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Undawn Closed Beta First Impression

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Finally one of the best survival zombie games that we were waiting for has been out for a closed beta test. I already wrote an update about the Undawn closed beta in April 2023, just a few days before the closed beta of the game started.

I also registered on the closed beta program to give you an update on the game and luckily I’ve been chosen as one of the beta testers.

On April 06, 2023, the closed beta test began, and this is my first impression of the game. Note that this article is only written during the closed beta test, some of its features or graphics may change

Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Gameplay

undawn closed beta first impression-gameplay
Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Gameplay

It has a lot going on in the game which is pretty exciting. I’ve been playing LifeAfter since 2019 and I’m a veteran player of it. As a long-time player of the game LifeAfter I witness everything and how the game suddenly lost its path from Post Apocalyptic survival game.

Years have passed and LifeAfter is messier now, it feels like the game is now mixed of Zombie + Sci-fi+ MMORPG+ everything that they can collab. It is sad for me to see that my favorite game is now messed up.

Luckily Undawn is finally here and I can feel the same thrill that I experience in LifeAfter a few years ago. At last, a new game that resurrects the real post-apocalyptic theme and gameplay is now in closed beta.

Undawn gameplay has a lot of similarities to LifeAfter. At the start of the game, you can choose your character which you can customize according to your preference.

After that you are now ready to play the game, your adventure starts alone in the wilderness savaging weapons, medicine, supply, and vehicles to escape the zombies and head to a safe place.

You will encounter a group of survivors called Raven, who gonna teach you everything you need. After that, you will need to live on your own, find food, building your first house from raw materials.

You can also craft equipment such as weapons, armor, drones, etc. You can cut some trees for its resources, mine some stones, and pick some herbs or other vegetables.


There are a couple of missions that you can participate in the game, by completing certain missions you can get some valuable materials. Some of these materials are resources that are essential to survival, some are for upgrading weapons and armor.

You can also get a lot of EXP for completing missions, and currencies that you can use in the game.

A Mix Of PVP and PVE

Another thing that I’ve noticed in the game has a mix of PVP and PvE where players can choose if they want to focus on PVE, PVP, or both. In PVE they offer a stronghold where you and your team can challenge different bosses.

There are lots of PVE modes in the game so far, some of those are side quests but still need to accomplish for rewards.

For the PVP Undawn offers a training match where players can build a team or solo match for solo players. There is also a PVP mode called Aeronautical Base, it is a team PVP mode. There is only a certain time when the Aeronautical base was open so you should gather your own team and register before the battlefield opens.

For my Undawn closed beta impression I think there is a great balance between PVE and PVP in the game and players have their own choice of what they preferred.

Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Graphics

undawn closed beta first impression graphics-
Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Graphics

When it comes to graphics, Undawn has visually stunning and impressive graphics as expected. The game features a vast open world with detailed landscapes, buildings, and environmental elements that introduce the players to a realistic-looking post-apocalyptic world of the game.

The game has great attention to detail, lighting effects, and high-quality textures. The whole environment has great details like the one that I’ve experienced playing LifeAfter.

The character customization is also good so far, there are a lot of controls that you can tweak when customizing your own character. There are also a lot of templates that you can choose from.

Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Controls

undawn closed beta first impression controls
Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Controls

The movement of the character is excellent, it was made by three gaming giants and I played both PUBG, COD and I noticed that the movement in PUBG mobile and COD are mixed in Undawn, you can jump, you can roll, and even slide an iconic move of COD that I like in dodging an enemy attack.

Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Sound

In terms of the sound and special effects, for me it is okay. Honestly, I’m the kind of player that doesn’t bother and gives much attention to sound effects, and for me it’s okay.

The sound when moving is okay, you can surely feel how heavy a load of your bag is when moving, the sound effects of every weapon are realistic, and even the sound of the bird and other animals in the background when in a forest is on point and looks real.

Overall from my first impression, the sound effects are okay.

Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Story

undawn closed beta first impression story
Undawn Closed Beta First Impression: Story

Her is the part where I think is lacking. The story is good, yeah, but there is something more that I like, and I want more thrilled. Honestly, the first part of the story is boring not much thrill and not much suspense.

When I first played LifeAfter I’ve been thrilled within just a few seconds Ive entering the game, the moment that my character escaped the city where the infected are roaming and the time that our truck are ambushed by the hoard of infected, crawling my way to survive and being rescued by NPC named Alesky, fighting a giant mutant infected named Lazarov and Alesky sacrificing his self for me to survive was phenomenal !! I’ve got goosebumps whenever I remember that first story of LifeAfter.

But in Undawn I’m not impressed with the story, the introduction of the game for me was boring, the first time you enter the game you are in the middle of nowhere, just fighting a few infected, restoring the bike, and your off, and that’s it nothing impressive with the story at all.

I wish they create a movie-like introduction of the game like in LifeAfter since the thrill is what drives the player to play the game. Anyway, we are just in the closed beta, I hope Undawn devs read these comments of mine and improve the story of the game for us to enjoy the game even more.


My Undawn closed beta first impressions are positive in most aspects, the gameplay is excellent the balance between PVP and PVE is good. Respecting players on their decision whether they choose PVP or PVE and not forcing them to play a game mode that they don’t like.

Undawn is a grinding game, so you can’t be bored playing this game since there are a lot of options for you to do while playing the game. The graphics are also excellent the characters, environment, the lighting is good.

The only downside for me was the story If they can improve the story from the beginning and the whole story in every special operation and boss battle the game will be much better. If you will ask me if I will recommend this game? Yes of course I enjoy the game and I think you can also enjoy it for yourself.

That is all for now, I will write a full review and full detail of the game as soon as Undawn has been officially released globally.

You can also join me on the forum section of this website a let us discuss further the game Undawn.

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