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Last updated on January 1st, 2023 at 09:59 pm

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Does Pokemon Unite The Best Pokemon Game of 2022?

Pokemon Unite Released Date: September 22, 2021

A long-awaited new Pokemon game is now available on mobile, both Android and iOS, the game was first announced in the year 2020, and one year after, Pokemon Unite makes its first appearance on Nintendo Switch this July 2021 and promises that it will release a mobile version of the game Pokemon Unite.

After a few months of waiting is finally here, we can now enjoy Pokemon Unite on Mobile, the game was possible by two gaming giants The Pokemon Company of Japan and the Chinese gaming giant Tencent.

These two gaming company has a wide reputation in gaming, that is why we know that the game would gonna be great, today we will unwrap the Mobile version of Pokemon Unite if it is worth playing the game.

Is Pokemon Unite Free?

Some might wonder and ask if the game Pokemon Unite is free to play, it is free basically you can play the game on mobile without spending even a single penny, but just like some other games, there are some stuff that can be purchased with real money, like some rare outfit.

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Graphics And Visuals

Pokemon Unite sample Graphics
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

Pokemon Unite has good 3D graphics, the colors a balanced and pleasant to the eye from the character, the arena, to the pokemon and every scene in the game are good balanced, some outfit is also well made that might drive players to buy some outfit using real money.

But don’t worry since even if you don’t have any plan to spend money on the game you can also get some beautiful outfits for free, you read it right! it is absolutely free, not like some other games that I’ve tried If you want some outfits, you should buy them.

But in this game, you can get some free stuff like outfits by just continuing playing the game, and it is a permanent outfit, not just 4 days, 7 days outfit trial like you can find in some games right now.

Character Customization

Character Customization in Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

At first, you will create your character and you will choose your character appearance based on your preference, you can choose from the head, hairstyle, hair color, skin color, eyes, and your first outfit.

Some Free Outfits !!

Free outfit in pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

Then after that, there is still a free outfit that is waiting for you to claim, just keep on playing and you will surely get some free outfit, how? it works like this, there are some events in this game that u need to participate in like, rank 12 times and get free clothes, log in for a day, and get free shoes,s, etc.

You can also buy some outfits like clothes, jackets, shoes, socks, cups, and more by using Aeos tickets, and one of the good things about outfits in this game is you can mix and match outfits based on your preference.

Pokemon Unite Game-Play

pokemon Unite Gameplay
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

If you are not yet familiar with this game, this is a kind of game called MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, like the League of Legends, Dota, Mobile Legends, Vainglory wherein every game you can choose a hero or character that you want to use and you, your team and even your opponent will starts at level one.

The only thing that makes Pokemon Unite different from other MOBA game is that you wouldn’t build a set of items during the game, instead, you will choose a set of items before the game start, you can only use three kinds of items in every match and based on the Pokemon that you want to use.

held items Pokemon unite
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

The Held items can greatly increase your Pokemon Stats like damage, HP, crit chance, and more, and those held items can be enhanced and upgraded to the level to increase their effects on our Pokemon.

At first, the held items become an issue for other players since it becomes an instrument for pay to win since players can upgrade the stats of the items by spending real money in the game, and thus free play got left behind.

And it is unusual for MOBA games since a MOBA like the other MOBA game is free-to-play friendly, thus giving free-to-play players to compete even not spending money on the game.

But in the latest update of Pokemon Unite, the Devs have already fixed the issue and let free players have an option to upgrade the items and catch up with some spenders, the introduction of super items enhancer closing the gap between free players and spenders by maximizing the level of held items to level 30 and this super item enhancer can be obtained when trainer reaches a certain level.

Aside from held items there are also called battle items that can an extra ability to your pokemon like the item called potion that can restore some of your pokemon HP, X attack that can increase your pokemon attack, battle items can be obtained when trainer reaches a certain level.

battle items pokemon unite
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

By the way, during the battle, you can choose from one of the Pokemon that you owned and it is called Unite License.

For example, after you get a match and you and your team are choosing a pokemon for the fight and you want to use Charizard but you don’t have a unite License for Charizard you cant use it in a battle.

The only pokemon that you can use in a battle is the one that you have a License, how to get a Unite License? After your first beginner’s tutorial, will have a chance to choose one pokemon and you will be given a free Unite License of the Pokemon of your choice., then after that you can obtain some License for the Pokemon by purchasing it on a store.

unite License Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

Pokemon License can be purchased using Aeos coins or Aeos Gems.

Aeos coins can be obtained through battles and events, and Aeos gems can be bought using top-up or using real money for short.

If you are free to play you can buy Unite License using Aeos coins and it has a limit of obtainable Aeos coins of 2100 for a week one Unite License costs 6k to 10K Aeos coins, so choose wisely on spending Aeos coins on Unite License, only choose of Pokemon that can help you win battles, especially in Rank mode.


Controls in Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite Gameplay 2023

For the controls, it is easy to use as in some of the mobile MOBA games like League of Legends and Mobile Legends, all virtual buttons and cursor are responsive the size of every virtual button is just the right size, and it is also easily customizable based on the user’s preference.

You can choose from default controls, or advanced controls, adjust the move panel sensitivity and camera sensitivity, for me the controls are good and easy to use, but if you want to have more control of the game you can use and purchase some mobile game controller like the Razer Kishi or Gamesir or you can use some cheaper alternative Mobile game controller.

Bottom Line

Pokemon Unite in one word Awesome !! I like how the graphics of this game looks and it brings back memories of my childhood, and the game-play is also good, and I like how the developer is listening to the player’s suggestions, the moments that they fix the pay-to-win issue and allow free to play users to compete into the game is awesome as players we are now confident that we can rely on them.

The game-play is also amazing and easy to play, not unlike some MOBA games that need a lot of time to practice and master the game, Pokemon Unite’s gameplay is more user-friendly and even new users will easily familiarize its game-play.

Should I recommend this game to anyone? absolutely yes !!, Keep safe and happy gaming !!

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