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Unlock Your Creativity: The Ultimate Text to Art Generator Guide

Want to create art but your not an artist? You can just use your imagination and the AI will create it for you.

Text to art AI generator: Is this the new way to create art? Do you want to create art, but you are not an artist? In the past, it seemed impossible. But with the rise of AI technology, the impossible is now possible.

With the help of AI, you can now create your art by only using text and your imagination. In this kind of art—imagination is your limit. There is no need to draw; all you need to do is to use an AI art generator tool

What Is an AI Art Generator?

AI art generators are the new trends in the online community. It is a kind of AI tool that allows anyone to create their image or art by just using text. The tools utilize the machine learning abilities of AI to generate stunning art for everyone.

In the traditional world, only artists could create a piece of art. It took skills, talent, and a lot of practice to create art. For that reason, creating art was not for everyone. Now, with AI technology, everyone can create art with just their imagination

How To Use Text To Art Generator?

An AI art generator is also referred to as a text-to-art, text-to-image, or text-to-art generator. This is because users only need to use text or prompts to describe what the art should look like.

Night Cafe Studio

One of the most popular and best text-to-art generators is Night Cafe. It is one of the most stable text-to-art generators that everyone can use today.

The image above is the art that I created in Night Cafe Studio using only text.

I tried the text-to-art generator Night Cafe a couple of times, and I’m completely blown away by the results. It’s stunning to see this kind of art generated by simply inputting text into the generator.

Night Cafe is a free tool that operates on a credit system. Upon signing up, you will be given 5 free credits. Each creation consumes 1 credit, so you must be careful about using your credits.

In case you run out of credits, you can purchase for as low as $7.99 for 40 credits. For free users, there are several ways to earn credits for free. Read the list below for ways to earn free credits in Night Cafe

Ways to Earn Free Credits in NightCafe

  • Share creation on social media: earn 3 credits
  • Vote for 20 entries in yesterday’s challenge: earn 2 credits
  • Like 10 creations: earn 1 credit
  • Get 10 followers: earn 5 credits
  • Get 5 comments on a creation: earn 1 credit
  • Complete your profile: earn 3 credits
  • Publish a creation: earn 1 credit
  • Get 5 likes on one of your creations: earn 1 credit
  • Follows 5 users: earn 2 credits
  • Get your first comments: earn 2 credits

Night Cafe Tutorial: How To Transform Your Text Into Art Using Text Art Generator

Sign up In Night Cafe

The very first step is to open your browser and type “” After that, you will need to sign up for your free account. You can either use Facebook or Google or simply sign up using a password.

Start Creating Art

After signing up, claim your free credits. You can now create art directly by clicking on ‘Creations’ in the uppermost part of the website and then clicking the red button to create.

Choose Creation Method

The next step is choosing a creation method. There are five methods available that you can select based on your preference.

The creation method is essentially the text-to-image algorithm that you can use to transform your text into art.

Choose a Style

After selecting the algorithm, the next step is to choose a style. There are a total of 29 styles available for you to choose from. Additionally, there is an advanced mode where you can upload an image as a base for your artwork.

In advanced mode, you can also choose the aspect ratio, the number of images, and the resolution.

Construct Your Prompt

The last step is to construct your prompt text. After selecting the algorithm and style, proceed to the text prompt and describe how you want your art to look. Finally, click on ‘Create,’ and that’s it.

Things You Can Do After Generating AI Art

After creating art out of the text, there are lots of things that you can see from it. Let me give you some examples.

  • Post on Social Media
  • Use as Book Cover
  • Use an Illustration or featured image for articles or blog
  • Make money in AI Art

Post on Social Media

You can post your ai art for social media

If you enjoy posting on social media and wish to gain more followers, consider sharing your AI art creations.

This can attract individuals who appreciate art, potentially leading to an increase in your followers.

Use It As A Book Cover

If you’re a writer selling books, there’s now a novel way to create your book cover. By using a text-to-art generator, you can save money on hiring a designer.

Just visit a text-to-art generator like Night Cafe, and you can easily generate a design for your book cover.

If you are a blogger like me, you know that creating featured images or illustrations from scratch can be time-consuming.

However, with the help of this AI art generator, we can now easily create illustrations for our articles.

It only takes a few minutes to generate beautiful art that can be used as featured images for blogs.

Make Money From AI Art

make money from ai art

You can also have an opportunity to earn some money by using a text-to-art generator. There are a couple of ways to earn money from it. Let me show you how.

Make money by selling Ai Art as an NFT

sell ai art as an NFT

You might already hear about NFTs, and you might know that some people have generated a significant income from them.

