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bullet angel mobile game

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M Full Review From a Gamer’s Perspective

Hey, What’s up guys welcome to another gaming review of Mirageportal, Today we are gonna review this new FPS shooting that I find on a Google Playstore named “Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M” I gotta admit that this game’s name was kinda awkward to pronounce since it was very long, so for goodness sake, I just call it Bullet angel in this review.

Bullet Angel was also a PC game that was lunch in the year 2009, and now they remake the game and developed on mobile, now this game was one of the newest games on Android and lunch early this May 12th, 2021 by the game studio, even though I cannot find some information about its game developers they did an amazing job on creating this mobile game Bullet angel.

In this review, we are going to tackle and rate some of its key points such as graphics, gameplay, controls, maps, some tips, and overall experience so continue reading to learn more, so let’s get started.


This is my Full Review of the Latest Shooting game on Mobile “Bullet Angel”


Graphics and Visuals

Sample graphics of Bullet angel

Let’s start with the graphics, Bullet Angel has nice kind of graphics, though it is not as good as some of the games that have realistic graphics or the ones that you can find from the games like Lifeafter, Undawn, or Dawn Awakening, Bullet Angel has some good kind of visuals, In my opinion, Bullet Angel graphics is better than PUBG but slightly inferior compare to COD or Call of Duty mobile.

But this game is just new on mobile and they can even improve its graphics over time, but keep in mind that the higher the pictures of the games are the more it takes to lag in some of the lower specs devices.


Outfit and Appearance

bullet angel outfit store

Bullet Angel as the game said was the most stylish FPS mobile game, for now, they have a few outfits to choose from, hairstyles,s and other stuff that you can buy with real money to make your character unique from the others, in the beginning when you will choose and create you own character, you will be allowed to change your character appearance from Hairstyles, face styles, tops, bottoms, and shoe styles and skin colors.

Character Cutomization, bullet angel

The one that you might choose in top and bottom and shoes will serve as your first kind of permanent outfit, and after that, it is up to you if you want to purchase some outfits and accessories in their shop.



gameplay of bullet angel

Next is the Game-Play, where this game stand-out since Bullet Angel is a game with an endless gunfight, the game mechanics are just simply kill everything that moves, Bullet Angel has a lot of game modes and maps to choose from where you can fight with random people or teaming up with your friends, let’s talk about its battle mode and let me explain it one by one so when you start playing this game you will be aware of what to do.



TDM battle mode

First, the TDM is the classic team vs the team of Bullet Angel, where there will be two teams that will fight on the battlefield, and the first team that reaches the determined amount of score or kill within that given time frame will be the winner.


Death Match

deathmatch mode in bullet angel

In this game mode, there will no team that will fight with your side, all of the players inside the map will be your opponents, kill every player that you see on the map, and whoever scores the determined amount of kills first will win.


Arms Race

arms race mode of bullet angel

Another Unique kind of game mode is Bullet Angel, where every player will fight with a team on one map, the map in the arms race are so small that it is very easy to find an enemy, as a result, you will be engaged in an almost endless gunfight.

The mechanic in the arms race is to upgrade your weapon during the fight, every time you kill an enemy your weapon will be changed and upgraded until you reach the very last weapon, the first team that reaches the last weapon will be the winner, this mode is fun because you can try some weapons that you didn’t own.



BOmb mode bullet angel

This game mode of Bullet Angel makes me remember the game Counterstrike where there are two opposing teams, the Terrorist and the Counter-Terrorist, the Counter-Terrorist tries to detonate the bomb and the Counter-Terrorist tries to prevent the terrorist to plant a bomb or just defuse the bomb, in this game mode it just works the same as the Counterstrike, there are also two teams called SLC and CSG the SLC try to detonate the bomb and the CSG try to prevent SLC to plant and detonate the bomb.



ghost mode in bullet angel

The next mode is another team fight called Ghost, where one team will become a ghost and the other one is a human, the team that becomes a ghost is nearly invisible they can blend in with the surroundings but they can only use melee weapons while the team that remains a human can choose any weapon they want to use, the objective of the ghost team is to plant and detonate a bomb or kill every member of the human team, while the Human need to prevent the ghost to plant and detonate a bomb or eliminate every ghost in the battlefield, the first team complete its objective wins.

