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The Ants Game: Best Guide For Beginners

Recently I create a review article about the planet and game created by Seven City, a unique kind of strategy game that lets you create your ant colony and battle some of the players and colony in the wild.

Planet Ants (The ants) as I’ve said before is a kind of strategy game, and planning and executing your strategy is a key to making your ant colony stronger.

Today I will give some tips and guides on how to strengthen your ants in the

11 Useful Tips in The Ants: Underground Kingdom

1. Find and join a strong alliance)

The ants, alliance example

Want To Play The Ants: Underground Kingdom On PC?

If you want to play The Ants: Underground Kingdom on PC follow these three easy steps.

  • Download LDplayer Emulator (Since it is the most Optimized and fastest emulator on PC)
  • Download the game using the LD player Emulator.
  • Configure the Buttons and it’s good to go.

You can Download the LDplayer emulator on the button below.


Why are some other players will attack your colony? the answer is your resources, as I’ve mentioned in my recent article resources are so important to grow your colony, and it is the primary reason why players attack other players.

For example, the class that you have chosen is a raider, since the rider is very bad at gathering some resources both in the wild and inside your colony, their only choices are to attack and plunder some resources from other players, they always choose weaker ant colony and weaker alliance as a target to avoid some casualties in his troops.

By joining a strong alliance like if you join the top 1-5 in alliance ranking, some attackers will hesitate to attack you since your ally can defend your colony from an incoming invader I observe in this game that a weaker alliance will always get an attack and bullied by the different stronger colony and it may greatly affect and delay the growth of your ant colony.

2. Get As Many Resources As Possible

planet ant resources

Gather some resources and secure them as much as possible, meat, sand, wet soil, honeydew, plant, fungus, and water, all of these resources are important since it was used to train troops, upgrade and build infrastructure and upgrade the queen and evolution research.

Keep in mind that resources are one of the keys to strengthening your ants since they will serve as fuel in your colony.

If you earn a huge amount of resources I recommend to used it immediately to train or heal your wounded troops or used it for evolution research since having a huge amount of resources may attract some other players to attack your colony.

You can also use a peace shield to prevent your colony from being attacked for a few hours.

3. Always Train Soldier Ants

planet ant soldier ants

Soldier ants are the fang and the claw of your colony, they are the one that protects your colony from an invading enemy so training more and more troops of soldier ants can help survive your colony from incoming attack.

There are three types of soldier ants, guardian, shooter, and carrier ants they have been used both for offense and defense.

4. Always Upgrade Your Soldier Ant Nest

soldier ant nets planet ant

The higher the level of your solider the stronger it may become for example let’s compare these two kinds of shooter ants, the level 4 shooter ants have a stat of Attack: 37, Defense: 17, March Speed: 14, Health: 5 while if you upgrade it to level 5 it has a massive jump in some of its stat Attack: 48, Defense: 20, March Speed: 13, Health: 7

Almost all of the stats of the level 5 shooter ants are better than the level 4 except for the march speed since it becomes slower compare to level 4 shooter ants.

To reach a certain level of soldier ants you should always upgrade the level of your soldier ants nest to unlock a new level of soldier ants.

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5. Don’t Forget To Upgrade Queen Ants

planet ant queen ant

Queen is the foundation of your colony, and upgrading the Queen ants can greatly increase the power of your colony and troops and can also unlock certain features of your colony.

For example, if you already upgrade the level of your soldier ant nest, but your Queen level was still low you can still unlock a new level of soldier ants.

If you want to upgrade everything in your ant colony always consider upgrading your Queen first.

6. Upgrade Everything In Your Colony

planet ant colony inside

This thing is the one I forgot to do when I’m just starting the colony because when upgrading the colony, especially the Queen and there are some requirements needed before it can be upgraded.

For example, If you have a level 14 Queen ant and you need to upgrade it to level 15 your aphids and dining area must be already level 14, that’s why you should always upgrade every infrastructure and make sure that it always catches up with your Queen level.

In addition upgrading infrastructure inside your colony can also add additional power.

7. Improving Your Unit

improve unit in planet ant android game

Unit is composed of soldier ants that you will use for attacking, it is accompanied by special ants that serve as a leader for your unit (troops), always improve your unit before starting an attack, you should have chosen a primary unit for attacking if you are a raider class you should always choose your pro unit for attacking since the pro unit of raider class is the only one that can plunder honeydew to your target colony.

