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Neuronwriter VS Frase: Head To Head Comparison

Neuronwriter VS Frase

Welcome to my article comparing Neuronwriter and Frase.

Both of these platforms are among the most popular cloud-based services that offer SEO optimization editors and AI writing tools. Neuronwriter and Frase stand out as top alternatives to Surfer SEO, providing features that are remarkably similar to each other.

I have extensively used both tools and have already published a comprehensive review of Neuronwriter and Frase on Mirageportal.

Now, it’s time for the ultimate showdown between these two platforms. Let’s put them head-to-head to determine which one delivers the best performance.

In this comparative article, we will evaluate Frase and Neuronwriter in five different categories: key features, AI writing capabilities, competitor analysis, SEO optimization, and pricing and deals. Join me as we delve into this detailed comparison.

Neuronwriter VS Frase: Key Features

Below is the list of all the key features of Neuronwriter and Frase, as we further go deep in this review article we will compare all those features head to head to see which has the upper hand.


  • Competitors Analysis
  • One Click AI Writer
  • AI Templates
  • SEO Optimization


  • Competitors Analysis
  • Step-by-Step AI Writer
  • AI Templates
  • SEO Optimization Editor

Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

No monthly or yearly subscription, lifetime use.

Neuronwriter AI VS Frase AI: Writing Capabilities

When it comes to writing, Frase and Neuronwriter offer AI tools to help a writer generate AI content, but the question is, who has the better AI writer? let’s proceed.


article generated by neuronwriter one click long form article generator

Neuronwriter boasts an array of AI writing tools, with one notable feature being its one-click article writer. This tool is capable of generating articles ranging from 800 to 1500+ words, depending on the chosen topic.

The articles produced by the one-click article generator are highly optimized, achieving a content score of 60+. While I find the output from their AI writer to be of good quality, I believe that 800+ words may still be too short for publication.

For those aiming to create long-form content, exceeding 3000 words, Neuronwriter offers the AI paragraph generator. To utilize this feature, you must first create an outline with subheadings. Subsequently, generate paragraphs for each subheading to assemble a comprehensive, long-form article.


article generated using frase on click ai writer

Frase, in contrast, employs a step-by-step approach in its writing process. When crafting an article using Frase, you initiate the process by entering its AI writer wizard, which guides you through the completion of your article.

Begin with a query, and the AI will present you with an outline that you can modify or enhance. If the outline meets your requirements, simply click “generate,” and the AI will compose the entire article for you. The Frase step-by-step AI writer is capable of producing optimized articles with a length exceeding 6000 words, making it ideal for creating comprehensive content.

While both Neuronwriter and Frase offer AI writers for optimized blog posts, Frase emerges as the superior choice in terms of content length and quality. Its ability to generate much longer articles allows for more thorough coverage of the chosen topic.

Competitors Analysis

Frase won against Neuronwriter for AI-generated content, now let’s proceed to our next categories for use to know which is better.


Competitor analysis stands out as a distinctive strength of Neuronwriter. It conducts a comprehensive analysis of potential competitors, allowing users to select direct competitors for each query.

Upon completion of the analysis, Neuronwriter furnishes users with a wealth of data derived from all identified competitors related to a specific query.

Users gain easy access to a preview of the Top 100 results, competitors’ structure, competitors’ breakdown, SERP layout, related keywords, and an overview of all content terms along with the respective percentage usage by competitors.


Frase, similarly, includes competitor analysis in its suite of features, offering a distinctive content gap tool. This feature aids in assessing the content gap between your website and competitors.

The competitor analysis feature of Frase presents users with valuable data about their competitors, including word counts, competitor rank, domain information, and links.

Both Neuronwriter and Frase empower their users to conduct competitor analysis, providing valuable insights to enhance performance against rivals. However, Neuronwriter takes the lead by offering a more extensive set of data compared to Frase.

In the realm of competitor analysis, Neuronwriter emerges as the clear winner.

SEO Optimization

After comparing Frase and Neuronwriter to determine who has the superior competitor analysis, let us now explore their renowned feature: content optimization.


Frase excels in the realm of SEO optimization and is renowned as one of the best alternatives to Surfer SEO. It boasts a robust SEO optimization editor, paralleling the functionality of Surfer SEO, enabling users to optimize their content effectively.

The SEO optimization editor in Frase is equipped to provide related keywords that can be seamlessly integrated into your content, enhancing its content score. These relevant terms are automatically generated by Frase as soon as you select a query for your article.


Neuronwriter stands out as one of the best, if not the premier, platforms offering an SEO optimization editor. Leveraging an advanced algorithm, Neuronwriter’s system analyzes the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the user-selected query, providing Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based suggestions.

The SEO editor from Neuronwriter goes beyond basic recommendations, suggesting terms and frequencies for the title, meta description, headings, and body of the article. Moreover, it presents users with an SEO score, ranking highest in content score when compared to competitors.

Both Neuronwriter and Frase offer SEO optimization editors, yet from personal experience, I favor Neuronwriter.

It excels with more accurate recommendations for related terms, provides a greater quantity of terms than Frase, and offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the optimization process. Notably, Neuronwriter allows users to highlight each term within the article for easier editing.

Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

No monthly or yearly subscription, lifetime use.

Pricing and Deals

Having examined the AI writing capabilities, competitor analysis, and SEO optimization features, let’s now delve into the final category: pricing and deals.

I will illustrate which option provides the most favorable pricing and deals. Stay tuned for an insightful comparison in this crucial category.


While Frase offers robust features and benefits, its pricing plans tend to be on the higher side. The most affordable plan starts at $14.99 per month but restricts users to writing and optimizing only four articles monthly.

The basic plan, priced at $44.99 per month, provides users with the capacity to write and optimize up to 30 articles per month.

For teams, Frase offers a team plan at $114.99 per month, allowing unlimited content creation and optimization for you and your team.


Neuronwriter, in contrast, provides more budget-friendly pricing options. The entry-level plan starts at $23 per month, offering optimization for 25 articles and including 15,000 AI credits—sufficient for small publishers. The second plan, priced at $45 per month, allows users to optimize 50 articles each month.

In addition to the standard pricing plans, Neuronwriter stands out by offering a lifetime deal, providing users the opportunity to use the platform indefinitely without any monthly or yearly subscriptions.

When it comes to pricing, Neuronwriter offers a more cost-effective solution compared to Frase, making it a favorable choice for budget-conscious users.

Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

No monthly or yearly subscription, lifetime use.

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Final Verdict

In concluding the Neuronwriter vs. Frase comparison, both platforms stand out as reliable tools for SEO and AI writing, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

For those seeking an advanced AI writer capable of generating longer content, Frase emerges as a preferred choice. While Neuronwriter can also produce extended content, it requires the use of its AI paragraph generator, involving a somewhat more manual process compared to Frase’s AI.

In terms of competitor analysis and SEO optimization, both platforms excel, though Neuronwriter is my preferred choice for its reliability.

When budget considerations come into play, Neuronwriter undeniably offers a more appealing deal. It is not only more affordable but also provides greater usage compared to Frase. The allure of Neuronwriter’s lifetime deal, an offer not currently available from Frase, further enhances its attractiveness.

In essence, the choice between Neuronwriter and Frase depends on specific preferences and priorities, with both platforms offering valuable features tailored to different user needs.

Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

No monthly or yearly subscription, lifetime use.