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Are You Looking For the Best Android Games That You can Play on Your Mobile Device?

Well, You are in the Right Place on the internet since Mirageportal is a place where you can find the best and latest Android games since I was a real gamer that spent a lot of time playing games and searching for the best and only the best mobile games that you can also try this year 2021 so keep reading for more info.

For years mobile phones are a big part of daily lives, it been used to connect and communicate with our loved ones with phone calls, text messages, and emails, it let us see the world with social media, it used to document everything that we’ve seen using its camera from to photos to videos, we also used mobile phones on computing and many more, but for many years we also used our mobile phones to entertain our selves from watching videos and of course gaming.

At first, we can only play simple games from our smartphones, all have a simple interface and game-play, only a few smartphones are capable to handle mobile games with 3D and beautiful graphics, but now it’s the year 2021, and everything has changed a lot.

Mobile phones these days are much more capable of handling games than we once are just dreaming of, all thanks to the huge competition of smartphone makers that drive smartphones in a huge leap for technological advancement that we are enjoying these days.

Many smartphones these days are more capable to handle some high intensive games with beautiful graphics that can even rival games that once can only play on PC, in fact even cheaper phones or the ones we called budget phones can handle games with a beautiful graphic with ease if you want to try some best android games to play on your mobile device, here is the list of the best android games of 2021.


Best Android Games List That You Must Try in Year 2021


Genshin Impact

Genshin impact, best android games

The first game on our list was one of the famous mobile games that emerge in 2020 called “Genshin Impact”, an open world of fantasy game RPG that captures the attention of gamers around the globe by its unique kind of game-play and outstanding graphics.

Genshin Impact is a unique kind of fantasy RPG where you have full control of your character, you can jump, climb, or even swim in its vast open-world map, which can serve as your play-ground, Genshin Impact is a multiplayer game, where you can team up with your friends in fighting strong enemies, it was also a cross-platform where you can play it on PC, and other mobile devices, with its unique features and good graphics Genshin Impact is one of the best if not the best mobile games that you can play in 2021.

Genshin Impact Game Trailer


Call of Duty Mobile

Best android games of 2021, call of duty

Next on our list is a game Called Call of duty mobile, honestly this game doesn’t even need some introduction since this game was one of the most famous mobile games out there, call of duty is also one of the biggest video game franchises, and its one of the reason that why it was so famous, first in PC, console, other mobile device and now on android.

When it was first released on mobile it quickly becomes one of the best games that you can download in the market and for those who don’t know, Call of duty mobile is a battle royal kind of game that you can play with your friends, create a squad, or you can also play solo and destroy some enemy squads, the game is also optimized on mobile phones, means that you can play it smoothly even on a phone.

The only downside was it was really hard to aim using mobile phones than using PC, that why In a shooting game like this, I highly recommend that you used a technique called four-finger claw and a gyro to assist your aiming and dominate the battle arena.


Call of Duty Game Trailer

The Ants

Best android games, planet ant

If you are interested or fascinated with a creature like ants, your will surely love this kind of android game called “Planet ants”, this game was just a new game, it has some room for improvement but when I try to play this game on android in early access I can say that planet ant deserve to be called as one of the best mobile games of 2021, its game-play is unique where you can build your micro-empire underneath the ground, this game is also realistic in terms of graphics and game-play.

The game planet Ant gives you the experience to build your ant kingdom herd some aphids for honey, farm some fungus to be fed to your ants, and create a powerful army of ants that can defend your anthill from an invading enemy, this game is a strategy kind of game that required to join an alliance to battle some other alliance, the one with the stronger soldier ants and a better strategy will be a winner.


best android games, Lifeafter

If you’re looking for a Zombie survival game, You will love this mobile game called LifeAfter, this game was undoubtedly one of the best android games that you can play and download, but wait this game has the best graphics of all the games that I played on android and this game is also an open-world just like Genshin Impact and for that reason, this game needed an Android phone with very good specs at-least 6GB of RAM and an Octa-core processor for the minimum requirement for this game, you also need a fast internet speed with a good latency to enjoy this game.

This game is a good mix of booth PVE and PVP, there is many class to choose from in this game and if you want combat classes, you can one from Sniper, Warrior, Rifleman, and a virus expert, if you love PVE rather than PVP there are many game mode or operation to choose and fight some zombie or infected, but if PVP or player vs player is your choice you can enter some war zone to fight and compete to other players, this game with the next kind of level of realistic graphics and a much realistic feel of gameplay, Lifeafter is one of the best mobile games on both Android and iOS in 2021.

