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Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Guide For Beginners

This is the most complete guide about Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict that you can find on Google, please read the guide entirely.

Play-to-earn games are one of the most trending topics in the gaming community today, although some gamers are not interested in play-to-earn games because of some problems that NFT games are facing.

Especially on some high graphics MMORPG play-to-earn games, where players are too many for the servers to handle. The most painful part is that the server is not crowded by a real player but instead by a bot that some greedy players are using.

I hope in some upcoming NFT games, devs will prioritize eliminating players that use a bot, since bots are ruining the game.

Anyway, we are just in the early stage of NFT games, and I believe that play-to-earn games are the future of gaming.

Gaming companies will find ways to fix these kinds of problems since big names in the gaming industries are joining the play-to-earn craze. Some huge gaming companies are starting to create their own play-to-earn NFT games.

One of the big names that are now into play to earn is a Korean gaming company “Joycity”, they are famous for its war games like Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. Now in 2022 they just released the play-to-earn version of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare called “Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict”.

Since Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is based on Total warfare, the gameplay and the graphics were almost the same.

Like what Wolffun did in their game when they released Thetan Arena, a play-to-earn version of their offline MOBA game called Heroes Strike.

I play Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict for four months, just a few days late since this game was first released Globally on February 27, 2022.

I play this game long enough to learn a lot of useful things in this game, and now I will share all the things that I learn from playing Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict.

Please read this article carefully, since you will not find any tutorial in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict in Google search as complete as this, so I advise that you read this article from start to finish.

To fully understand this game, let me first introduce you to its gameplay.

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Gameplay

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict’s gameplay is the same as its non-play-to-earn counterpart.

This play-to-earn game is an MMO war strategy game, where you will portray the role of the commander, and you have all the control inside your base. Like some MMO strategy games, the faith of your base will depend on you and your strategy.

In Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict you can build your own Carrier Strike group that you can use in all operations, whether it’s offensive or defensive operations, that is why I highly recommend focusing on your Carrier Strike Groups.

What is Carrier Strike Group?

Actually, there is no term Carrier Strike group in this game, the devs just call it Aircraft Carrier which in my opinion was lame, so I call it a Carrier Strike group like in real life.

Carrier Strike Group is mainly your main unit, in other MMO strategy games you can only use your base in all operations, you can teleport your base in and out of the battle zone but here in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict you cannot do what you usually do in some MMO strategy games.

You can only teleport your base once every 24 hours, so in other words, almost all your operations will conduct from your Carrier Strike group especially if you will do some operations far from your base.

Carrier Strike Group will serve as your main unit, and it is composed of different ships like Submarines, Frigates, and Destroyers as your naval force, it will also be backed by ground units like Tanks, Artillery, IFV, it also has an airforce like fighter jets for air to air, air to ground, and air to ship combat.

The whole gameplay of Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict is to build your own units, and join an alliance that can help you in some operations, especially when fighting other players and other alliances.

Now that you have an idea about the gameplay, let us now discuss all the important things that you need to do in the game.

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Tips and Tricks

Let us first start with building units that you will use in the game. Building some units is very important in this game since you will use them in all operations like offensive, defensive, and farming resources that you’ll gonna need in this game.

Jets Build 

crypto conflict jets build

The first thing is building some Jets, fighter jets are highly important in this game, especially in combat. Fighter jets can deal a high amount of damage to your opponent, weakens their ships, damage Aircraft Carriers, and annihilate ground units.

In this game Ships and Jets can be damaged but cannot be completely destroyed, the only unit in this game that can be destroyed are AFV or ground units, which is why it is vulnerable to Jet attacks.

In building some jets, don’t try just to build and builds some Jets randomly, I highly recommend that you should never build a normal or rare jet in this game unless you will build some to be registered in your collection that can increase your stats.

If you keep building normal or rare jets to be used in battle, you will just waste some normal and rare jet Blueprints that can be used for more important things in the game. I recommend that you just save your normal and rare jet blueprints to use in more important matters that I will be discussed later.

