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Thetan arena

Thetan Arena Guide for Beginners (Complete Guide)

Thetan arena shocked the world of NFT games with its rapidly increasing users, it is currently the fastest-growing NFT game in terms of players it reaches 100,000 downloads in just an hour after it was first released on November 27, 2021, on the day of writing it reaches a staggering 15,894,664 of download and still counting.

How to play thetan arena

The number of downloads and active players in Thetan Arena is astonishing, it keeps growing every day at a faster rate—why is it that Thetan Arena become this popular? and what are the reasons why this game attracts a large number of people? let’s find out.

Thetan Arena is a MOBA NFT Game

One of the main factors that make Thetan Arena a player magnet was its gameplay.

A large number of players love MOBA, a subgenre game popularized by DOTA and League of Legends, and in Mobile a game like Mobile legends. and Pokemon Unite.

Moba is so popular both on PC and Mobile and it’s one of the main reasons that many players are attracted to this game because Thetan arena is a real MOBA NFT game, that lets players play on PC or in Mobile.

Thetan Arena Is Free to Play

Next is their free-to-play program, if you are familiar with some NFT games a lot of them are Pay to play, which means before you can play their game you need first to spend real money, or investment.

We all know that investment is a process of spending money on something for a profit, and some NFT games are a good investment if you have done it right, this separates the line between traditional games and NFT games.

In a traditional game, players spend money but earn nothing but in-game items which don’t have value in real life but in the NFT game players can also spend money in the game and they can also earn money while playing the game since in NFT games some items are NFTs which has value in real life.

But what if you want to earn money while playing but don’t want to spend or invest money in the game? well, don’t worry since Thetan Arena is also a free-to-play NFT game and it’s probably one of the factors why this game attracts a lot of players.

You can play Thetan Arena if you want to invest in their game and purchase some of their NFT heroes for more advantage against other players and a faster increase in earnings compared to some who choose to be free to play

( By the way, If you want to know more about NFT games I just previously publish a separate article about it, just hit this line of the best NFT games list for more info )

Thetan Arena Graphics

Thetan arena graphics

In terms of graphics, Thetan Arena has good graphics compared to some NFT games that only have 2D cartoonish graphics, here in Thetan Arena the developers put a good effort into this game even their graphics.

The graphics of Thetan Arena are somewhat similar to what we see on the game Pokemon Unite, with a nice 3D visual and a good combination of colors.

Thetan Arena Game Play

For the gameplay, Thetan Arena is a MOBA like DOTA or League of Legends, if you are a gamer that plays a lot of MOBA games you might easily familiarize this game and have an upper hand over those players that is new in MOBA.

Playing this game is not that hard but ranking in this game is a bit hard, especially if you are a gamer who likes to play solo.

MOBA is a team-based online game in which you need a good teammate to win, that’s why I highly recommend that you played with a regular team or at least a friend since teaming up always with a random person is a bit of a gamble since you are not aware of how good or how bad your teammates are.

But if you have friends and form a team your moves are well planned and you will have a higher chance of winning compared to playing with random teams.

Thetan Arena are playable on three platform Windows, Android, and iOS, playing MOBA on a PC has much easier compare to mobile because you can aim more accurate on a PC and cast skill faster with key binding options on a PC which give a lot of advantage against mobile users, but if you want to greatly improve your gameplay on mobile, just keep on playing, since the more you play the more you will improve.

You can also improve your gaming on mobile using some Mobile game controllers like the Razer Keshi for Android and Razer Keshi for iOS or some cheaper options like the GameSir T1s that you can purchase on Amazon, but if you are comfortable playing MOBA on mobile just save your money there is no need to buy some game controllers.

You might be wondering how to play Thetan Arena it is just simple and easy to play this game, just follow our instructions and you will find how easy it is to start playing this game

How to Start Playing in Thetan Arena?

Before playing this NFT game the first thing you need to do is to set up your wallet since we will be using it on every transaction in the game, I recommend using a wallet called Metamask since is a well-known and most trusted Etherium wallet.

1. Setting Up Metamask Wallet

First setting up or creating your very first Metamask Wallet, like what I’ve said you will use Metamask Wallet in every transaction in this game it includes buying tokens in Thetan Arena, claiming THC coins and exchanging for real money, buying stuff in the Marketplace like gTHC heroes, selling gTHC heroes an a lot more.

Creating a Metamask Wallet is worth your time because you can also use Metamask not just on Thetan Arena but also on some of the Best NFT Games out there.

