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Dark Eden Guides & Review

Dark Eden M Guide: Play to Earn MMORPG

Welcome to Beginner’s guide to the play to earn MMORPG Dark Eden M

Are you terrified and fascinated at the same time by these bloodthirsty creatures, a monster in the night that lurks in the shadow of darkness and hunts for their prey? Are you going to join them or hunt them?  

This new play-to-earn crypto game is based on an endless battle between good and evil a battle between vampires and vampire slayers, this new crypto game is called Dark Eden, a new game under the Wemix blockchain network Mir4 and Gunship battle crypto conflict.

What Does Dark Eden M Graphics Looks Like?

dark eden graphics

Now let’s talk about its graphics first, this game is not like some of those MMORPG games that I usually recommend, those MMORPGs that has high-quality and realistic graphics, these crypto game has humble 2D graphics, which is kinda bit weird especially if you are a gamer that plays a lot of high graphics games, it feels like we travel back in time in the year the 1990s.

Dark Eden graphics are kinda similar to the graphics of the iconic Diablo by Blizzard, I’m not talking about the new one that will be released this year, I’m referring to the first Diablo game of 1996. Dark Eden with its graphics is not a downside for me at least it gives us an opportunity to experience once again a classic MMORPG game.

The lighter 2D graphics of this game also allows smoother gameplay that can be played even on a lower-end device. But the download size of this game is a bit large for mobile games, based on your device, you will need to download at least 90 Mb+ or at first, then a file update once you open the game of about 2GB+ to play the game.

Dark Eden Gameplay: How It Perform In actual Play?

For the gameplay, Dark Eden offers a hack and slash MMORPG game that is full of PVP action. Since this crypto game is about the battles of the two powerful races, players need to choose what side at the start of the game.

After you choose between Vampires and Slayers you cannot change factions anymore, not unless you create another character in the other servers, after that you can now participate in the battle of the two factions.

You can take a look at the Dark Eden character below 

Dark Eden Character



dark eden asault

A melee-type slayer that uses its sword to eliminate enemies, these Vampire Slayers are like Warrior types in other games, strong and agile and capable of eliminating vampires with their buff weapon.

Main Skill

Blaze Walk

Instantly moves to a distant target and deals 180% ATK power, and applies 50% Move SPD. Reduction for 1.5s.

Multi Amputate

Deal 80% of ATK. power 2 times with quick skill.

Dragon Hurricane

Cause a huge tornado to damage the target by 130% of ATK power 3 times for 5 seconds.

Magma Detonation

Amplifies the heat of magma in the earth and deals 170% of ATK power to 10 nearby enemies.


dark eden chaser

A range-type slayer that can lunch a deadly blow from afar, Chaser is one of the greatest damage dealers among the slayer’s race, it has a high critical chance and knockback effect to counter some melee-type monsters.

Main Skill


Deas 140% ATK power to targets further away with precise aiming, Knockback effect on monsters.


Temporarily strengthen the barrel to damage the target by 70% of ATK power 3 times.


Fires a grenade to damage the target and 10 nearby enemies for 150% of ATK power, and applies 50% Move SPD reduction for 2 seconds, Knockback effect on monsters.


Deals 180% ATK power to distant targets and 10 nearby enemies with the portable rocket Launcher, Knockback effect on monsters.


dark eden titan

A slayer that uses the power of God to defeat enemies and bless its allies. Titan is a melee-type hero and has good support in a team fight.

Main skills 

Holy Strike

Deals 180% ATK power with a cross formed of holy energy, and applies 25% Movement Speed reduction for 2 seconds.

Aura Burst

Fires an aura ball formed with holy energy in a target direction and deals 150% of ATK power to 5 enemies.

Via Crucis

Deals 90% of ATK power to 4 nearby enemies up to 3 times for 3 seconds by summoning the retribution crucifix +10 ATK power for 10 seconds.

Shining Field

Deals 100% of ATK power to 4 nearby enemies up to 3 times for 5 seconds with holy light +10 defense for 10 seconds.


dark eden valkyrie

A range type of slayer that uses the combinations of bow and arrow plus nanobots, this slayer is agile and one of the fastest hitters in the slayer race.

Main Skills

Nano Bolt

Fires special arrows that contain nanobots 3 times in rapid succession, dealing 75% of ATK power.

Inferno Arrow

Deals 180% of ATK power to target with explosive arrows. 65% chance to deal 180% of ATK power to 7 nearby enemies during Nanobot activation.

Lightning Arrow

Deals 150% damage to a target, up to 2 times with electric arrows. It has a 65% chance to deal 140% of ATK power 3 times to 3 nearby enemies during Nanobot infection.

Frost Arrow

Deals 200% of ATK power to target with frost arrows, reducing ATK SPD by 15% for 3 seconds. 65% chance to reduce Accuracy and crit rate by 10% for 3 seconds during nanobots infection.



dark eden bloodwalker

A vampire that has a high HP and strength, making it a terrifying force to face especially at night time.

Main Skills

Blood Imprint

Targets with blood engraving are forcibly moved nearby the caster and damaged by 200% of ATK power.

Demon Chain

Deals 180% of ATK power with a demonic chain, a 20% chance to immobilize the target for 2 seconds (Prevent warp portal, rapid gliding, mount vehicle).

Bat breaker

Deals 140% ATK power to targets attacked by devil wings. Deals 3 additional damage for 3 seconds.