It is hard to upgrade and improve all of your units at once since it will require a huge amount of resources, what I did is focus on my primary unit or pro unit to improve and upgrade first.

Like what I did, I focus on the special Ant since it is the leader of my attacking troop it will give a huge buff for the rest of the soldier ant inside of my pro unit, what I did is I focused all my upgrades first in my pro unit, I upgrade the Special ants and its skill because the number of troops in a unit will be based on the skill of the special ants called “dominance” it is necessary to upgrade this skill first, since the higher the level of dominance the more soldier ants can fit into a unit.

Take note all of the skill of the special ant in a unit is important but some of its skill is hard to unlock or upgrade that’s why I recommend focusing on the first four skill first for your special ant.

8. Always Upgrade Your Unit Evolution

planet ant pro unit evolution

Since upgrading evolution is very expensive for resources, you should focus first on the evolution of your pro unit, and focus on the cooperative combat, if you manage to unlock up to advance cooperative combat you can put three special ants in your primary unit and if you put three combat type orange and it will dramatically increase your unit power and destruction.

But before you can unlock the advance cooperative combat, you should upgrade some evolution research first in the pro unit like the hard skull, spiky back, elastic abdomen, march speed, sawtooth, toxic acid, stout, etc.

9. Upgrade All The Remaining Evolution Research If Possible

planet ant evolution

Upgrade not just the pro unit evolution but all the remaining evolution need to upgrade, it’s expensive for resources but you can upgrade it one after another.

Soldier healing evolution is very important in PVP since it can help to increase the healing speed of your soldier ants.

Guardian ants, shooter ants and carrier ants evolution research, these three evolution are also important it can increase the attribute of your soldier ants it can improve both their damage and defense.

Hill development evolution research can increase the productivity of resources on your ant hill, it can increase water production, meat production, increase plant production, fungus production, etc.

If you can upgrade all the evolution research it can greatly improve your anthill but it will take a lot of time and a huge amount of resources just make sure to gather and secure all your resources all the time.

10. Upgrade Your Hospital

planet ant hospital

This one is very important since many players are searching for resources, the attack is mainly inevitable, upgrading your hospital to the highest possible is very important since when someone attacks your colony there are many wounder soldier ants that needed to heal, and those ants of your that exceed your hospital capacity will automatically be converted from wounded into casualties.

Many of your ants that survive will be dead if you didn’t upgrade your hospital to its max capacity.

11. Always Donate To Your Alliance Evolution

alliance evolution planet ant

As I’ve mentioned the alliance can play an important role in your growth and help to defend your colony, but not just that alliance can help you in other ways like the alliance evolution, always donate to alliance evolution and your donation will help to upgrade your alliance buff like the underground depot that can increase the protection of your resources, the architect that can increase your construction speed.

There is also some alliance evolution buff that can increase your troop’s capability in fighting for both offense and defense.

Every time you donate some resources on your alliance evolution you can earn alliance contribution points and those points that you earn can be used to exchange some useful stuff on your alliance stores like advance teleport, random teleport, 8 hours peace shield, or 12 hours peace shield.

There is also a buff that can be purchased on the alliance store like 12 hours attack bonus, 12 hours defense bonus, and 24 hours gathering bonus.


Bottom Line

All of the things that I’ve mentioned earlier are based on my observation after playing this game for months, and all of the tips can help those who are new to this game, If you know some tips and tricks in Plant ants that I didn’t include in this article you can comment down below.

How to Get Creature Remain?

You can get creature remains every time you defeat a Frog when you and your allies team up and perform a rally to defeat a Frog.

How To Strengthen Ants?

You can Strengthen your ants by just upgrading your unit evolution, and other evolution research inside your colony based on your Queen ants level.

How to Restore Ants Stamina in The Ants: Underground Kingdom?

Stamina will be used every time you attack an enemy formicary or anthill or any creatures on the maps, your ability to attack is based on your unit stamina and when you run out of stamina just log out in the game and wait for a few minutes and all your stamina will be restored. but don’t forget to use a shield before you log out of the game.