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The Ultimate Raid Shadow Legends Guide For Beginners

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Hi, Mirage here, today well gonna talk about this famous game in Youtube ads called Raid Shadow Legends, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already encountered this game once or on many occasions in Youtube Videos.

Raid Shadow Legends have sponsored a lot of famous Youtube channels, and they are so aggressive in terms of sponsoring Youtube content, they even spored videos that are unrelated to gaming, and it gets so much attention from Youtube viewers.

Raid Shadow Legends Meme

The sponsoring strategy of Raid shadow legend is so effective that a lot of people become familiar with this game.

The popularity of Raid Shadow Legends continues to invade not just Youtube Videos, but also internet Memes, this game become popular with many, and a lot of people use raid shadow legends as a Meme, and it’s a win-win situation for the company because a lot of people talking about their game, a lot of people might install and play their game.

So I have been curious about this game, and as a game reviewer, it’s my job to review this game and give my thoughts and advice if Raid Shadow Legends is worth playing or if you just skip it and find much better games to play.

In this gaming review, we will talk a little background about the game, graphics, and gameplay, and we will come to a conclusion.


First, a little background check about the game, Raid Shadow Legends created by a game developer called Plarium, some of their games are Vikings War of Clans, Lost Islands Blast Adventure, Throne: Kingdom at War, and many more.

In the year 2019, Raid Shadow Legends is born, now this game is available on four platforms, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


Raid Shadow Legends Graphics

Now let’s talk about the graphics, in terms of visuals the graphics of this game is actually just okay, it has nice 3D graphics, and the colors are well balanced, if we compare its graphics to some other games, I can say that it comes near in comparison with the graphics from the game State of Survival.

Raid Shadow Legends Gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, I have a mix of opinions about this game, when you didn’t try this game yet, you can see from some of its ads that the game looks like a full pledge MMORPG game Diablo, but actually, it’s not.

Raid Shadow Legends is a turn-based RPG game, in this game players don’t have full control of their character, unlike some games, for example, PUBG, COD, ROS, and LifeAfter, where everything that is happening in the game is controlled by the players.

Turn-based gameplay is what we typically see in some early NFT games like Chain Guardians that I already review, you can check it out in this link if you want, the only difference is that Raid Shadow Legends has far more advance in terms of graphics, and gameplay.

Dont get me wrong if you compare Chain Guardians and Raid Shadow Legends’ overall gaming experience, R.S.L is better miles ahead in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The Gameplay of R.S.L starts when the four mighty warriors have died in the hands of the ferocious dragon, and your role as players act as the commander of these champions, you can only choose one in four fallen champions to start your journey in the game.

These fallen champions are Dark Elves, Orcs, Archers, and Paladin once you choose your preferred hero, your first journey in the game begins.

After some couple tutorials and reaching a certain level, you can unlock different champions that you can include in your team, in this game the team is composed of different champions that you can use in a set of battles, you should place your best champion in a team to create a powerful lineup.

Improve Stats In Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts

You can improve the stats of your champions by equipping some artifacts or what we called items, articles that can be acquired by completing different stages in the game, these artifacts are the following:

  • Weapons that can increase your Attack, Crit rate, and Accuracy.
  • Helmet for Accuracy, Defense, and Attack.
  • Shield for Resistance, Crit Damage, and Defense.
  • Gauntlets for Crit Damage, Speed, and Defense.
  • Chestplate for Defense, HP.
  • Boots for Attack, HP, and Crit Rate.

Added stats by these artifacts are based on their rarity, the rarer the artifacts the more stats they can give, you can also improve your champions’ stats by upgrading their stats on the tavern.

What is Tavern In Raid Shadow Legends?

raid shadow Legends Tavern

The tavern is like a place where you can improve your champion stats, it is unlocked when you reach Level 6.

In the Tavern there are four ways to improve your champions in a tavern it includes the following:

Upgrade Level

Leveling up Champions can increase their base stats, you can do this by sacrificing weaker champions to give your target Champion an EXP, you can also do this by giving your Champion an XP brew, or giving your Champion an XP barrel.

Upgrading Ranks

You can also improve your Champion stat by upgrading its ranks in the Tavern, how? you can do this by sacrificing champions or chickens in the same ranks.

What is Chicken? it is a special item in the game that can be used to upgrade your champion’s ranks, the number of Chicken or Champions that you need to sacrifice is equal to the current rank of the Champion you want to upgrade.

Upgrading Skills

Another way of increasing your Champion stats is by upgrading its skills, you can do this by using an item called skill tomes, these items are categorized based on rarity common, epic, and legendary.

The rarer the items the more increase in stats of buff it can give to your champion skills, but you must save rare skill tomes to more powerful Champions since rare skill tomes are hard to obtain.

Ascending Champions

The last way to improve Champion stats is by Ascending, it is basically like a limit breaker, where when your Champions reach their limits, you can Ascend them to reach their potential.

You can do this by using potions, you can simply select your Champion in the Ascension tab and it will automatically display how many and what kind of potions you need.

In case you lack in Potions, you can obtain by doing the following:

  • Visit Potion Dungeons
  • Mix Potions by using Potion Mixer
  • Buy Potions in the shop

Raid Shadow Legends Game Modes

raid shadow legends game modeS

There are different game modes in this game, it is up to you what game modes you chose, these game modes are kinda self-explanatory, so I will not explain much further.

  • Campaign
  • Dungeons
  • Faction Wars
  • Arena
  • Clan Bosses
  • Doom Tower


Honestly, this game is not that bad, it just depends on your play style, if you are a gamer, that wants a lot of actions like a MOBA gamer, an MMORPG gamer, or a gamer that loves FPS shooter games or battle royals, I don’t think you gonna love this game, not unless you are flexible that wants to play any kinds of games.

But if you are the kind of gamer that loves, strategy games, Idle RPG, turned-based, you will love this game for sure, since it has good graphics and storyline, and it is not hard to play.

Honestly, If I review this game a few years ago, I will not gonna liked it since I’m not a fan of turned-based games a few years back, but when I encounter some turned-based NFT Games I can say that Raid Shadow Legends gameplay is far better compared to some NFT games.

If you want to try the game and judge for your self you can download Raid Shadow Legends at the bottom below.

Download Raid Shadow Legends