences. Options include choosing your character’s head, hairstyle, hair color, skin color, eyes, and your initial outfit.

Some Free Outfits !!

Free outfit in pokemon Unite

Next, after creating your character, there is still a free outfit waiting for you to claim. Just keep playing, and you will surely receive some free outfits. How does it work? Participate in various in-game events like ranking 12 times to get free clothes, logging in for a day to receive free shoes, and more.

Moreover, you can purchase outfits such as clothes, jackets, shoes, socks, cups, and more using Aeos tickets. One notable feature of outfits in this game is that you can mix and match them based on your preference.


Controls in Pokemon Unite

For the controls, it is easy to use as in some of the mobile MOBA games like League of Legends and Mobile Legends, all virtual buttons and cursor are responsive the size of every virtual button is just the right size, and it is also easily customizable based on the user’s preference.

You can choose from default controls, or advanced controls, and adjust the move panel sensitivity and camera sensitivity, for me, the controls are good and easy to use, but if you want to have more control of the game you can use and purchase some mobile game controller like the Razer Kishi or Gamesir or you can use some cheaper alternative Mobile game controller.

Bottom Line

Pokemon Unite, in one word, is awesome! I appreciate the nostalgic graphics that bring back childhood memories. The gameplay is excellent, and I applaud the developers for being attentive to player suggestions.

The resolution of the pay-to-win issue, allowing free-to-play users to compete, is commendable. The gameplay is also amazing and easy to grasp, making it more user-friendly than some complex MOBA games. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone. Keep safe and happy gaming!