I already have a complete tutorial on creating a Metamask wallet in a separate article, the tutorial includes how to add the Polygon network and Binance smart chain network, it is a step-by-step tutorial to make it easier for you just click the link below for more information about creating a Metamask Wallet.

After creating your first Metamask Wallet and adding Polygon and Binance Smart chain network, we can now proceed to the next step.

2. Connect Your Metamask Wallet on Thetan Arena

The next step is to connect your Metamask wallet on Thetan Arena, just go to the official website of Thetan Arena, then head to their marketplace where you can click on connect wallet, then hit the button that said login with Metamask.

Note: Before connecting your Metamask wallet to the Thetan Arena marketplace make sure that you have already added the Binance Smart chain network to your Metamask wallet.

After connecting your Metamask, you will be given an option to link existing game accounts or create a new game account, and since we don’t have an account yet, just click the create a new game account, fill up your email address, and click the button send code via email.

Make sure to input a real email address to receive the code that Thetan Arena sends to you to continue creating your first Thetan Arena account, now that you’ve linked your Metamask wallet and created your Thetan Arena account let’s now proceed to the next step.

3. Thetan Arena Download

After creating your own Metamask account, adding the Binance Smart chain network, and connecting your Metamask wallet, you can now download Thetan Arena based on the machine you use, the game is available on Windows, iOS, and Android.

After downloading the game, just enter your account that you already connect to Thetan Arena’s official website, then after that, you will be given a set of three heroes for free that you can use in every battle in this game.

Note: The free hero that you receive is NON-gTHC means it cannot be traded in the marketplace.

Thetan Arena Heroes

Thetan arena heroes screenshots

Like other MOBA games that have different Hero roles Thetan, Arena Heroes has been classified into three different roles, Tanks, Assasins, and Marksman, let us know more about these three main roles in this game to find what is the best for us to choose.


As its name suggests, tanks are heroes that possess the characteristic of being tanky with a high HP and durability, with normal attack damage but slow movement speed, tank’s main purpose is to set up and strategic and coordinated team offense.


Assassins are the silent killer and most balance Hero class in this game, they have a high offense and normal defense (HP), and they have the fastest movement speed in class, making them Assassins harder to escape when you meet one and they can kill their opponents in one combo.


Next are the main damage dealers in terms of DPS, they have low HP, and slow movement speed but they can deal a tremendous amount of damage in a clash, Marksman might be fragile in a close range due to their small amount of HP, but they are deadly and dangerous if they were able to manage their distance.

Game Mode or Battle Mode

Thetan arena game modes

Thetan Arena has different battle modes to choose from, but each battle mode or game mode may vary from time to time means you can’t choose all game modes at the same time, there is only a couple of game mode available at a certain time.

Battle Royal (Solo/ Duo)

In this game mode, there are 12 players in 1 battleground, your goal is to eliminate as many players as you can.

There are some supply boxes scattered in the battleground those supply boxes are needed to destroy to obtain some useful buff that can give you an advantage over other players, but be careful since some boxes have some nasty surprises like bombs that might kill you especially when you have a low HP.

Amidst the heat of the battle a ring shape borderline will appear and will start to become narrower each time, forcing all the players to fight in tight spaces, the last man standing will be declared as a winner.

Tower Siege

In this game mode the mechanic is like from DOTA or Mobile Legend in Mobile but much simpler way, since every match in Tower Siege, lasts for only 5 minutes, and mostly all the players will be forced to fight only in one line to defend their tower.

Both teams have their tower that is needed to protect, the tower cannot be attacked by the players instead both teams must collect a battery to summon the Siege Robot to destroy their enemy tower.

And since a Siege Robot is the only thing that can attack an enemy tower always keep an eye on if your opponents summon a Siege Robot, if they are, you and your team must kill the Siege Robot before it destroys your tower.

On another hand if you and your team collect a battery and summon a Siege Robot, you and your team must support the Siege Robot and try to wipe out all your opponents for your Siege Robot to do its job freely, a team that has successfully destroyed opponent’s tower will be a winner or if the time runs out the team with more HP in their tower will be a winner.


The next game mode is called Superstar in which each team will have 4 players each and 4 minutes before the battle end, this game mechanic is to get as many superstars as possible during a battle, each star will appear randomly in the maps and the team will fight to get a superstar and each star will produce match points.

After the time runs out whoever teams have higher points will be a winner, in some other cases when a team has more than 50 points compared to their opponents even if the time is not yet finished they will instantly announce it as a winner.

Death Match

Our next game mode is called a Death Match, this one is my favorite game mode in Thetan Arena since the points will be added every time you manage to knock down your opponents.

