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lifeafter season 4

The New LifeAfter Season 4 reborn has been Officially released: In-depth Review and Guide

LifeAfter Season 4 Reborn An Indepth Review

It’s finally here, the new season from the game LifeAter has been released by NetEase.

NeatEase has Officially released season 4 in their game Lifeafter it was called “Reborn”, and they Introduced a new class it is a Human-and infected Hybrid called Revenant.

The players can choose if they want to become a Revenant (A human Hybrid) or to stay as normal Humans, but aside from the Revenant thing, they also added a lot of stuff in the game, which makes it more interesting and fun, now let’s discuss all the new things in Lifeafter Season 4 one by one.

Lifeafter Revenant (Guide And Tips About Revenant in LifeAfter)

Lifeafter Season 4, Revenants

Who are the Revenants? what are they? where did they come from?

There’s a lot of questions about these creatures, and we were gonna unwrap this new type of Mutant in the Lifeafter season 4

What is a Revenant?

Revenant basically is a new form of Life in the game, they are a Hybrid between Humans and the infected.

The story of the revenant start when there’s an abnormal thing that the caravan market has been discovered, it is a mysterious blue flower that emerges from Redwood town.

They discovered that it is the only thing that can save a human from being full insane infected or zombie.

A human that has been bitten by an infected can become a zombie too, and the serum made from the mysterious blue flower can save them from being a brainless kind of infected.

Instead once a human uses a serum they become a mutant or superhuman hybrid (Half infected- half-human) that is immune from infection and remain their sanity, they have superhuman strength and agility, and they have some ability to absorb the ability of some mutant infected and use it for their own.

From the start of the Lifeafter season 4, you have a chance to choose and change your character to a Revenant or remain to be a Human, in my case for the sake of this review, I change my character to a Revenant.

To give you the information you might need before you dive into being a Revenant and regret later since revenant has some advantages and some disadvantages in this game.

Yup, you read it right, being a revenant is hard at first and has some disadvantages since it is the way of the Dev to keep the game as balanced as possible since it cannot be that you can turn into a revenant with superhuman strength and agility and become so OP that can just easily killed every player that they want to kill.

In order to keep that balance between Human and Revenant, they add some disadvantages for being a Revenant and let’s discuss it one by one.

Let start from the Pros and Cons of Revenant in Lifeafter


Immune to all kinds of infectionsRevenants are immune to different kinds of infections, there is no need to use some antiseptic to increase
Can Steal some mutant ability and use it for a limited timeYou can steal some infected ability and used it for yourself, once you are fighting with the infected you, there is a chance to drop two kinds of spores.
Healing spore the Recovery spore.
Increase infected damage.When you become a Revenant there will be skills that will add to your character that you can upgrade, it will add some extra damage to the infected.
Shield regeneration fasterEven without the help of healing spore, your shield recovered much faster compare to Human
HP regeneration fasterEven without self-healing items or gears, revenant can regenerate its HP faster
Has extra abilityThere are some extra abilities that can be unlocked like weakened gravity where you can jump higher like when you’re using a jetpack.
There are also some abilities where you can Jump and hit the ground and deals damage to the enemy nearby


Cannot Use, diffuser, Hardener, Amino, Sedative, T- HormoneRevenants cannot use diffuser means, they cant use some hardener, amino, etc.
Cannot use medicineYou cannot use some medicine to heal yourself, you need to rely on your self-healing ability and spores
Cannot use Advanced Antiseptic, or any AntisepticAnother disadvantage is Revenant cannot use advanced antiseptics, since advanced antiseptic has the ability to increase your damage
Look like a Drunked dude while standingIt might not be a big deal, but for me, I don’t like the way the Revenant stand.
When you do nothing and just let your character stand, they look drunken, I think it’s much better if they stand like normal Humans
Cannot use BandageYou cannot use any medicine to heal yourself, even a bandage doesn’t work.

As you you’ve seen from the tables above that not all things are in favor of being a revenant, and the most painful one being a Revenant is you can’t use serum such as hardener, amino acid, and sedative.

Since from the start of the update, I changed to Revenant but I retain being a Warrior, and I do Rebuild as a Warrior Revenant, and it’s freaking awesome !!.

And since Warrior is a melee fighter it’s no problem for me to pick up some spores that can regenerate my shield and HP at the same time.

And for range fighters especially Snipers, It’s a bit hard since I have a friend in my camp who is a Sniper Cert and he also changes to Revenant and he stated that it is a bit hard being a Sniper Cert since he can’t pick up some spores and as a result of his sanity quickly depleted and he needs to stop firing in order to regain sanity.

For me, among all of the other combat cert, the Warriors get the most benefit changing to revenant, since Warrior easily get some spore drops since warriors are the nearest in the target especially when fighting some infected Bosses.

Gene Modification

Lifeafter season 4, gene modification

Another thing that they add to Lifeafter season 4 is the Gene modifications, it enhance the ability of your character by modifying its Genes.

