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Last updated on January 1st, 2023 at 09:55 pm

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League of kingdoms is a play-to-earn NFT game, and you might be curious about how you might earn in this play-to-earn game. A while ago I write a full tutorial for beginners in this play-to-earn game called League of kingdoms, where I pinpoint all the things that you should do first in this game for faster progress. 

Now I will give you some tips on how to earn in League of kingdoms, but before that let me give you a little bit recap on this play-to-earn game.

What is the League of Kingdoms?

League of kingdoms is an MMO strategy game, it is a kind of game where strategy really matters. Almost all the MMO strategy games as some similarities, like you, should train some soldiers or units for operations like offense and defense.

You also need to gather some resources that you can use for your base to progress. League of Kingdoms is a game of team works and not for solo players, a season of MMO strategy player knows that it is hard to progress in the game alone, you must join a powerful alliance that can help you on both offense and defense operations.

Since League of Kingdoms is an MMO strategy game resources are very important, it was used to train troops, upgrade technology, and upgrade everything inside your kingdoms, that’s why resources in this game are one way to earn in League of kingdoms, let me show you how.

Ways on How To Earn In League of kingdoms

Mint resource and sell them to the marketplace

One way to earn in the League of kingdoms is through minting resources, I have already mentioned how important resources and in this game, and a lot of players need a huge amount of resources to use it in this game.

To earn you’ll need to capitalize on these resources, but before you can do that you’ll need to have your own crypto wallet, where you can store those minted resources of yours and sell them to the marketplace.

League of Kingdoms Marketplace

In NFT games or play-to-earn games, a marketplace is an official place where players can trade, buy, and sell in-game items in exchange for crypto or cash.

In the League of Kingdoms, the official marketplace is the Opensea, it is a place where you can buy a lot of different kinds of NFTs including the resources League of kingdoms.

How to mint resources in the League of Kingdoms

In the early part of this article, I already teach you how to create a Metamask Wallet to use in the League of Kingdoms, now I will teach you how to mint resources using that wallet, just follow the step-by-step tutorial below this line

Step 1: Click on Profile and Find the NFT option

League of kingdoms how to earn

Before tokenizing your resources, make sure that you have a lot of resources since you can only mint a minimum of one million resources, but I recommend that you only mint 10M resources, because buyers mostly choose a higher quantity of resources to save money.

First, go to profile and at the topmost part of the profile you will see a button which has names like kingdom, land, NFT, account, and option, then click the NFT button, and you will see connect wallet, then remember the Metamask that we have created?

Just copy your Metamask address, then put it in the blank and click connect wallet, then you need to confirm it into your Metamask wallet, just click confirm, and it’s good to go.

Step 2. Click Mint Resources

league of kingdoms tutorial, how to mint resources

Next, is minting the resources, first, you need to choose what blockchain network you want to use, Etherium or Polygon, I recommend using Polygon cuz I find it more practical because of the lower gas fee.

If you don’t know how to connect polygon into Metamask, I have already created a full tutorial about Metamask, I also some how-to connect Polygon into the Metamask wallet.

Here is the article you check out if you want: Metamask Wallet Tutorial

Step 3: Selecting Resources to be Mint

league of kingdoms tutorial 2

After selecting between polygon or Etherium, the next step is by choosing what resources you want to mint and their quantity. You can choose between one Million, five million, or ten million resources to mint.

Step 4. Selecting Wallet

league of kingdoms tutorial 3

The next step is to select a wallet and since we used Metamask for League of Kingdoms, click Metamask and a confirmation will appear on your Metamask wallet, then just click confirm and wait for a few seconds or minutes for your resources to appear in your Metamask wallet.

You can see the image below of what it would look like after you mint the resources.

league of kingdoms tutorial 4

After minting the resources, the next step is to go to Opensea and sell the resource that you have minted.

Step 5.

league of kingdoms, opensea 1

First, you need to connect first your Metamask wallet to Opensea, on your browser type to go to their official website, and click the wallet icon on the right side of the website, and a pop-up will appear, just find the Metamask icon and click it, then confirm on your Metamask the connection between Opensea and Metamask and its done, your Metamask wallet is now connected Opensea.

After confirming your Opensea account, click profile then you can now see your minted item that is waiting to sell, then click the items> click sell, and you can choose your preferred price for your minted resources.

Land owning

earn in league of kingdoms by owning virtual lands
Image Credit: League of Kingdoms

Another way to earn in the League of kingdoms is through owning virtual land, League of kingdoms is a game under blockchain technology allowing players to own virtual land, it is a digital asset that has real value in real life.

This feature is not for free to play since owning land in the League of Kingdoms needs some investment, you can buy some LOK land in the Opensea using Etherium, then after that, the land is all yours.

The land that you own, has some levels, the higher the level, the higher the value of your land. The level of your lands will increase as more kingdoms flourish in the land that you own, and when someone farms some resources inside your land you will earn a percentage of what they harvest

The higher the level of your land, you higher the price you can resell it in Opensea.

$LOKA Token Rewards

earn money in league of kingdoms through loka token
Credit Image: League of kingdoms

In March 2022, the League of Kingdoms launches their land 3.0, where the land owner can earn the LOKA token as a reward for their own land in the game. LOKA token is a blockchain-based token in the League of Kingdoms that has real value in real life.

LOKA token is one of the newest features in this game and also opens a new opportunity for earning in the League of Kingdoms.

Bottom Line

All the ways on how to earn in this article are legit and safe, but ways to earn in League of kingdoms might change from future updates, but don’t worry since I will always this list when an update comes, but for now, there are only three main ways to earn in League of kingdoms, selling resources, buying and selling virtual lands, and acquire LOKA token, the official blockchain-based token in this play to earn MMO Strategy game.

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