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  • Cream Puff Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate Toppings (Cooldown Build)
  • Best Cream Puff Cookie Toppings- Juicy Apple Jelly Topping (Recommended)

Cream puff Cookie is a support cookie in the games that have the ability to restore allies’ HP and deal damage at the same time. If you like to use this cookie on the battlefield don’t forget our Cream Puff Cookie toppings build to try.

These toppings build are already tested in PVP and PvE, hope you like them.

There are two sets of toppings built that are recommended for Cream Puff Cookie the swift chocolate toppings and the juicy apple jelly toppings. Let me explain why these two toppings build are the best.

Toppings Rating

cream puff cookie toppings skill
Cream puff cookie toppings skill cooldown

Cream puff Cookie is a support cookie, she is one of the forgotten support cookies that are rarely used in the game. Some players forgot how useful Cream Puff Cookie’s ability is. It has an even better base healing ability than Herb Cookie and its skill can also deal massive damage to enemies depending on its success.

One of the best Cream Puff Cookie Toppings is a full set of Swift Chocolate Toppings. This topping will increase her skill cooldown allowing her to use its ability more often. Restoring more HP and dealing more damage to the enemies.

Toppings Rating

best cream puff cookie toppings
Best cream puff cookie toppings

Another useful Cream Puff Cookie Toppings to be used is a complete set of Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings. It was because her skill damage and healing ability are based on success. If her magical incantation succeeds the amount of damage and healing percentage of her skill will greatly increase.

The success rate of her skill is based on its critical chance. Using a complete set of Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings will increase her critical chance. The higher her critical chance the more chance her skill incantation to succeed.

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cream puff cookie skill
Cream puff cookie skill

Skill Name: Jellius Extremus!

Skill Description: When casting its skill, Cream Puff Cookie Invokes a tornado to cause AOE damage and restores a percentage of the HP of its allies. The amount of damage and healing percentage of her skill depended on the success of her incantation.

Her skill cannot cause CRIT damage but the chance of success of her incantation can greatly affect by her crit percentage chance. When her skill incantation succeeds it can inflict a greater amount of damage and restore more HP for the whole party.

Skill Effects:

  • Single hit DMG: 469.5%(0.4-0.5% DMG per level) Success: 1166.8% (1.1-1.2% DMG per level)
  • Healing: 103.5% of ATK (0.1-0.2% Healing per level) Success: 238.6% of ATK (0.2-0.3% Healing per level)

Cream Puff Cookie Story

cream puff cookie story
Cream puff cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom

The downside of using a Cream Puff Cookie in the game was its soul stone. We all know that to upgrade the level of the cookies we need its soul stone. Unfortunately for Cream Puff Cookie, you can’t get its soul stone at any stage in World Exploration.

You can’t even get its soul stone from Gacha, Mileage Shop, Rainbow Shell Gallery, or Seaside Market. The only way to get Cream Puff Cookie and its soul stone are through the Guild Gacha. You should collect some heroic torch to use it in the Guild Gacha.

You can use 100 heroic torches for a single draw or use 1000 heroic torch for a single pull of 10X draw.

Ways to Get Heroic Torch

  • Visiting Guild daily to claim heroic torch in the beacon of promise
  • Participate in the guild battle
  • Complete events sparks of hope

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What toppings to use for Cream Puff Cookie?

The best toppings to be used for Cream Puff Cookie is a full set of Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings. These toppings build can greatly increase her critical chance and can increase the success of her incantation skill.

How rare is Cream Puff Cookie?

Cream Puff Cookie is one of the rarest cookies in the game, for the reason that there is only one way to get it, and its soul stone which is the guild gacha. You can’t obtain this cookie in cookie gacha using real money or get its soul stone in the world exploration, if you really want to get it– make sure to participate in your guild to have a chance to obtain its soul stone from guild gacha.

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