In Death Match like some game modes except for battle royal, each time will have four members and a time limit of 3 minutes only, as the match starts every player will try to eliminate as many players as they could to earn points after the timer runs out the team with higher points will be a winner.

Custom Battle

There is also a custom battle that you can choose if you want to play with your friends, the options are all yours, choose a game mode, maps and even decide the number of players on the battlefield, and a time limit? it will also depend on your chosen game modes.

Hero Skills In Thetan Arena

Hero skill in thetan arena

What makes Thetan Arena unique compared to some MOBA is its skills, in other MOBA games every hero has their skills but here in Thetan Arena its quite different, there is a skill pool on which every player can choose two from the available skills that they can use in a battle, every hero there is three skill that they can use in a match and two of those are from skill pool and the last one is the skill exclusive of hero that they choose.

Every week available skills in the skill pool are reset means, some of the skills that you using are not available after the reset, that’s why I highly recommend that you test every skill and blend on your gameplay don’t stack on two skills only because that skills might not be available after a reset, familiarized every skill and use it wisely in the battlefield.

How to Earn in Thetan Arena

Can you earn money in this Thetan Arena? the answer is YES, but it will depend on your skill as a player, let’s talk about first the Thetan Arena token since it is the primary source of income in this game even for free-to-play players.

There are two kinds of tokens in Thetan Arena the THG and the TH, what are these two tokens, and what is their purpose? continue reading to find out.


THG is the primary token of Thetan Arena and like some primary tokens THG has the highest value among the two, it is used for staking purposes, upgrading Hero, and voting for governance in Thetan Arena, THG can be earned from special events organized by Thetan Arena, you can also earn some THG from participating on tournaments, and there might be an airdrop in of THG in the future who knows.

THC (Thetan Coin)

Thetan coin or THC is the secondary token of Thetan Arena like the SLP of Axie, DEC of Splinterlands, or STT of Monsta Infinite, it has many uses, from buying new Heroes both in-game shop or Thetan Arena Market place by buying Thetan box, it can also be sold to the players in Peer to Peer transactions but always beware for some scammers.

Ways to Earn In Thetan Arena

Since we are now familiar with the two Tokens from this game, let’s now talk about how to earn in Thetan Arena, I will give you some ideas on how to earn money in Thetana Arena but it may take some time so don’t be upset since this is MOBA a very competitive kind of game with a lot of users, but who knows the Devs might change some of their earning mechanics to make it a little bit easier to earn in this game.

Rank Rewards

The first option is through ranking rewards, every time you fight in Thetan Arena your ranking might go higher or lower based on your performance in the game, there is what I called a ranking chain the lowest is recruit 4, and the highest ranks are Champion 1, every time you win a match you earn trophies and those trophies are ranking points.

The more winning the more trophies you might get and the more trophies means the more ranking point you have and the higher you rank in the game, and in a ranking chain some rewards are waiting to be a claimed based on a trophy that you have and one of the rewards are gTHC, try to earn as much gTHC that you can and claim it on Thetan Arena market place for a profit.

But wait before you get hype, let me tell you this— trophies can be obtained every time you win in a match, and rewards can be claimed when you reach a certain rank.

To claim your earned gTHC and convert it to a THC token for real cash, you will need to reach at least Bronze 1 first since it is the requirement for claiming gTHC.

Is it possible to reach Bronze 1? well yeah but it will take a lot of time, since every time you lose your trophies will be reduced and if you keep on losing your rank will surely be decreased, and this is hard for solo players, that’s why I highly recommend getting regular teammates to rank faster in this game.

Buy gTHC Hero

By default once you start playing this game even if you are a free user, you will be given three heroes for free that you can use on your journey at Thetan Arena but those free heroes are called Non-gTHC in other words it is non NFT which doesn’t have value in real life.

What are Non-gTHC Heroes? (Free Heroes)

Non-gTHC heroes are Thetan Arena heroes that are playable but don’t have value in real life, they are not NFTs and cannot be traded for real money, you can only use it in-game and can only earn gTHC in rank chain achievements but cannot give you additional gTHC.

In addition, Non-gTHC heroes cannot be used to participate in some special events.

What are gTHC Heroes? (Premium Heroes)

gTHC Heroes are premium heroes NFTs in it have some benefits or advantages on using premium heroes, one of which is earning opportunities, premium heroes have more earning opportunities compared to free heroes since premium heroes have called daily gTHC battles.

Daily gTHC battles are based on the hero rarity, for example, you have a common but gTHC hero will have eight daily gTHC battles and every premium hero has a battle reward of gTHC based on battle results +6 for a win, +2 for a draw, and +1 for lose.

