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5 Ways To Increase your Damage And Stats In Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

Recently I create a tutorial for beginners about the new play-to-earn game Gunship battle: Crypto conflict, where I pinpoint all the things that you should consider when playing the game.

Now I will share with you how to level up fast in the game, how to earn money in the game, and how to increase your strength of your and make your base stronger.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Guide Part 2.

How to Earn Money In Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

how to earn money in gunship battle crypto conflict

I know that a lot of you want to know about this, because this is a play-to-earn game, and we all want to know how can we earn money in this play-to-earn game Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict.

I already mentioned that if you want to earn in this game, you need to reach atleast level 18 and you need to upgrade your trade warehouse to level 18, after that, a new option will appear called Milico Facility, which can let you convert the Titanium into an official token in the game called Milico.

There are a maximum number of Milico that you can get each day based on the level of your trade warehouse level.

When you are at level 18 you can only convert a maximum of two Milico per day, at level 19 you can get three Milico, at level 20 is five Milico and so forth, the higher the level of your trade warehouse the more Milico you can covert in the game.

The exchange rate of Titanium and Milico fluctuates over time, the time when I first played Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict the exchange rate is 14,000+ Titanium per Milico, now at the day of writing the exchange rate increased to 23,984 per Milico with an exchange fee of 19,342 per Milico.

Yes, there are exchange fees in the game crypto conflict, you will pay a certain amount of Titanium when exchanging to Milico token, so based on the data of Titanium exchange rate and exchange fee on my server on the day of this writing, 43,326 is the total amount of Titanium that will need to consume to exchange for one Milico Token.

The Titanium creation fee will be based on the current level of your Trade Warehouse, when you are at level 18 the Titanium creation fee is 24% of the current exchange rate of Titanium to Milico on your server, level 19 is 23%, level 20 is 22%, level 21 is 21%, level 22 is 20% and so forth, the higher the level of your trade warehouse the lower creating fee will be required to create a Milico token.

But wait, there’s another thing that you need to know when exchanging Titanium for Milico. You need to have at least 100,000 Titanium in your depot to create Milico, it is the minimum required amount of Titanium for creating Titanium. 

For example, when I need to create Milico I need to have the atleast 100,000 Titanium then, the exchange rate and exchange fee will be deducted from my 100,000 Titanium.

It will be 100,000 Titanium minus 23,984 (the exchange rate in my server) minus 19,342 (exchange fee on my current level) then after the exchange what is left from my 100,000 Titanium will be 56,674, and when I want to exchange again I will need another 100,000 Titanium.

If you want to earn in this game, you need a lot of Titanium, keep mining Titanium, and complete your quest and daily mission to earn more of this.

How to increase your damage and Improve your unit in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

If you want to earn in the game, you must make your unit stronger, remember this play-to-earn game is a war game, and earning Titanium is not easy, there may be a lot of players that may attack you while mining, and to have a piece of mind when mining make sure to improve your stats and increase your damage.

There is an old saying that “If you want peace prepare for war” this play earn game is a war game, and if you want peace, make yourself stronger.

If you are a newbie and not yet familiar with strategy games like Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict, this guide will help you how to increase your damage, and improve your stat in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

Dont let yourself Get Intimidated by Combat Power

Don’t get fooled by combat power, in strategy games, combat power is also good, but sometimes it is useless.

There are certain times when you can beat some opponents with higher combat power than you.

Sometimes combat power is like a decoration, especially for players that don’t know what exactly to do in the game, I will not generalize, but in some strategy games like this in Crypto Conflict you can meet some players with massive combat power but their damage is a real joke.

What to do instead of focusing on combat power? Combat power is a giveaway when your troops progress your combat power will surely increase, so instead of focusing on enhancing your combat power, focus on ship skills– upgrading your unit and upgrading their skills, research, equipment, and buff to enhance your damage and stats in crypto conflict.

Instead of enhancing your combat power, here’s what to do instead.

1. Upgrade Your Fighter Jets

jet upgrade to increase damage in gunship battle crypto conflict

Recently I mentioned that you must only focus on building epic and Legendary fighter jets to save some of your Titanium.

In building jets, you need to acquire their blueprint, and blueprints are also used for upgrading the jets themselves.