Bones Ground

Blood and bones gushed from the floor, damaging the target and seven nearby enemies for 200% of ATK power.

Dark Eye

dark eden dark eye

 A range-type vampire that uses its scepter to weaken its enemies, this kind of vampire is equivalent to a sorcerer in some other games, this hero is good in a team fight type since some of its skills can have a debuff effect on opponents, and can deals high damage too.

Main Skills

Noose of wraith

Deals 200% attack power with the help of the power of the evil spirits, enemy movement speed decreases by 20% for 2 seconds.

Shaddy Doppel

Spawn a ghost clone to damage 195% of ATK power, and has a 20% chance to remove 1 buff of opponents.

Demonic Skull

Evil skeleton spirits fall from the sky and deal 169% of ATK power to the target and 10 nearby enemies.

Blood Circle

Deals 180% of ATK power to the target and 5 nearby enemies, ATK speed reduces by 10%  for 3 seconds to the enemies.


dark eden demonica

A vampire with a cute child face, but has a power that can rip someone’s head. Demonica is a melee type of vampire that uses its Scythe to ambush its prey

Main Skills

Soulchain Slash

Instantly dash towards the target and deals 190% of ATK power, and activates pagan stigma l.

Demon hound

Deals 200% ATK power to the target by summoning a loyal hound. Activates pagan stigma l or renews higher level stigma.

Unhallow Blast

Collects unclean energy in one place to cause a powerful explosion, damaging 180% of ATK power of 7 nearby enemies.

Guillotine Blitz

Deals 200% of ATK power with a lightning-fast smash attack. 50% chance to reduce ATK speed by 10% for 3 seconds. Activates Pagan Stigma l or renews high-level stigma.


occultist dark eden

A range type of vampire that uses its pendulum to attack its enemies, Oculist can summon creatures and attacks its opponents with deceases to weaken them.

Main Skills

Soul Harvest

Dreadcrow drains vitality for 200% damage of ATK power and recovers the caster’s HP by 2%.

Summon Bezka

Summon 1 Bezka for 20 seconds, deal 70% ATK power to enemy targets, Bezka deals damage with (40% ATK power decrease for PVE and 40% ATK power decrease for PVP)

Locust Storm

Summons a swarm of hungry locusts around the target and damages up to 5 targets for 150% ATK power 2 times in 3 seconds.

Plague Explosions

Detonates a Dreadcrow full of diseases to deal 200% damage of ATK power for 7 nearby enemies and deals a 50% chance to reduce evasion rate by 10% for 3 seconds.

Now that you choose your side and characters, let us know and explore the game and I’ll give you some tips in this game.

How to level up fast in Dark Eden

Complete the in-game tutorials

Like some MMORPG games, you need to finish the beginners tutorial to proceed, I’ll recommend that you pay attention to this, since a lot of gamers are just skipping some dialogues in the game and miss some important parts in the tutorials.

Focus on the main quest

main quest dark eden

Next is by focusing on the main quest, in this game, you can craft some items like some other MMORPG games, but you can save some time and resources by completing the main quest, cuz you can acquire some items from it.

When progressing on your main quest you can unlock some other side quest that can help you level up fast in Dark Eden, get some loots, and some valuable items.

Sub quest or side quest

sub quest dark eden

As you progress on your main quest and unlock some sub-quests, dont ignore those, instead try to complete every sub-quest in dark Eden and it will help you on leveling fast and obtain some rewards like gold coins, and tier medals.

Dont forget your area quest 

area quest dark eden

Area quests or local quests are also important to level up fast in Dark Eden, task in area quests are like killing a certain number of monsters in an area, which can give you a lot of EXPI as a reward, you can also earn some gold and tier medal when completing an area quest.

Daily quest

Daily quest can be unlocked when your character reaches level 32,  there are different types of daily quests that you can complete each day, to complete you have two options, one is to manually complete the daily quest or you can use some gold to complete the quest immediately.

Completing the daily quest will give you a lot of EXPI to level up fast in Dark Eden.

Upgrade your skills

upgrade daily quest dark eden

To have better damage in Dark Eden, always considered upgrading your skills. To upgrade you’ll need a sufficient amount of gold, and skill memory to limit breaking the skill when it reaches a certain level.

Upgrade your equipment 

upgrade equipment dark eden

To become stronger in Dark Eden, always consider upgrading your weapons or gear to enhance your stats in the game. On upgrading, you’ll need gold coins and an upgrade stone, these stones can be obtained in defeating Field bosses and defeating monsters.

Try to quickly reach level 40 as soon as possible 

Dark eden reach level 40

One of your main goals when starting to play Dark Eden is to reach level 40 as fast as possible, to unlock some of the features in Dark Eden like character promotion that can greatly enhance your character and skills, Unlock race skills, and earn features of this games by enabling players to convert tier medal into DEBCO, a blockchain-based token in Dark Eden.

Bottom Line

Dark Eden is a good game that is worth playing, it has classical graphics that brings a nostalgic feel to some gamers and gives a chance for a new gamer to experience what a classic game looks like, it does not have realistic graphics to unlock some of the MMORPG games that we usually play, but it gives much smoother gameplay even in a lower-end device.

Dark Eden is a play-to-earn crypto game, and for the earning side, I can say that you might earn from this but it will depend on your strategy and the time that you’re willing to spend on the game.