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  • Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 1: Searing Raspberry Toppings
  • Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 2: Solid Almond Toppings
  • Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 3: Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 4: Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings

The black pearl cookie is an ambush-type cookie, it has a sneaky skill that can deal a great amount of damage to its enemies. Choosing the best Black Pearl cookie build for topping is crucial. There are a lot of combinations that you can try.

There are three recommended toppings for Black Pearl Cookie. The Solid Almond toppings, Swift Chocolate toppings, and the Searing Raspberry toppings. I also have different builds of toppings that I usually use, and I will share them with you.

Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 1: Searing Raspberry Toppings

A full set of Searing Raspberry toppings are one of the recommended toppings for Black pearl Cookie. It is the best topping if you want to get maximum ATK power for black pearl.

Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 2: Solid Almond Toppings

If you want your Black Pearl Cookie to have a high survivability rate try to use Solid Almond Toppings. A full set of solid almond toppings can maximize the damage reduction of your black pearl. What was even more impressive about Black Pearl was it was a bit tanky compare to other magic cookies like Espresso. This is why I replace my Espresso with an ambush-type Black Pearl Cookie as my main damage dealer.

By using a solid almond set of toppings, your black pearl can be even tougher in a battle.

Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 3: Swift Chocolate Toppings

Swift chocolate cookie toppings are also one of the three recommended toppings for Black Pearl. Using this topping can decrease the time of cooldown of a skill. If you want to use its skill more often try to use a full set of Swift Chocolate Cookies.

Black Pearl Cookie Toppings Build 4: Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings

my own toppings build for black pearl cookie

Instead of using Swift Chocolate for skill cooldown, solid almond for damage resistance, and searing raspberry to enhance its ATK, I choose to use Juicy Apple Jelly.

Black Pearl Cookie was already a complete cookie. It can deal a high amount of damage, it can bypass enemies’ damage reduction, and it also has some debuff effect that can weaken its enemies’ ATK, with true damage. This is why I think that criticism was the only lacking stats for her.

Critical + True Damage

I played a lot of games and I knew that damage+ true damage+ critical was indeed a deadly combo. In addition to that Black Pearl, Cookie skill was an AOE (Area Of Effect) means when you use juicy apple jelly toppings there is a high chance that all the enemies in the area will receive a critical hit.

Note: When you use juicy apple jelly toppings but you have noticed that you’re critical dont appear more often, it means that your opponent has a high critical resistance( even high-level MOB has critical resistance).

My personal build is just based on my own preference as a gamer, it’s up to you to choose my own Black Pearl Cookie build or follow the recommended Black pearl cookie toppings.

Other Info About Black Pearl Cookie

If you want to know more about the Black Pearl Cookie. Let me give you the full info about its story, skill, and how to get the Black Pearl Cookie.

Black Pearl Cookie Story

black pearl story

“There is something out there, hiding amidst the thick fog. Something ominous, capable of swirling all-consuming whirlpools and raising gigantic waves on a whim.

The table of Duskgloom Sea is true, you see, and its dark waters will each every grain of sugar in your dough and silence your last scream..” It will be wise to avoid these treacherous waves- for their ruler can toss and wreck even the mightiest of ships as if they were mere toys. it is said that kind-hearted mermaids once served as the ocean’s caregivers and protectors, but here in the Duskgloom Sea, you will find only dark grudges.

Nobody knows the reason behind Black Pearl Cookie’s century-old wrath, but with her on the underwater throne of wreckage, the Duskgloom Sea has gained its notoriety as the abyssal graveyard. She does not seek affection nor understanding, but then what is it that Black Pearl Cookie is looking for? What can pacify her cries of separation?


As I’ve mentioned, this cookie is a Legendary Cookie which is really hard to obtain because it is one of the highest-tier cookies in the game.

If you are not aware Legendary Cookies are next only to the Ancient the highest rarity in the game, but the cookie gatcha probability of the Legendary Cookie and Ancient are equal, which means both are the hardest to get in the game.


For the types, our Black Pearl Cookie is an ambush type, which means it is capable of dealing a huge amount of damage to its enemies while remaining intangible against enemies’ attacks. Combine with its skills and effects this cookie is really scary during a PVE and PVP.

Now the interesting part is its skills— let us now debunk its skills and effect for you to know how overpowered this cookie is.