Lifeafter Game Trailer

 PUBG Mobile

best mobile games PUBG

Next on our list is also one of the famous mobile games in the world and might be one of the best mobile games that you can play today, starts a PC game PUBG rocks the world of gamers that quickly become one of the most played battle royal shooting game in PC, now that this game is also available on android and some mobile devices its popularity on PC become to reach the mobile gamers before it was released its, pre-registered players reach a staggering high of 75 Million.

Its popularity on mobile is un-denial it reaches many downloads of 100M+ in just Google-Playstore alone, its gameplay is just simple dropping down players in one map through parachute, were weapons and some other gears are scattered through maps, players need to loots some valuable items likes weapons and armors and some gears for as fast as possible before the fight was intense up, the mechanic was just simply killed every enemy player that you’ve to see and try to crawl on top, and be the last man standing and become a winner, its game-play, responsive control a decent graphics and its popularity that make this game one of the best mobile games in 2021.

PUBG Game Trailer

 Walking Dead Survivors

best mobile games strategy, walking dead

One of the newest games on android and iOS and one of the best mobile games that you can play today, Walking dead has also had a lot of franchises that make it popular, it is also one of a TV series of post-apocalypse where humans fight the zombie for survival.

From comics to TV series and now to android and other mobile platforms, this game has its first release this April 2021 and now reach a download of 1M+ on Google Play-store, its download is quite low compare to some of the games that we feature on this website, but because Walking dead survivors are just a month old compare to some other games, but I’m confident that this game will reach 10M+ download on Google Play-store.

Walking dead survivors just like the Planet ant are a strategy game kind of game where you serve as a commander of your town, build your farm to gather some resources, train some troops, rescue some of the remaining survivors since it may help your town progress, some of the survivors has its special skill that can help your troop’s power increase, to help to protect your town from invading forces of other players and from hordes of zombies A.K.A Walkers.

Walking Dead Survivors Trailer

 Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M

best android games, bullet angel xshot

One of the newest FPS shooting games on android and other mobile devices, Bullet Angel once is a PC game that is popular in some parts of Southeast Asia country now they remake this game to be played on android and other mobile devices.

There is a lot of game mode that you can choose to play in this game, including Mummy mode where you will try to survive the attack of the players that become mummy, there is also an AI mode will you and your team will fight those AI that the appearance looks like those robots from the movie terminator, there is some fun mode like the grenade combat where there is no weapon allowed to used except for a grenade that you can throw an unlimited grenade to your enemy and lots of PVP that you can team up with some random players or fight solo on a game mode called deathmatch.

There is also some outfit and accessories that you can buy with some real money to make your character unique in appearance bullet angel is the unique shooting game on mobile that I’ve played and defiantly one of the best mobile games to play in 2021.

Bullet Angel Game Trailer

 Bullet Echo

best android games, bullet echo

Next on our list is a game called “Bullet Echo” a unique kind of shooting game with simple graphics and interface, the game was lunch in May 2020 and now hit a 5M+ download on Google Play-store, this kind of game is called a top-down game where user can have an aerial view of the battlefield, start on selecting a hero that you gonna use in a fight, select what kind of game mode, then you will be sent on a battlefield fight and survive until you are the only one left alive in the map to become the winner.

Bullet echo has some game mode that like the battle royal that you can be team-up some random players to create a team with three-member or if your friend is also playing this game, you can create a team that can fight in some other team on the battlefield, there is also a game mode for solo called “King of the hill” where you will be sent in a battlefield and fight alone, all the player in the battlefield are your opponent, and only the last one standing will be the winner.

Bullet echo is a fun game that can be played solo or teamed up with your friend, simple graphics and game-play make the game smoother to play and the entertainment that it can bring is the reason why this game is one of the best mobile games you can play in 2021.

Bullet Echo Game Trailer

Mobile Legend

best android games, mobile legend

Next on our list is a game called Mobile legends, this game was so popular in many countries in Asia especially those in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, for those who don’t know, Mobile Legends is a type of game called MOBA or Multiplayer online battle arena similar to the game DOTA.

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular and probably one of the best android games that you can play on your smartphones, you can play solo and team up with a random player or you can play with your friends, you can choose what Hero you will choose in a fight and blend a strategy with your teammate according to the Hero that your using, if you like to find a mobile DOTA alternative, well Mobile legend can be your best choice.

Mobile Legends Game Trailer

That’s all for now and thank you for reading! Take some look at one of our article too.

Credits to 政徳 吉田 from Pixabay, for the featured images that I’ve used in this articles, thank you.


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