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macaron cookie toppings

Macaron Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

  • Best Macaron Cookie Toppings Build: 5X Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)
  • Alternative Toppings Build: 5X Solid Almond Toppings (PVP)

There are two sets of toppings built that I recommend for Macaron Cookie. I already tried both of these toppings in the game and I can say that the complete set of swift chocolate toppings is what I recommended when using in PVE to improve her skill cooldown. But for PVP, a full set of solid almonds is the best choice, to increase her damage resistance against opponents with high burst damage.

Best Macaron Cookie Toppings Build: 5X Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)

best macaron cookie toppings swift chocolate
best macaron cookie toppings swift chocolate

The best Macaron Cookie toppings are a complete set of swift chocolate toppings due to their helpful abilities. Using the Macaron cookie in your team will give you an additional team damage output, a crit, an attack-increasing buff, and healing.

Macaron Cookie is a magic cookie with a lot of abilities, using a complete set of swift chocolate toppings will decrease her skill cooldown exponentially. As a result, she can heal more of her allies, add more buff, and inflict more damage on enemies.

In addition to that, the amount of HP she can restore is based solely on the stack of Happy Parade. The more stack the more amount of her allied HP can be restored, so using swift chocolate will significantly help increase her skill stack by improving her skill cooldown.

  • Cooldown
  • DMG Resistant
  • ATK

Toppings Build For PVP

macaron cookie toppings solid almond tank build

Another set of toppings that are also good to be used for Macaron Cookie is a complete set of Solid almond toppings. This was due to the fact that Macaron Cookie is not tanky, she’s a bit fragile on the battlefield.

I recommended using this topping build for Macaron Cookie in the arena when facing a high burst damage cookie team. Or if you’re facing an opponent cookie like Vampire Cookie.

Without using a solid almond topping, your Macaron Cookie might end up being eliminated without having a chance to cast her own skill. A complete set of solid almonds will strengthen her defense by increasing her damage resistance.

  • Skill Cooldown
  • DMG Resistant
  • Critical Resistant

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macaron cookie skill
macaron cookie skill

Skill Name: Mighty Macaron Parade

Skill Description: Upon using skill, Macaron Cookie’s Macaron animals will start marching towards the enemies and inflict damage. The non-cookie enemies will receive additional damage making Macaron Cookie a good cookie for PVE.

Her skill will also increase the attack and crit percentage of all her allies and restore their HP, based on the number of hits of the macaron animals. Macaron Cookie will receive a stack of Happy parade buff from her own skill and will her allies’ HP proportion to the number of stacks of the happy parade once the parade is over.

Macaron Cookie is also resistant to interrupting effects when using her skill.

Skill Effects:

  • Periodic Area DMG: up to 20 hits over a span of 5.0 sec
  • Single Hit DMG (Cookies): 15.5%
  • Single Hit DMG (Others): 24.5%
  • After every 5 hits, a single enemy receives 5.0% less DMG (does not go below -20.0% of DMG)
  • CRIT%: +11.5% for 10 sec; stacks up to x2
  • ATK: +11.5% for 10 sec; stacks up to x2
  • Healing: 5.8% of ATK every 1 sec for 5 sec
  • Bonus Healing: 5.0% + 0.4% of ATK per Happy Parade stack
  • Happy Parade: stacks with 3 hits dealt by the Macaron Animals; stacks up to x30

Macaron Cookie Story

macaron cookie story
macaron cookie story

Did you think this Cookie was made with artificial food coloring? Guess again! She is made with 100% all-natural ingredients. Even her long, gorgeous eyelashes are completely organic. Cookies are drawn to her friendly smile and gentle voice. In fact, cute little Macaron Animals love to gather around her too.

Once she starts playing on her macaron drum, the Macaron Animals start a tiny parade. At times, the parade can get out of hand, but Macaron Cookie still enjoys the company anyway. When she gets really excited, Macaron Cookie may demonstrate her most festive performance for you.

Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Gacha- Using 3000 crystals for ten times draw or 300 crystals for a single draw.
  • Guild Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Mileage Shop- Spend 2000 Mileage points in exchange for 20 Financier Cookie Soul stone
  • Seaside Market (by chance after refresh)
  • Arena Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery (by chance after refresh)