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GetGenie Review: Comprehensive Review

GetGenie Review
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Welcome to another insightful exploration into the realm of writing tools! In today’s review, we focus our attention on “GetGenie,” an AI-assisted writing tool. As an avid seeker of innovative solutions, I’m excited to thoroughly investigate this tool and share my comprehensive analysis.

Much like my previous reviews, I am committed to providing an in-depth insight into “GetGenie.” Join me as I rigorously examine its features, unraveling its capabilities.

I will showcase the tangible results, allowing you to make an informed decision about integrating this AI writing tool into your creative arsenal. Let’s begin!

Key Takeaways:

  • Getgenie is an AI writing tool that offers functionality like keyword research and blog article writer.
  • The outline generator of the tool is good, however, the whole content has a mediocre quality.

What is GetGenie?

GetGenie is a platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in its suite of writing tools. This platform provides an array of tools designed to assist publishers and writers in various tasks.

From content creation to refining writing skills, GetGenie utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to streamline and enhance the writing process, making it an indispensable resource for those seeking efficiency and proficiency in their literary endeavors

GetGenie Key Features and Performance

Let me show you all the key features that GetGenie offers and how it performs in a real world test.

Blog Wizard

The main feature of GetGenie is their blog wizard, that basically works as a long-form article generator .

The blog wizard will help you create an article step by step, you will begin with the keywords, then it will create and show you two different blog title for you to choose. After generating a title, it will show you intros; after choosing an intro, it will create an outline for your blog.

When title, intro, and blog outline is complete the blog wizard will let you choose to genarate the blog manually use their one click blog generator.

Content Quality

The whole concept of the blog wizard is good, it is nice to guide the users step by step until it complete the article. The blog outline that it generates is also good and one of the best AI blog generator that I’ve used.

However, the downside fall in the quality, as a person that used a lot of AI writing tools and reviewed different AI powered tool, I can say that the content quality from the generated article by GetGenie falls into my standard.

The whole content sounds very AI, and the whole article structured is pretty basic. I have seen a lot of AI writing tools that has a writing capabilities that can compete with seasoned human writer like and Surgegraph.

Sadly GetGenie are not yet near on their level in terms of content quality, but they has a good potential and might improve in the future.

Keyword Research

GetGenie also added keyword research functionality on its platform, you can enter the keyword or your choice and it will show you basic information on your chosen keywords like search volume, CPC, competition.

This feature is better than nothing but to be honest it is no where near when compare to the real keyword research tool. Its provided very little data but still useful if you haven’t used any keyword research tool.

Competitors Analysis

Aside from the basic keyword research functionality Getgenie also provides a competitors analysis in their platform. Inside the editor; after using the keyword research functionality their is also a competitors analysis features just beside the keyword research.

Once enable it will show you all the top ranking articles in your chosen keywords, it will show you details like rank number, word count, number of images used, number of headings used, and the whole heading structured.

Pro and Cons Generator

Pros and cons are important when creating a review article, GetGenie offers a pros and cons generator to make your work easier. To use this feature you just need to simply enter your topic an add instruction and use the write button.

Genie Chat

Another feature is the Genie Chat, this works just like ChatGPT but instead of all purpose AI chatbot like ChatGPT, the Genie Chat if tuned for writing purposes. You can command it to write a poem, creat a short story, and generate a whole blog post.

I can say that Genie Chat was like a more writing focus version of ChatGPT.

Price & Plans

For the pricing, Getgenie offers four kinds of pricing. It has a free plan that all users can use and writer 2500 words a month.

The premium plans are the writer plan, pro plan, and the agency unlimited plan. The writer plan cost $17 per month which enables user to generate 50,000 words per month, 40 keywords analysis, 20 competitors and SERP analysis per month.

The pro plan cost $44 per month which gives users to write 400,000 words per month, 250 SEO keyword analysis, 80 competitors and SERP analysis in a month. The agency plan is the most expensive plan it offers that cost $89 per month and grant its users to generate unlimited article, 600 SEO keyword research, and 200 competitors SERP analysis per month.

For me the price was fair enough and it is one of the cheapest AI writing tool in the market today.

Pros and Cons

Now that already mentioned all the features and functionality that you will get in GetGenie, here are the pros and cons that will help you on your decision.


  • Affordable
  • Simple Interface


  • Basic functionality
  • Decent quality of generated article

GetGenie Alternatives

Getgenie has a potential but for me its only has a basic functionality, here are some alternatives that I recommends instead.


WordHero is a writing focus AI tool, it doesn’t have keyword research functionality or competitors analysis feature but its AI writer is better than GetGenie.

It can create an article with a length of 1500 words and more, you can use its AI to generate an outline then add some more in the outline and use the AI to generate the whole text on each outline.

It also offers AI image generator and 86+ AI powered writing tools which includes copywriting tools, and other AI templates.

Read our Review | Visit WordHero

When it comes to writing quality is one of the best quality amongst all the AI writing tools that I’ve used. It can generate a true long-form article with a length up to 5200 words that are optimized for your chosen keywords.

The quality of the content that it can generate are human like and can actually compete with a professional writers, it has a proper content structured that are better than GetGenie, it includes images, tables, and list in the article which is one of the best that I reviewed so far.

Read our Review | Visit

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GetGenie Review
GetGenie Review: Comprehensive Review
For the conclusion, Getgenie is a good AI writing tool with good potential, it has a simple interface that provides almost everything you need to create a high-quality content. However I cant recommend this tool for now since I'm not impressed on its overall performance, its affordable yes but the quality of the generated article are not that good, it sounds very AI and the whole content structure is pretty basic. Maybe in the future they will improve their AI writing tools, but for now if your looking for a better tool I recommends and Surgegraph since they are the best that I've tried and reviewed so far.
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