Duskgloom’s Sovereign (Skill Name)

black pearl cookie skill (Duskgloom)

Skill Description

Dives into the abyss and shifts into her true form, creating a whirlpool storm that deals periodic damage relative to Max HP and drags in even enemies resistant to interruptions. Enemies, terrified of the Cookie giant size, suffer from terror from the Abyss. If the Terror from the Abyss is dispelled, the target will be inflicted with true damage proportional to the target’s max HP. Being the ruler of the Abyss herself, Black Pearl Cookie is resistant to all Fear effects. (Maximum amount of damage proportional to the target’s HP is 300,000)

Skill Effect (Base Form Effect From Level 1)

  • Lightning DMG: 240.8%
  • Whirlpool: 10 hits over 2.0-sec single hit DMG proportional to Max HP (Cookies): 6.3%, Single Hit DMG (Others): 13.8%
  • Lightning $ Whirlpool Damage Reduction Bypass: 40%
  • Healing: -35.0% for 10.0 sec
  • Terror of the Abyss: ATK SPD -20.0%, MOV SPD -20.0, ATK -14.5% for 15 sec
  • Terror of the Abyss Extra DMG: DMG proportional to Max HP (Cookies): 9.5%, DMG (Others): 13.8%

You can see in its skills description and effect how terrifying this cookie is. It has an AOE (area of effect skill) means everything in the path will be affected by its skill.

When using its own skill, the Black Pearl Cookie transform into a giant cookie that charges into the enemy, in this state, she is invulnerable to any attack and cast a whirlpool and Lightning at the enemies.

The whirlpool pulls every enemy to the center as it continues to produce some damage based on the MAX HP of the target, it is also accompanied by lightning that adds a huge amount of damage.

What’s even more terrifying was the whirlpool can pull even those that have resistant to interruption. It also adds some debuff called Terror of the Abyss that decreases its enemy’s ATK SPD by 20%, MOV SPD by 20%, and ATK by 14.5%, aside from the Terror of the Abyss its skill automatically decreases its target healing ability by 35%.

On top of that, its skill can also bypass the 40% Damage reduction of its enemies, and when the terror of the Abyss didn’t work it will inflict true damage instead. Upon reading its skills and effects and trying Black Pearl Cookie by myself I confirm that this cookie was indeed overpowered.

Keep in mind that the stats that I show you were just the base form, it can increase as you keep upgrading the Duskgloom skill.

Now that you know the skills and best toppings for Black Pearl Cookie, you might consider including this cookie on your main squad. Since this cookie is a legendary type of Cookie, you can expect that it is harder to get, but believe it or not, I get Black Pearl Cookie for free.

Yes, I get Black Pearl Cookie for free without spending even a single cent, what is even more surprising was I got it with one click from 10X draw.

Event Gacha

you can get black pearl cookie in event gatcha

This gatcha is what the game recommends to get a Black Pearl cookie. It is not your typical kind of gatcha that you will use crystal. But instead you’ll need to use an special item called “Abyssal Pearl”.

This pearl can be obtained in two ways, either by using real money and buying an Abyssal pearl or by completing some quest in Abyssal pearls. This quest includes some daily missions like using 50 stamina, producing something 100 times, and many more.

Every time you complete a quest you will get an Abyssal pearl as a reward. After obtaining 1000 of the Abyssal Pearl you can use it for a 10x draw in the special gacha event.

Note: This gacha is only an event gacha. After the event has finish you can only get the Black Pearl Cookie in the normal gacha.

Special Gacha

you can also get black pearl cookie in special gatcha

Black Pearl is not the only new Cookie that was released in the “Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update” there is also two epic cookie Candy Diver Cookie, and Captain Caviar which I also get for free.

The two new cookies are featured in the special gatcha. Using a special gacha will give you a higher probability to obtain the new epic cookie.

Special gacha will also give you chance to get the Black Pearl Cookie. Although the probability to get one in special gacha is lower compared to the event gacha.

you can also get black pearl cookie in cookie normal gatcha

I’m pretty sure that you are aware of this kind of gatcha since this was the typical gatcha we know. Aside from the event gacha and special gacha. There is also a chance to get one of the Black Pearl Cookies by using the normal gacha.

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