Another item that you will waste when building normal and rare jets is Titanium, a very important mineral in this game that has a lot of uses like building and upgrading units, research, and smelting crypto-based tokens in this game for real profit.

Build only Epic and Legendary Jets

gunship battle: crypto conflict legendary and epic jets

There are four categories of fighter jets in this game Normal Jet, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Like what I’ve said don’t build a normal and rare jet, instead focus only on Epic and Legendary.

In building some jets, you’ll need some blueprints, resources (food, iron, oil, and silver), and Titanium.

Resources and Titanium are easy to obtain, the hardest ones to obtain if you are just starting in the game especially if you are free to play, are Legendary jets blueprints, but if you want to spend some money in the game, obtaining Legendary Jets are easy.

Upon obtaining Epic and Legendary Jet Blueprints, it’s time to build some, but when building there is one thing that I want you to know.

There are three types of jets in this game, anti-air, anti-jets, and anti-grounds. All the jets in this game has damage to air, ship, and ground, but I classify them into three, based on their special skills.

Anti-air jets are those jets that have high anti-air damage and anti-air ATK enhancement skills some examples are the EF 2000, and the Strike F-15EA you can unlock their anti-air skill when reaching level 7.

Like anti-air, anti-ship are those jets that have high damage against ships or anti-ship ATK enhancement skills, some examples are RF-M and F-35 LT ll. Same as anti-ground jets, some examples are Desert F-16FF and A10C

I create a more in-depth tutorial about jets in this game in a separate article, I recommend that you read it to fully understand jets in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, just read the related content below this line.

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Ship Build

Aside from Jets, ships are also very important in this game, in fact, Ships are the most important unit, they give the most damage and defense during a battle.

There are three types of ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict that is countering each other to make the game more balanced and it works like this, the three types are Frigates, Submarines, and Destroyers.

Frigates is a counter for Submarines, while Destroyers is a counter for Frigates, and a Submarines is counter for Destroyers.

When you have an opponent, you can just send five ships in every attack, so it is important that you know how to counter your opponent’s ships.

Know that you know how to counter ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, what ships you should build? All it, some players only focus on the type of ships, which is wrong, if you do that it is hard to defeat your opponents.

It is a wise choice that you build and mix these three types of ships in your base and in your main unit, which is your carrier.

I recommend that you should build first your main unit and focus on it, then keep building ships from the lower tier cuz you gonna need them to strengthen your main unit.

Level up your ships

After building ships, the next thing that you should do is focus on increasing the level of your ships. How can you do that?

There are two ways to increase the level of your ships, one is through battle, when you use your ships in a battle, it increases its EXPI when you are using your ships in PvE, you can also increase your ship’s EXPI, when using the items called ship XP, you will also need to spend Titanium, and iron when using Ship XP.

Please see the short video below on how you can increase your ship EXP.

Increasing the level of your ships is very important because it improves your ship’s current stats like damage, defense, etc.

I also published an in-depth tutorial about ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Now that you have an idea about building jets and ships, now let’s proceed with choosing an Aircraft Carrier.

What Aircraft Carrier to Use

There are currently five kinds of Aircraft in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict that you can build, the normal which give at the beginning when playing this game, then after that, you can choose from four Aircraft carriers in the game which are Enterprise, Kuznetsov, Elizabeth, and Nimitz.

When your level progresses in this game, I highly recommend that you don’t stick to your normal Aircraft Carrier instead try to choose first between Enterprise, and Kuznetsov first since it is much easier to build compared to Elizabeth and Nimitz.

Enterprise and Kuznetsov have some key differences, use Enterprise if you focus on Jets, since you can load more jets in Enterprise, while Kuznetsov gives you more space for ships, which means you can load more ships into your carrier strike group when using Kuznetsov.

To make it more simple, build and use Enterprise if you want to deploy more jets in your Aircraft Carrier, while build and use Kuznetsov if you want more ships to deploy in your aircraft Carrier.

