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Mobile game Controls

Mobile Game Controls: A Guide To Play Better On Mobile

Mobile gaming is a part of the lives of gamers, and using mobile phones to play is a lot handier. You can play anywhere without worrying about bringing other types of gadgets.

If you are new to mobile gaming, you might not yet be familiar with mobile game controls. Depending on the kind of game, it might be harder to play on mobile than on PC, but in some cases is it also easier to play on mobile compared to PC.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about mobile game controls, from the different types of controls to tips and tricks for mastering them.

As a hardcore gamer, I played countless mobile games. I’ve been playing mobile games since the dawn of mobile gaming. So let me give you all the tips that you need.

Types Of Game Controls

To master mobile game controls we must familiarize ourselves with the different types of game controls. Each has different advantages and disadvantages. The most common types of mobile game controls are:

1. Touch Controls

cookie run kingdom review pve
Example of games that uses touch control

Touch control is the most common type of mobile game control, it usually uses in simple games like idle games. It is also a kind of control that you can use in a game like Pokemon GO, where the gestures that you’ll need are simple tapping, swiping, or dragging.

Some popular mobile game that uses touch control is the strategy mobile game Cookie Run: Kingdom, and Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict.

2. Virtual JoyStick

Pokemon Unite sample Graphics
Game With Virtual Joystick Example

A virtual Joystick is a kind of mobile game control that is often used in a game that needs more precise controls. It was commonly used in games like MOBA, racing games, and shooting games.

The virtual Joystick tries to mimic the physical joystick on a traditional gamepad, it allows it to control direction and movement like an actual Joystick.

Games that use virtual controls are Mobile Legends, Ni no Kuni: Crossworlds, PUBG, Call Of Duty, LifeAfter, and more.

3. Motion Controls

most popular mobile game asphalt 9
Example of games that uses motion control

Motion controls are a kind of mobile game controls that use phone sensors like accelerometers and gyroscope sensors. They are used to some mobile games that need to tilt or move your device to control the games.

This kind of control is usually used in racing and flying games. Gysroscope also uses in some shooter games to improve aiming and in augmented reality games like Pokemon Go and The Witcher: Monster Slayer.

Mobile Game Controls Tips And Tricks

Claw Mobile Game Control

lifeafter four finger claw setting 2
Using Claw On A Mobile Game

Out of the three types of game controls, the most complicated one was the virtual joystick when used in shooter games. I’ve been a long-time gamer that plays shooter games on both PC and Mobile.

Since I was a child a played a game like Counterstrike (the first version of Counterstrike), Call Of Duty, and a lot of shooter games on PC. When I first try to play shooter games on a mobile it was really really hard, well I can shoot yes, but it is not as easy when using a PC.

Aiming at mobile was terrible when you play shooter games

on a mobile device for the first time. Until I discover a technique called claw.

Claw is a kind of finger technique that uses multiple fingers to control the movement of your characters. In a traditional virtual joystick, you will only need two thumbs when playing, but in a claw, you will use up to four fingers.

This technique will allow you to aim better, perform multiple movements, and quickly switch from different virtual buttons. Using a claw is highly advantageous against players that only use two thumbs while playing.

Two Kinds Of Claw Mobile Game Control

When playing on mobile there are only two kinds of claw— the three-finger claw, and the four-finger claw. In tablets, you can use even more but since we’re talking about mobile we can only use up to four fingers since the mobile device screen was smaller compared to tablets.

Three Finger Claw

As its names suggest, three finger claw is a kind of mobile game control that uses three fingers. It is harder to use than a traditional virtual joystick but it was easier compared to four finger claw.

In a three-finger claw, you can shoot and move in any direction while shooting, which is a good advantage that those who use the default Virtual joystick setting. It is good, but aiming was still superb when using a four-finger claw.

Four Finger Claw

Four-Finger Claw Setting

Four Finger Claw is a modified game control that uses by most pros or expert gamers for shooter games. It uses all four fingers while playing on mobile.

This mobile game control is what I highly recommend that everyone should master if they want to have better movement and better aiming. Among all the mobile game controls four finger claw is the hardest to master. The first time that I tried this kind of control It was very uncomfortable, my aim and movement become worse. I can’t even shoot properly, but it is normal when you are not yet familiar with this kind of game control technique.