Humans and Revenant have benefited from this Gene modification but, they have different modifications set, you need two things on modifying your Genes, the Gene capsule, and Enhancement serum.

In humans, there are both upper and lower skills in Gene mutation, In the upper part, there is close short-range defense, Close-range Enhancement, Armor enhancement, Range attack Defense.

In the lower part, there is Drug Enhancement, Infection Resistance, Attack Enhancement, Crit Damage Bonus, Crit Damage Reduction.

But in the Revenant it’s different, the upper part is the same as humans but in the lower part it is different, it mainly focuses on enhancing damage to the infected, it has increase damage to parasitized parts, infected suppression, Increase attack power, Crit Damage Bonus, Increase Crit chance.

Lifeafter season 4, gene modification

While in human gene there are some damage increases, but there is also some protection, like infection resistance, Crit damage Reduction, etc, while Being a Revenant almost all of its lower skills, or so I called Gene Mutation skill it is much focus on increasing damage to infected and non-infected.

In Revenant Gene mutation Crit Damage Bonus, and there is a chance to trigger 2x or 4x Crit which is pretty high compared to humans. There is also Gene suppression that can greatly enhance your damage to infected creatures.

And all of the skills that I’ve mentioned were only from Gene I and imagine the damage bonus that you might get if you upgrade your Gene Modification up to Gene III.

For now, I can say that Revenant has high damage compared to Humans if you upgrade your Gene Modification properly.

There are some players that saying their infected damage decrease, but in my case, it not, my damage dramatically enhance after I change to Revenant.

Maybe, just maybe since I’m not sure because I didn’t ask those players if they chance their skills, since when I change to Revenant some of my combat cert skills suddenly change and I max out those skills that have increase damage to a parasitized target.

If some players quickly change to Revenant and forgot to upgrade their Cert skills that have increase damage to the parasitized target, their damage will surely decrease.

There are also added two skills for Combat Basic skills in Revenant, don’t forget to keep an eye on it and upgrade it.

Two New Revenant skills Added in Combat Basic skills

revenant two new skills
  • Spore Enhancement– it is said that Spawned spores will provide 360 Parasitic Vitality Recovery, 160 HP Recovery, and 200 Shield Recovery.
  • Infection Suppresion– Damage to Infected increase by 3%.

Revenant Assistance Quest

lifeafter season 4 new revenant assistance quest

If you switch to Revenant, your assistance quest will change, you cannot have an assistance quest in every map like before, you can’t even accept an assistance quest in Levin Dawn district.

Instead, you can have your own assistance quest underground, you need to go to Corolla of Revenant, inside the 101 City of Chaos, Click resonance, then click Assistance quest and that’s it you can now complete your Revenant Assistance quest.

Now that we’re done with the Revenant thing, let discuss some other new thing that NetEase adds into Lifeafter Season 4.

Free Facelift Change

Like Season 3, they also give a free facelift card to everyone, and if you are new and you don’t know what is a facelift card, it is a card that can use if you want to modify your character appearance.

If you did something wrong in your character’s appearance as you start this game, this is your chance to correct and modify your character for free.

Free Cert Change

They also give a free cert change like in season 3, if you will change your cert it will cost 1000 feds/ sun coin and you need to use real money, but now from the start of Lifeafter season 4 they give a one-time free cert change and it is a big help, especially for those players that are free to play.

New And Harder Rebuild

lifeafter season 4 new rebuild

One of the new and best things in this Lifeafter Season 4 is the new rebuild system where they add an Elite mode where making the old rebuild more difficult, the MOB is much tackier and their damage greatly increases compared to the old version.

But don’t worry you can still play the normal rebuild just like before, but in a normal rebuild, there is no chance to get an Enhancement serum, and a Gene Capsule that is needed to upgrade your character Gene mutation.

Note Gene Capsule and Enhancement Serum can only be looted from Elite mode rebuild and not in a normal kind of rebuild

New Weapon

lifeafter season 4, new weapons

There is also a new weapon that was introduced in Lifeafter Season 4 called EM-2 Electromagnetic Machine gun, and EM-3 Electromagnetic Machine gun, this weapon was said to have the highest firing rate among all the guns in the game, since the more you keep firing, the higher its firing rate increase up to 675.

I ain’t use or try the new weapons since it is just new and there’s nothing yet sells on Trade City but I will definitely buy if I saw one in TC to try it for myself.

Bottom Line

So that’s it guys, for the final thought, I’ve personally liked the new Lifeafter season 4 since it adds some new stuff in the game, the Revenant thing was great even though at first I don’t even have the plan to change to a Revenant but for the sake of this review, I personally try to become a Revenant just to give you the information that you might need before you change and become one of the Revenants.

The free Cert change, a free facelift, the new rebuild, and a Gene modification are also great, kudos to NetEase for continuously adding interesting things in the game since new things like this will keep the game alive. Bye for now and see you next time, Keep safe and God bless Happy gaming !!,