After that try to create a goal to build an Elizabeth Aircraft carrier since it is more powerful and gives you more space for Jets and ships to fit in your Aircraft Carrier.

Elizabeth is a Legendary Aircraft Carrier, and building one is much harder compared to a rare Aircraft Carrier, you will need to get at least 100 blueprints of Elizabeth, a lot of resources, and 900K Titanium to build one.

The hardest part is obtaining Elizabeth blueprints, if you are willing to spend money in the game and buy some Blueprints it is much easier, but as a free-to-play kinda hard to build one, but not impossible.

I also include how to build an Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier in our separate tutorial in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Ship guide don’t forget to check it out.

After choosing Jets, Ships, and Aircraft carriers, let us now proceed with what are things the important things to do in this game.

Always Participate in Blitz Defense

gunship battle crypto conflict armada blitz defense

Blitz defense is the most important event in the game to gain some ship EXP. To join into this you need to join into an active alliance, a Blitz Armada will attack everyone in your alliance and will give you a high amount of EXPI.

You also need to support your allies during a blitz defense to gain some EXP even the ships that are deployed into your Aircraft Carrier.

Aside from ship EXP, you can also some valuable rewards such as Titanium, Jets Blueprints, Boost, and Resources.

Blitz Defense has a cooldown of 18 hours, so you can only do it once a day, so make sure to participate in every blitz defense to get some EXP and valuable rewards.

There are some techniques that we usually do in my alliance to effectively increase your ship EXP, please check Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Ship Guide to learn more.

Always Participate In the Armada Strike Group

Aside from Blitz’s defense, there is also a very important alliance activity in which you should participate. Armada Strike group has a cooldown of 4 hours means that you and your allies can do ASG every four hours.

By participating in ASG there are valuable rewards that you can obtain like Legendary Jet Blueprints, resources, boost, titanium, and Aircraft carrier blueprints.

The rewards are based on the ASG level, the higher the better rewards, if you and your allies can defeat a level 40 ASG there is a chance that you can obtain some Elizabeth blueprints, it is one of the advantages when joining a strong alliance.

Save a lot of Resources

Like some strategy games, resources are vital, you will need them in almost everything in the game from building war machines to upgrades, from research to repair.

As your level progresses, you need more and more of these resources trust me. You can get resources inside of your base, you should build and upgrade your farm, oil field, iron mine, and silver mine to get the maximum amount of resources.

You can also gather resources outside of your base, by sending your fleet to the resources site.

Protect Your Resources

gunship battle crypto conflict protect resources

Remember this is a war game, and you should protect your resource at all costs. Like I’ve said earlier that resources are widely used in every strategy game, that’s why a lot of players are looking for resources and may end up attacking your base to loot your resources.

How can you protect your resources? There are some ways to protect your resources in the game, first is by upgrading your depot.

In this NFT game Crypto conflicts, your depot will serve as storage for all of your resources, and it also has the ability to protect your resources from being looted by your enemy.

The protection of your depot will depend on its level, so make sure that you always upgrade your depot to max based on your level, especially if you are on a server that has full of hostile players that can attack your base, I’m just lucky that my server today is so peaceful that players are more focus on PVE that PVP.

I play a lot of strategy games and I’m telling you based on my own experience, that when you are in a toxic server with a huge number of hostile players, and you leave your resource unprotected there’s a 100% chance that they will plunder all your resources especially if you’re offline.

Always Build A lot of Missle

crypto conflict missle

Like in a real war missile defense system plays a huge part, if you want to protect your resources, make sure you have a huge stock of missiles on your base.

Missle in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is one of the primary defenses against enemy ground and air unit, it destroys or damage ground vehicle and damage some fighter jet.

There are two kinds of missiles in the game, the anti-air and anti-tank with a tier based on your missile factory level, the higher the tier of the missile the better, but it will also consume a much higher amount of resources.