Make sure you always upgrade your jets when you have the materials to increase their stats like Anti-air ATK, Anti-ground ATK, Critical Chance, and many more.

Acquiring blueprints for Epic and Legendary jets is not hard even for free-to-play players, all you need to do is grind, and join an active alliance that does Air strike groups regularly.

The air strike group is a kind of activity inside the alliance, where you and your ally will try to defeat an Air Strike group, and the reward if you defeat it is worth your time.

Air Strike Group(ASG) has a cooldown of 4 hours, and in my alliance, we defeated it every four hours, rewarding us, with titanium, resources, epic, legendary jet blueprints, and even Elizabeth blueprints.

Yeah, you read it right you can even get a Legendary Aircraft carrier Elizabeth in ASG, but it can only be obtained by chance when defeating Level 40 ASG, you will not get Legendary AC blueprints in ASG level 22 and lower.

Did you also know that there are two kinds of powerful jets that are easier to obtain blueprints?

Since I’m free-to-play, I focus mainly on these two kinds of jets for upgrades, the RF-M, and F-14ST, these two are the best choice for free-to-play since their stats are good and easy to upgrade.

You can also get some legendary and epic jets’ blueprints by attacking armada bases, events, and the black market, I highly recommend that you upgrade your black market to the highest level possible to give a better deal in exchange for gold or even silver.

Upgrading Jet in Gunship Battle crypto conflict required two items, the blueprint, and Titanium.

As the level of your jet increases the more Titanium and Blueprint you will need, and the success rate decreases.

What will happen if the jet upgrade failed? If the upgrade failed your jet stat will not improve but you just waste the resources, titanium, and blueprints that you use, the worse part is when it results in a downgrade of your jets.

When upgrading your jet make sure that you always check the success rate before upgrading, if you want to prevent your jet from a downgrade, you can use an item called D&A Instruction it will protect your current stats from a downgrade in case of the failed upgrade of your jet.

2. Upgrade Jet Skill 

increase damage crypto conflict by upgrade jet skill

Aside from upgrading the level of your fighter jet, you can also upgrade its skills.

Jet skills are categorized into four-tier, each skill tier will be unlocked as your jet level increase.

For example, if you want to unlock tier 1 of your jet skill, you much first upgrade your jet to level 3, then If you want to unlock tier 2 upgrade your jets to level 5, tier 3 upgrade to level 7, and legendary tier IV upgrade your jet into level 20.

But like I said the higher the level of your jet the lower the success rate when upgrading, when you reach a certain level and unlock the skill of your jet you can upgrade it to enhance its fighting ability such as an increase in critical chance, enhance armor, evasion, increase in multifunction effect and a lot more.

Upgrading jet skills required two items,  the Jet Skill core (based on skill tier), and Titanium. yes, you still need Titanium even for jet skill upgrade, that’s why I encourage you to not waste your Titanium and only spend for some important matters, because if you want to become stronger in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict you will need a lot of Titanium. 

2. Choose, Build, and Upgrade Aircraft Carrier.

build aircraft carrier gunship battle crypto conflict

When you start playing Crypto conflict, you will be required to build your very first Aircraft carrier, but you can always build a new and more powerful one when you have the blueprint of course.

Mostly when building an aircraft carrier, there are two choices, the Enterprise, and Kuznetsov, these two are booth rare Aircraft carriers that can easier to obtain for free to play.

There is also two legendary Aircraft craft carrier which is way more powerful than the rare one, but the blueprint of these legendary are much harder to obtain and the cost of building one of these legendary aircraft carrier is not a joke.

You will need to spend 905,193 of titanium for building the Elizabeth, and 2,997,472 Titanium for building the Nimitz class, and you will also need to spend real money for getting some blueprints for these two, but the Elizabeth is not impossible to get build even for free to play, but the Nimitz I don’t think so.

Maybe in some updates, there may be a way to get some Nimitz blueprints for free, but for now, in this day in writing the only way to get Nimitz is through purchase using real money.

Here are the tricks, first when starting in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, focus first on the two rare Air Craft carriers, the Enterprise, and the Kuznetsov, then after that, we will discuss how to build a Legendary Aircraft carrier Elizabeth without spending even a single cent in the game.

