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lifeafter pc

Lifeafter PC: Download And Play

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Lifeafter PC download and Gameplay

What Is Lifeafter?

First a little recap about the game, Lifeafter is an RPG game developed by Netease, a gaming company that creates the game “Rules Of Survival”.

The game Lifeafter was first released in the year 2018, and I start playing the game in 2019, but even for now in the year 2022, I’m still playing the game for the reason that the game Lifeafter is too good to leave.

By playing the game, I meet a lot of friends, that join me in the adventure, in fact, a lot of players in Lifeafter get a lot of friends, this game is not just an ordinary game, it is also a great place to socialize.

The game Lifeater is a role-playing game that let you create and customize your character appearance, honestly, it is one of the best character customization the game that I’ve ever tried, you can even customize your character based on your own appearance in real life, If you are good in customizing characters.


Lifeafter screen shoots, graphics

One of the best things that I like about this game is how gorgeous its graphics are, almost everything in the game is realistic characters, the infected, and even the environment look real.

There’s a lot of beautiful scenery in the game, that attracts players to take a picture with their characters and send them to social media.

This game is amazing, if this is a VR game, it looks like the Oasis in the movie “Ready Player One”, where you can do almost everything.

The game is an open-world so you are free to do almost everything you want in the game.

Lifeafter Gameplay

Lifeafter is a survival game

Increase your damage in Lifeafter

This game is a survival game, you need to survive in a world that is full of zombies.

Craft your weapons

lifeafter craft, lifeafter PC

As I’ve said Lifeafter is a survival game, and in order to survive you should have a weapon to fight and defeat some zombies, but dont worry since in this game you can build almost everything that you need even weapons.

You can gather some materials in the wild to craft your own weapons.

All the materials can be found in the wild, but if you want more powerful weapons you can buy some in the marketplace.

Trade items in the marketplace

lifeafter marketplace

Did I say about the marketplace? yes there marketplace in the game, and you can trade almost everything in the game, from weapons, gears, shields, foods, and even craft materials.

Some players can even earn some real money in the game, even though Lifeafter is not a play to earn game, some players find ways to earn. How? By familiarizing the flow of the market.

Marketplace is the place in the game where you can buy and sell items, and the currency that is used in the game is called gold bars.

When you want to buy something in the marketplace you need to buy it using gold bars, and when you sell items and someone bought them, you’ll receive gold bars.

Some competitive players need a lot of items in the game for PVP, and to get some items they need to buy them in the marketplace, and they need a lot of gold bars for the gears and weapons, and some players sold their gold bars to other players to earn some real money.

Explore the wild


Lifeafter is an open-world game and there are a lot of places in the game that you can explore, some places are heavily infested with zombies or what we called infected, but even though it’s dangerous you still need to go into the wasteland to gather some resources that you may need, you can also gaher some items or materials that you can trade in the market.

Join Camp

Lifeafter camp

For faster progress in the game, you need to join some camps, where you can meet some players and probably some new friends, I meet a lot of friends in this game Lifeafter and I have a lot of good memories with them, surviving together, help one another in times of need, complete some missions, fight other camps in war, and a lot more.

Among all the games that I tried, Lifeafter is the only game that I will never forget.


Lifeafter PVE

Aside from survival in the wild, you can also participate in some missions, actually, if you want to get stronger in this game, you need to complete some daily missions to get the rewards that can surely help you to make stronger.

Missions are hard to complete by one person, and you may need a helping hand to complete some missions and you may seek help from your campmates, and other random players.


If you want some actions, you can even participate in some PVP battles in Life after, but be careful because Lifeafter is not an ordinary shooter game where you can use your weapons and gears as long as you want.

In Lifeafter all weapons, shields, and armor have some durability, the more damage you receive, the faster all your gears wear out and might be destroyed, and when that happens, you have no choice but to buy again some gears in the marketplace.

Lifeafter is a real fun RPG game, once you come in, it’s hard to come out, I play this game for almost 4 years, and I will do it for more years to come.

Lifeafter Download

This game is available to be played on almost all platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android. If you are planning to play the Lifeafter on a mobile device (Android) you just need a smartphone with at least a Snapdragon 662 processor with 6GB of RAM, but if you want to play the game smoothly I recommend playing it on a PC.

Lifeafter PC Download

lifeafter download

If you are on SEA server (Asia), you can download the Lifeafter PC version on Lifeafter Official website, but in some countries, Lifeafter PC is not available, but dont worry since I’m here to help you with how to play Lifeafter in PC in case that the PC version is not available in your country.

Step 1: Download Emulator

download Ldplayer

The first step is to download an emulator, if you are in a country where Lifeafter PC is not available, our only choice is to use an emulator.

I recommend using an LDplayer emulator since it is the one I’m using and I didnt find any issue playing Lifeater in LDplayer, you can try it for yourself.

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Step 2: Setting up your emulator

play on pc

After you download LDplayer, you need to configure it out based on your preference, you can go to settings, choose what device model you want to use, choose how much RAM you need in an emulator, choose screen resolution, and CPU cores and it’s ready to go.

Step 3: Download the game or use APK

download game in emulator

After configuring your newly installed emulator, you can now download Lifeafter in the Google play store inside your emulator.

If you already play this game Lifeafter on your mobile device, you can just copy the APK file, Data file, and Obb file of Lifeafter and transfer it to your Ldplayer emulator, and you can play the game Lifeafter on PC without the need to download.

Bottom Line

So that’s it, I hope that I help you with how to play Lifeafter on PC, for more gaming tutorial updates you can subscribe to our newsletter to be updated in future content.

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