But when I finally get used to it and familiarize four finger claw. It was awesome— I can jump, and move in any direction while shooting., I can even shoot properly mid-air. A player that is very familiar with four finger claw can even compete with some players using a PC.

The aiming using a four-finger claw is very accurate compared to when using the default setting, yes it is hard at first and very uncomfortable, but it is a small price to pay and you will surely get high rewards when you master it.

Shooting games are hard to play on mobile compared to when using a PC — and a four-finger claw is the ultimate solution to improve your movement and aiming when playing on mobile.

Tips On Mastering Mobile Game Controls

Now that you’re familiar with different mobile game controls let me give you some advice on how to become familiar with it. here are some tips and tricks to help you master them:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Among all the tips on mastering mobile game controls this one is the most important. Practicing it daily can greatly help in mastering it. The other types of controls are just easy to master it will just take even a single day or two to master them.

The only hard-to-master among all the mobile game controls is the virtual joystick when using a claw. It will take about weeks or even months until your muscle memory memorized all the buttons and your hand can move on its own while playing.

There is no magic whatsoever in mastering claw, you just need to teach your hands to master all the virtual buttons on your phone by practicing every day.

It will be very uncomfortable when you are not yet familiar, you might even think of quitting when mastering four finger claw. But trust all gamers that master the four-finger claw is also once a beginner before they master it.

2. Customize Your Controls

There are no universal perfect controls when familiarizing it, especially the claw mobile game control technique. You are free to customize your controls based on your preference.

You should adjust all the button sizes and positions where you think is more comfortable with your hands. You can place the jump button on the right and shoot on the left or vice versa.

The choice is all yours, you can experiment with what positions and sizes of virtual buttons are more comfortable for you.

3. Use ClawSocks/ Gaming Finger Sleeve


Speaking of comfortability, you can use this simple hack to make your gaming more comfortable by using ClawSocks or Gaming Finger Sleeves.

There are finger sleeves for arthritis but use them. We’re talking about gaming so buy those finger sleeves for gaming. When playing for days on your phone, the friction of your finger against your screen might make it rougher or the sweat of your finger can make you feel a bit sticky while playing.

This kind of feeling can affect your gameplay, especially when your adrenaline started to pump, you want everything to be smoother. But like I said friction and sweat can so annoying when playing games.

The ClawSocks/Gaming Finger sleeves can remove friction, which will give you more comfortable and precise control when playing on your phone. If you can buy some, I highly recommend it for more comfort when mastering mobile game controls.

Use Mobile Game Controllers

When you don’t have time to master all the mobile game controls that I’ve mentioned, the easiest thing that you can do is buy mobile game controllers.

I know this kind of method feels like cheating because of how easy it was to use these controllers. Mobile gaming controllers can convert your phone into a console. You can improve your mobile gaming without the need of mastering complicated techniques like a claw.

Here are some mobile game controllers that you can purchase to improve your gaming on your mobile device:

1. Gamesir

Image credit: GameSir

Gamesir is also a reputable brand when it comes to mobile game controllers. They are a company that specialized in creating gaming peripherals such as gaming keyboards, gamepads, grips, and other gaming accessories.

Their mobile game controller is one of the most known in the market, it has an aesthetically pleasing design with a build cooler, to ensure that your phone will remain cool to reduce lags and keep your phone to its maximum performance.

2. Razer Kishi

This is also one of the most popular mobile game controllers. It is made by Razer, a reputable company that is known to create great products for gaming.

There are two kinds of Razer Kishi one for Android and the other for IOS, make sure to purchase the right Razer Kishi for your mobile phones.


Playing mobile games is about the thrill and releasing our boredom or our stress in life. Mastering mobile game controls takes time and practice. But it doesn’t mean that you should stress about it, If you want to improve your skill in mobile gaming you can practice, but if don’t want to spend time practicing different techniques just purchases mobile game controllers.

This guide provides you with all the info about a different type of controls and also give you a lot of options on how to play better on mobile. Just choose the best method that you think is the best for you on improving your mobile gaming experience.