Join a Strong Alliance

crypto conflict play to earn alliance

When it comes to protection, nothing is more effective than joining a strong alliance, especially if you successfully join one of the top alliances, no one will dare to attack your base since they know that they will face great consequences by attacking a single member of the top alliance.

But when joining a top alliance make sure you reach their requirement and always cooperate with other alliance members.

Other benefits of joining an alliance are buffs like the alliance research where alliance members will upgrade those research and the buff will affect alliance members. Buff includes are like increased attack, increase defense, resources collection speed, and a lot more, you can also benefit from an alliance store, where you can buy certain items that you might need.

Always Build AFVs

AFV unit from crypto conflict

First, what are AFVs? These are armored unit war machines, AFVs stand for an armored fighting vehicle. In crypto conflict, we have three kinds of AFVs which are IFV or what we called Infantry Armored Vehicles, SPGs or self-propelled guns, and Tanks

AFVs are also divided based on the tier, the higher the better, make sure to always build AFVs since you will need a lot of these AFVs that can easily destroy in a clash with other players, make sure you have a lot of these armored units in reserve.

Always Upgrade HQ MAX Per Level

crypto conflict HQ

Your HQ is your core building for based development and before you can unlock some of your base’s special features, you need to upgrade your HQ first. 

Make sure that you always upgrade your HQ at the maximum level possible since it will add some features and also increase your overall power score.

Upgrade All Building On Your Base

crypto conflict upgrde base

Always make sure to upgrade all the buildings on your base based on your HQ level. You can notice that before you can unlock a certain feature on your base you need to reach a certain level, like the jets, for example, to unlock all the jets, your jet factory should reach a certain level.

Upgrading a building has some requirements, for example before your HQ can be upgraded to level 16, your munition plant must reach the first level 15 before you can upgrade your munition plant to level 15 your silver mine must first reach level 15.

To level up fast and avoid some delays in upgrading buildings in your base, you need to make sure that all buildings in your base are at the same level as your HQ.

Upgrade Farm Inside Your Base

crypto conflict farm

The farm that I’m talking about in the crypto conflict is not just the farm for food resources but all of the sources of resources inside your base, it includes oil fields, silver mines, and iron mines.

You must upgrade all of it to the highest level possible to get the maximum resources for your base. When your HQ level goes higher you can unlock more farms in your base, and having multiple food farms, mines, and oil fields can give you more resources. Try to upgrade all of your resources to the highest possible level.

Focus On Your Research Lab

research lab in gunship battle

In this play to earn gunship battle: crypto conflict, your research lab is the place where you can upgrade your unit capabilities like air and ground where you can upgrade the stats of your armored units and fighter jets like attack, defense, and durability.

There is also administration research where you can increase construction speed, and stamina, increase the stats of your carrier, and fleet management where you can increase the number of your fleet that you can deploy. There are a lot of things that you explore in your research lab which can give a lot of stats upgrade in all of your units.

Intelligence Agency

There is a certain level where you can unlock the Intelligence Agency inside your base. Intelligence Agency in this game crypto conflict is the place where you can activate a certain skill in a limited amount of time.

To activate you will need an item called a “memory chip”, you can acquire a random memory chip by opening a memory chip box.

A skill that you can use in Intelligence Agency is a construction robot that can increase your construction speed, accelerated growth gene that can increase your resources production, turbocharge for increased sailing speed, AESA radar to increase your jet squadron attack, and emergency repair that can increase your AFV survival rate.

Keep in mind that you can only use those skills in a limited amount of time, make sure to use them wisely.

Try To Reach Level 18 As Fast As Possible

Try to reach level 18 fast if you are into earning in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, because you’ll need to reach atleast level 18 to unlock its play-to-earn features called Milico smelting.

Milico is a token in the game Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict which separates this game from an ordinary game, Milico is a token that is based on a blockchain, technically an NFT, you can change Titanium into Milico and then exchange Milico into real money.

Milico can be unlocked in crypto conflict when your trade warehouse reaches level 18, and you cannot upgrade the warehouse to level 18 when your base is still below level 18 if you want to earn in Gunship battle: Crypto Conflict, you must aim to reach atleast level 18.