Let’s now draw our attention to the more affordable and much easier to build, the Enterprise and the Kuznetsov, these two rare Aircraft carriers are both rare types but they are different from one another.

The Kuznetsov is more on defense and the Enterprise is on offense, you can build these two if you want but in my case, I only chose one that fits my strategy.

I choose only one carrier to focus all my resources on it, upgrading two carriers might be costly unless you are willing to spend some money on it, but if you are free to play like me, I’ll recommend that you only choose one from the two carriers.

kuznetsov gunship battle

Kuznetsov Stats 

  • Durability- 5100 
  • Durability Rate- 100%
  • Jet squadron Capacity- 7
  • Ships- 9
  • AFV Capacity- 2,550
  • Jet Operational Range- 25
  • Counter Rate- 6.6 %
  • Armor- 1,300
  • Movement Speed- 400
  • Movement Points- 8

Kuznetsov Skills

  • Tier I- Increase ship durability on Aircraft Carrier Deployment
  • Tier II- Increase Jet Durability, evasion on Aircraft Carrier Defense
enterprise crypto conflict

Enterprise Stats

  • Durability- 5,610
  • Durability Recovery Rate- 100%
  • Jet Squadron Capacity- 9
  • Ships- 7
  • AFV Capacity- 2,040
  • Jet Operational Range- 25
  • Counter Rate- 5.6 %
  • Armor- 700
  • Movement Speed- 405
  • Movement Point- 10

Enterprise Skills

  • Tier I- Increase Jet anti-ground ATK deploying from an Aircraft carrier
  • Tier II- Increase Jet Armor, and evasion on Aircraft carrier Defense 

You can see the difference based on the stats of these two Aircraft Carriers, when you like to go into offense, and increase the damage of your fighter jets I recommend choosing the Enterprise since, it has a skill that when you unlock, will increase your jet anti-ground ATK.

What does it mean? Well, it works like this, you may be aware that AFV (armored fighting vehicle) is one of the most vulnerable units in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. 

During an attack, some AFVs are damaged and some are even destroyed, when the AFV is destroyed players need to build some more, the more AFV you destroyed the better.

Enterprise skill has an enhanced anti-ground attack, which means that when you are launching an airstrike from your Enterprise Aircraft Carrier there is a greater chance to inflict more damage to your enemy ground unit, and have a better chance to destroy your enemy ground unit.

If you want more defense, you should choose Kuznetsov, it can carry more ships, and AFVs compare to Enterprise. It also has a higher armor, and its skill increases the durability of your ships and jets.

Enterprise has better higher durability, compare to Kuznetsov, and you can load more jets, it is also faster in terms of speed, but the armor and the number of ships that you can load on Enterprise are inferior compared to Kuznetsov.

Choose wisely on choosing between this two, when you want offense then choose Enterprise, if you want more defense, choose Kuznetsov.

Building Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier as a free to play

built elizabeth in gunship battle crypto conflict for free

In addition, I choose Enterprise for the sake of ASG or what is called Air Strike Group, having Enterprise gives you more slots for jets to fit inside of your Carrier, which means when you do an ASG you can deal more damage cuz you have more jets on your Carrier.

ASG rewards are based on the damage you dealt to the ASG, try to aim at least rank number 5 to get many rewards, and when you and your allies defeat a level 40 ASG, there is a chance that you might get an Elizabeth blueprint, based on your luck, sometimes 10 blueprints of Elizabeth, sometimes are 40, just based on your luck.

Another way to obtain an en Elizabeth blueprint is by completing daily missions, after you complete your daily mission, you can get a reward box that you can choose between 1st class advance blueprints, medal of merit, and Elizabeth blueprints.

You can also get some Elizabeth blueprints by joining some events like buildup day, if you can maintain a rank of 1-100 for a week, you will get some Elizabeth blueprints, based on your weekly ranking.

Note: I’m the author of this article and I spend a lot of time and resources just giving you this info, If you enjoy this content and it becomes useful to you please give me a little favor by writing a comment in the comment section at the bottom of this article, it will help me a lot. Thank you

Aircraft Carrier Upgrades, and Skills

increase damage gunship battle aircraft carrier skill

Like jets, Aircraft carriers also need to upgrade to improve their stats and skills.