There is also a gTHC win bonus based on the rarity of your gTHC heroes, you can take a look at the table below.

Hero RarityDaily gTHC BattlesBasic Battle RewardsWin Bonus
Common 8Win: +6 | Draw: +2 | Lose: +1Win Bonus: 3.25
Epic 10 Win: +6 | Draw: +2 | Lose: +1Win Bonus: 6.25
Legendary 12 Win: +6 | Draw: +2 | Lose: +1Win Bonus: 23.55

Based on the table above we can have an idea of how much gTHC can we earn in a day.

For example, if you own a legendary hero and every legendary hero has 12 daily gTHC battles, then you mage to win in all of your 12 gTHC battles you will earn a total of 354.6 of gTHC, and it’s a lot of gTHC earnings compared to free users who earn nothing in daily gTHC battles and gTHC bonuses.

Investing in gTHC heroes is one way of earning money in Thetan Arena based on the daily gTHC that you might receive, and in addition by owning premium heroes, you can participate in some special events and earn more rewards.

But wait before you buy a premium hero let me tell you this— even if you have legendary heroes and earn some extra gTHC you will still need to reach at least Bronze 1 to claim all those gTHC and sync on your wallet and exchange for real money, yeah and it will still take some time to claim all those tokens that are why I highly recommend that you have a regular and teammates that are good on playing MOBA.

This might open some earning opportunities for those gamers that are good in MOBA, imagine that you have a team of gamers that is good in any MOBA game, then you decided to play Thetan Arena and you have a very high win rate and easily climb on top, then you and your team can carry people to climb at least Bronze 1 and it sounds like a good extra income in this game.

Trading Premium Heroes

Another way of earning in Thetan Arena is through trading, if you have a lot of gTHC heroes you can instantly trade some of those on the Marketplace, or if you want you can also enhance your hero trophy class and level, to increase its chance to be sold in Market place for a higher price.

Why do you need to enhance your heroes’ trophy class and level before selling? because when a premium hero has a higher trophy class it has more powerful custom skills compared to lower trophy-class heroes, and a higher level hero has increased stats and gTHC battles and win bonuses, so in other words the higher the trophy class and level of your heroes that you are selling, the higher the value it has and the higher selling price it can be sold.

How can you get premium heroes to trade?

One way is by purchasing a Thetan box, you can purchase one by using your THC, the cheapest one costs 1000 THC it is a common Thetan Box, and once you open it you can have some heroes that you can trade on the marketplace.

Another one is flipping, like some other games there are always some players that are too excited to sell without knowing the real value or price of what they are trying to sell, you can keep an eye for the cheapest one that might have a higher resell value.

Bottom Line

So we are now in our final verdict of this game Thetan Arena, Thetan Arena a free-to-play NFT game, the graphics are quite good, and the game-play is also good, but if we look into the side of free to earn it is a mix of thought, yeah it’s free to play and free to earn but if we look into the fact about the difference of earning on free to play compare to paid users are like night and day, yeah sure you have a chance to earn as a free to play player but the questions are how long?

Especially if you are a solo player it will take a lot of time to reach Bronze 1 that’s why I always recommend playing with your friends or regular team, and even if you reach Bronze 1 the gTHC that you might claim is only 210 which is not even half of the price of the cheapest Thetan box of 1000 THC.

And you might maintain at least Bronze one every season and after five seasons that might be the time when your earnings reach at least 1050 THC don’t forget the fact that season ends and reset every three months, and it will take a long long time to buy at least one regular Thetan box without spending real money in Thetan Arena.

But don’t be upset if you are free to play since you can use your first claim THC after Bronze one to purchase at least the cheapest gTHC hero in the marketplace and use it to earn some daily gTHC and bonuses.

If you might ask if you can earn as a free-to-play in Thetan Arena, the short answer is YES but it takes time, but if you are willing to spend or invest in this game in the right way, you can earn in Thetan Arena.

FAQ: Thetan Arena

What hero should I buy for Thetan Arena?

You should buy a gTHC hero in Thetan Arena to earn because a free hero will not give you anything, while a gTHC hero gives you a gTHC in every match.

Is Thetan Arena an NFT game?

Thetan Arena is an NFT MOBA game, it is the play-to-earn version of a mobile game HERO Strike, that gives players an NFT token or blockchain-based token to earn real money.

How do you get free characters in Thetan Arena?

After downloading the game, you will be given a free hero at the start of your journey in the game, but those heroes are non gTHC means you will not gain extra earnings in every match.