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undawn closed beta

Undawn Closed Beta Is Comming 2023

Undawn closed beta is on the way this April 2023. Undawn is the Zombie survival game that is on my radar for a very long time. I have been watching and waiting for this game to be released globally since 2019 when I was still actively playing my favorite game of all time “LifeAfter”.

The game was previously called Code Live from its first release in China, then it change its name to Dawn Awakening and change again to Undawn for the global version.

I think that Dawn Awakening is a much better name than Undawn. If you agree with me write down your comments below.

Now Back to the main topic, LifeAfter is a great game that has beautiful graphics and excellent gameplay. I’ve been looking for games that can compete with Lifeafter, but I couldn’t find any.

Until I saw the first gameplay of Code Live (Undawn) way back in 2019, the first time I saw its gameplay and graphics I was amazed and thought that it was better than Lifeafter when it comes to graphics.

At those times, Lifeafter season 3 with enhanced graphics hadn’t been released yet, so personally preferred Undawn to Lifeafter for graphics during those times.

Fast forward to 2023, and Lifeafter and Undwawn have almost the same graphics style. So the big question is, does Undawn can surpass LifeAfter? Can it have better gameplay? or should it give players a better user experience?

Undawn Closed Beta Date

After a long wait for this game, Tencent and Garena announce that they will enter the closed beta test in April of 2023. The selected player can sign up to have a sneak peek and first experience of the game.

Sure some unofficial APKs of Undawn is long been played by other players, but those are unstable versions. If you want to play the most stable, smoother, and finished version of the game, you should need to wait for its global release.

On the Undawn Garena Facebook page, they have announced that the game will have its official lunch this summer of 2023. It is just unclear whether the official lunch was available globally or only for the selected region.

What’s My Expectation After The Undawn Closed Beta

As a gamer that waited for this game for a few years, I have a lot of expectations for it.

Better Graphics

Undawn Closed Beta Trailer

First is the graphics, I’ve seen some of its graphics from other players that play the unofficial APK and upload it to Youtube. Based on their uploads the game was true and might have better graphics than LifeAfter.

The graphics from the official game might be even better since it was a more polished version of the game. I’m expecting a lot from Undawn, and hope that the graphics might not be a problem for mobile phones to handle.

Smoother Gameplay

Undawn Sample Gameplay— Image Credit: Tencent

Lifeafter is known to have great gameplay but their game is not well optimized for Android phones. A lot of players including me have a lot of complained about how laggy and buggy the game is on Android devices.

A problem that the LifeAfter developers couldn’t fix for years. It was better optimized for IOS, but if you want to play it smoothly they even suggest playing the game on PC which is frustrating for players that preferred to play the game on Android.

Undawn on the other hand is made by Tencent, a giant gaming company together with LightSpeed & Quantum Studios, and will be published by Garena.

In other words, this game is a product of three gaming giant companies, compare to LifeAfter which is made by NetEase alone.

The companies behind Undawn have a wide reputation for creating games with smooth gaming experiences on any device. For that reason, I have faith that his new game will have smoother gameplay.

Free To Play Friendly

Another expectation of other players including me was the game must be at least free-to-play friendly. Many players believe that Tencent is creating games that are way more F2P friendly.

Just like their PUBG mobile has a reputation for being free-to-play friendly. Lifeafter on the other hand is heavily paid to win, well not at least from its early release.

I’ve been playing Lifeafter since 2019, I belong to the strongest server in the game “Charles Town” where I witness a lot of players that are extremely strong and heavily spender.

Some of them even spend $5000+ just for a limited edition car in the game, and some powerful weapons can only be upgraded if you spend a lot, even though I admitted that I’m not free to play in Lifeafter.

I even spend some real cash just to have fun and compete with other players at least a bit, but time flies real quick and you will notice that the game becomes more and more pay to win in PVP.

If you are not the kind of player that arent into PVP, well it’s not an issue – but if you are, you will notice the huge gap between free-to-play and spender in PVP mode.

In Undawn I hope that this might not become an issue, spending might just be on cosmetics like costumes, skills, etc. But skill must be more important than just buying a lot of stuff and having a massive advantage against players that aren’t much into spending.

Undawn Update: Undawn Full Review

Bottom Line

As the Undawn Closed beta is here, the official lunch is now within our reach, we wait for years and now the game will be available within months.

If you haven’t registered in the Undawn closed beta program, just a little bit of patience and you will surely try to play the game upon its official release.

I waited for this game since 2019, I also write tutorials for my favorite game Lifeafter and I will definitely play Undawn upon its release. See you in the game!

You can also Join our Mirageportal forum so we can talk a lot about this game, it is free to join, see yah.

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