Special Battle

special battle in bullet angel

This game mode is also a team fight, but this time there is only a limited weapon that can be used, in Sniper combat using other kinds of weapons is prohibited except a Sniper rifle and a melee weapon this is a test of how good you are at using a sniper rifle, there is also melee combat in special battle mode, when participating in melee combat you cannot use any guns except for a melee weapon.


Arcade Mode

Aside from the six competition mode, there is four Arcade mode in Bullet Angel that is also fun to participate like the mummy mode, AI mission mode, the Chicken run, and lastly, the Grenade combat, let’s discuss it.

Mummy Mode

mummy mode bullet angel

First the Mummy mode, at first you don’t have an idea of who will become the first mummy of all the players on the map, and once the first mummy appeared it will attack all the players that it sees, and those players that attack by the mummy will also become a mummy and when some of the humans survive they will instantly upgrade into a human Hero that will gain an ability benefits from supper weapons that can hardly hit some Mummy if you become a mummy and all of the human players been killed you and some other players that turn into Mummy wins.

And if you are a human player that didn’t become a Mummy and some Humans survive or Human heroes kill all the mummies then the humans will be declared as the winner.

AI Mission mode

AI mission, bullet angel

There is also an AI mode in this game Bullet Angel, where you will create a team or join some team in a fight some AI, AI is called Masao a Robot looks that resembles the terminators in the movie, the mechanic is to kill as many Masao as possible and get a chance to get some loot items called “Masao gears” it is a part that you can exchange to some weapons if your lucky you can get some permanent guns and some weapons.

Chicken Run

chicken run, bullet angel

Another fun game mode called Chicken Run where both teams will have a higher HP that makes all the players in this game mode hard to kill with guns and some weapons, the only way to kill the enemy effectively is by picking up a Chicannon that can turn your enemy into a chicken and those can make them more vulnerable against weapons and can easily be killed, and when you are the one that becomes chicken there are two things that you can do, first to run since you cannot attack the enemy and you are highly vulnerable in that state when you are a chicken.

The second thing is to find a safe spot and perform a chicken dance, and when you successfully finished the chicken dance you will turn into a much more massive chicken called a CockHan, where you will benefit from your new massive HP and an unstoppable attack that you can easily kill an enemy, the first team that reaches a specified score within the specified time will win.


Grenade Combat

grenade combat, bullet angel

This game mode in Bullet Angel is another fun mode, where the booth team cannot use any weapons except for a grenade to kill an enemy, but don’t worry since you will have an endless supply of grenades in this mode, so you can freely throw a grenade to your enemy, the first team that reaches the specified point within the given time will win.

Dance to Heal

dance for increase HP in bullet angel

One of the unique features in this game was its healing, when you are injured and you want to heal or increase your HP you need to press the dance button and your HP will increase while dancing, at first I didn’t like it since it was kinda silly to dance on a battlefield to heal, then I realized that you can use its dancing capability to give a much wider view of the surrounding and spectate on your target without exposing your location to the enemy.



controls, bullet angel

Now let’s move on to the controls, in terms of control and some control options that this game offers, well it’s awesome, I’m impressed with how flexible the control options are on this game, as a four-finger claw user it gives me more rooms for experimenting and customizing the controls, they are many buttons that can be easily swapped from one place to another that give me much more accurate when shooting a target.

You can change the sight color, enable or disable aim assist, there are also options whether you want to use Gyro or not, there is also an option to disable some as well, and if you are a complete beginner you can use the auto-fire or auto-aim to make you’re aiming much easier, but I highly recommend to used claw technique or learn how to use it since it will give you more control in fighting, it can even rival some of PC users or PC emulator user in this game.


We are now on my final thought in this game, first I just wanna say thank you for reading this far and you can support our website for us to continue giving gaming reviews for you guys.

Well If I will recommend this game to everyone. the answer is yes, Bullet Angel is a fun game to be played both solos or with our friends, the graphics are good, the controls are good and there are a lot of game modes and maps that you can choose from, I can confidently say that this game Bullet Angel is diffidently worth to try.