However, if you’re not an artist, creating an NFT may seem out of reach. The good news is that now, even if you’re not an actual artist, you can mint your AI-generated art as an NFT and try to sell it on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

If you successfully sell your NFT art, you might earn some Ethereum. These Ethereum tokens can be traded and converted into real cash, allowing you to make a profit

Selling Ai Art To Redbubble

sell ai art to redbubble

Another way to earn money from Ai art was to sell it to print on demand like Redbubble. Redbubble enables artists to sell their art on their platforms.

In every merch that they sell with their art on it, they earn some commission from the items.

Even if you’re, not a full pledge artist, you can now sell art in some print-on-demand like Redbubble. You can sell your artwork as some regular artist does. And earn some commission or royalty on every item that is sold.

Sell AI art on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a platform for buying photos, illustrations, videos, and music. Beyond being a buyer, you can also become a seller on Shutterstock. Simply create an account at and start submitting your artwork for free.

All the images or artworks you submit to their platform undergo a review process.

Once approved, they will be featured on the Shutterstock platform, and you’ll earn money each time your artwork or image is downloaded by customers

List of Other Text To Art Generators

If you want to try other text-to-art generators, here is the list of Nightcafe creator alternatives.

Open Ai DALL- E 2

my ai art creation in openai DALL-E 2

Our first candidate as an alternative for NightCafe studio was the DALL-E 2 from OpenAI. I have been using this AI art generator and it feels a bit weird. The creation from this text-to-art generator lacks more details compared to NightCafe studio.

Although Open AI lacks accuracy and details, it is also a free text-to-art generator. It’s still a good alternative if you lack credits in NightCafe Studio. Open Ai DALL-E 2 was good for creating illustrations for blogs or thumbnails for your content on YouTube. But If you plan to sell some art generated from this tool? well, I don’t think so. You may prefer selling high-quality art that can catch the eye of the potential customer.

Open Ai DALL-E 2 also uses a credit system. After signing in to Open Ai you will receive 50 free credits then after that, you will just receive 15 free credits every month.

Art created in Open AI is free for personal or commercial use, but always check its terms of service. They often change their terms– so always check before using them for commercial purposes.

Starry Ai

ai art that i create using starry ai

Stary Ai is a text-to-art generator that you can use on mobile. Using these tools gives you options to download the apps in Android or IOS. If you don’t want to use mobile, you can directly create AI art through your PC browser.

Like other text-to-art generators, Stary Ai also uses a credit system. After signing up, you will earn 5 free credits. If you run out of credits, there are ways to earn credits for free that I will list below.

How to get free credits in Starry AI

  • Share on Twitter: Earn credits every three days
  • Share on Instagram: Earn credits every three days
  • Share on Reddit: Earn credits every three days
  • Share on Tiktok: earn credits every three days

Starry AI is a good way to create AI art for free. You can also use AI art generated using their tools for commercial purposes. You can create an NFT art out of his tools and sell it to NFT marketplaces.

Playground AI

ai art that i create using playgroundai

Playground Ai is the most generous free text-to-art generator that I’ve used. If you read their license, you will have all the right to use the art generated by their tools for personal or even commercial uses. Art generated from this tool is highly detailed compared to other AI art tools.

What was even more surprising was you could create 1000 images a day for free. A thousand images are more than enough to explore these tools and perfect your style in crate AI art.

Bottom Line

Can AI art generators replace artists? For now absolutely not. I have used different text-to-art generators and they can create art. The downside is— it is not 100% accurate in what I describe and imagine in my mind. Ai art has a long way to go and we are just in the early stages of it.

Ai art has a great amount of potential but for now, let’s just enjoy these marvelous tools that we can even use to make money for free. Reminder, If you want to sell your AI art always check the license in terms of service, to avoid any issues.

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Frequently Ask Questions For AI Art Generator

Can I sell my AI art?

Yes, you can sell your AI art depending on the license provided by the platform. If you’re using Nightcafe Studio you can mint your art to NFT and sell it, you can also sell it to other platforms that buy art. Remember that always check first the terms of service and license in each AI art generator.

What is the best AI art Generator?

Nightcafe Studio is the best AI art generator today. If you want more premium you can use Midjourney it has more control but can’t be used for free.

Can I use AI art for NFT?

Yes, some AI art generators allow users to mint their AI artwork into NFT. Text-to-art like NightCafe, Starryai, and Playgroundai permit users to create NFT out of their AI art.

How do you turn words into art?

You should use a text-to-art generator. Text-to-art generator uses AI technology to create exact art out of your text. You just need to describe what your art should look like and the AI will handle the rest.