To use the skills effect of an Aircraft carrier, players need to unlock the skill just like on jets, by reaching the required level of the Aircraft carrier, then you can upgrade the skill for a better skill effect.

When upgrading your Aircraft carrier skills, you need to use some Titanium and some Aircraft carrier skill core.

Research Lab Guide To Increase Your Damage & Stats

gunship battle crypto conflict research lab

If you want to increase your damage and improve your stats at crypto conflict focus on upgrading some research in your research lab, I will write all the research that you need to prioritize.

Air and Ground

anti ground research, gunship battle crypto conflict

First is the Air and ground research lab, this research can greatly improve the damage and stats of your AFV and Jets.

Upgrading the research lab consumes a lot of resources, including Titanium.

I recommend Upgrading everything here in Air and Ground research, but in case you are lacking Titanium here is the trick, the first two-level of every upgrade in the research lab doesn’t require Titanium to upgrade, so if you dont have enough Titanium atleast you upgrade every research in Air and Ground to level 2. After getting enough titanium and resources focus on upgrading it to a max level.

Air and ground research can increases the stats of your AFVs such as ATK, Armor, durability, and production, while for your fighter jets it improves their armor, evasion, anti-ground ATK, Anti-ship ATK, Anti-air ATK, and critical chance.

After you manage to upgrade every research in Air and ground your will notice a significant improvement to your AFV and Jets.

Afv is also very important in defending your base and Aircraft carrier, upgrade its research to a max level can greatly help.

Ship Research

ships reseach guide to increase damage in gunship battle Crypto conflict

The next research to increase your damage and stats in crypto conflict is ship research.

Ship research unlocked a new tier of your ship based on your level before you can build a new tier of ships you should unlock it first here, aside from that you can also increase the damage and stats of your ships, by upgrading each research in this area can improve the stats on your ship in crypto conflict.

Some of the stats improvements increase Frigate ATK, increase Frigate armor, Frigate durability, Frigate critical chance, submarine ATK, Submarine armor, Submarine durability, Submarine critical chance, evasion, Destroyer ATK, Destroyer Armor, Destroye critical chance, and Destroyer durability.

Just remember if you lack Titanium considered upgrading all of the ship research to atleast level 2, then try to max it out as soon as possible if you get enough resources.

War research

war research gunship battle crypto conflict

Next is war research, this research can greatly enhance the capability of your ships, and jets such as armor, ATK, durability, and many more.

War research can only be upgraded using titanium, resources, and a medal of merit. Even if you have enough titanium and resources you cannot upgrade the war research if you don’t have a medal of merit.

A medal of merit can be obtained in a shop you can purchase it using real money, and if you are free to play you can also buy one at the black market, and you can get it as a reward in ASG.

Admiral Equipment

craft epic admiral equiptments in gunship battle crypto conflict
Craft Epic Admiral Equipment

Another important thing to increase your damage and stats in the Gunship battle: Crypto Conflict is, crafting equipment.

I recommend that you forget crafting normal types of equipment unless you craft some normal equipment to register on your collection.

Instead, focus on rare equipment first if you’re just starting, then after reaching Headquarters level 21, try to focus on crafting the epic equipment.

Again if you want to spend some real money it was just easy, but this tutorial is focused on free-to-play.

Now back to our main topic, I already mentioned that you should always complete daily missions to get an Elizabeth blueprint in a daily mission selection box, and those points that you earn from daily missions can be used to purchase items in the point shop.

When you reach HQ level 21, I recommend that you purchase epic equipment material boxes daily, you can buy 30 epic equipment material boxes per day, and you can obtain enough materials for crafting epic equipment in just a few days.

Admiral equipment can give you some effects like all unit armor, all unit durability, jet ATK increase, ship sailing speed, ship ATK increase, repair cost, and more.

The equipment also gives some special effects randomly, if you don’t want the special effects of your equipment, you can reforge it to get the effects that you want.

There are also some ways how to greatly enhance your damage and stats in the Gunship battle: Crypto Conflict that I published on this website, I recommend that you read them too, it will help a lot especially if you are new to this game.