Complete Daily Mission

quest and dailly mission on crypto conflict

Daily missions are so important in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, they give some valuable items, like resources, Titanium, and Jet blueprints including Legendary blueprints (rewards based on your level), Based on my current level when writing this tutorial I can get 100,000 Titanium a day just by completing daily missions.

After completing the daily mission you will also get a selection box, where you can choose what item you will get in the final rewards, you can choose between a medal of merit, 1st class adv blueprints, and Elizabeth blueprints.

You will also gain some points that you can use to buy useful items in the point shop. Items in the point shop are valuable I recommend that you purchase the equipment box for epic equipment, Jet skill core box, Hyperpolymer, and Reinforcing agents.

You can craft a full set of epic equipment just by purchasing items in the point shop.

Admiral Ability

admiral ability in an NFT game cypto conflict

This feature will also increase your unit and base abilities like naval attack and defense, jet attack and defense ability, and even resource production.

Every time your admiral level increases you will obtain ability points, and those points can be used on upgrade skills that I’ve mentioned.

You can get an admiral EXP in every battle, fighting some armada fleet, interceptors, and armada base.

Admiral Equipments

crypto conflict equipment

Equipment in crypto conflicts with your stats in the game like increased ship anti-ship attacks, increase destroyers durability, increase frigate armor, increase SPG armor, jet evasion, and a lot more, the buff will be based on your equipment rarity, the rarer the better.

How can you get this equipment? equipment is craftable, but you can purchase using real money, but if you are free to play, you’ll need a little patience and dedication to craft an equipment

Equipment materials can be obtained when defeating an armada fleet, and highly recommend that you craft atleast equipment, Legendary is also craftable it will take a lot of time probably a year if you are free to play, that’s why I highly recommend that you craft epic equipment instead.

How to craft epic equipment fast?

Always complete your daily quest and head over to the point shop and purchase the epic equipment box using the points that you get from daily missions, you can purchase 30 epic material boxes per day, and you can craft a full set of epic equipment in just a few days.

Normal and Rare Jet Blue Prints

crypto conflict blueprint

Early on I told you that you only craft epic and legendary jets, and I promise that I will teach you what you can do from unused normal, and rare blueprints. Well, here it is, those unused blueprints can be converted into higher-tier blueprints.

Normal blueprints can be converted into rare blueprints and then we can convert rare into epic blueprints, then epic to legendary, it might be a long process, but it might be a good option to acquire higher-tier blueprints since you will need a lot of blueprints for building and upgrading a higher tier fighter jets.

Upgrade your Black Market to get some valuable Items

We’re doing this since the beginning of the game, but I notice that there are still some players that don’t know about this and ignore the black market.

Blackmarket is one of the buildings inside your base where you can trade some items like resources, Ship core, etc. but here is the thing an NPC trader appears in the black market randomly offering valuable items in exchange for gold or silver.

The higher the level of your black market, the better deal can you get from NPC traders, you can buy some Legendary jet blueprints from it, Aircraft carrier blueprints, Medals of merit, and more.

Medal or merit and war research

If you don’t know what a medal of merit is, it is a special item that use to upgrade your war research. War research is special research that can highly increase your stats like Ship ATK, anti-ship, jet ATK, and more.

You cannot upgrade war research without a sufficient amount of medal of merit, make this medal a valuable item in Gunship battle: Crypto Conflict, you can get some of this by purchasing using real money, in events, in black markets, and in ASG.

Should You Prioritize To Increase Your Combat Power?

This is the main misconception in MMO strategy games, a lot of players still want to prioritize increasing their combat power which is completely USELESS.

I play countless MMO strategy games and I’m 100% sure that increasing a combat power without proper upgrade and research doesn’t make any sense, including Gunship battle: Crypto conflict.

I meet a lot of players in this game with five times higher combat power compared to me but I am still able to defeat them because those players don’t know how to properly upgrade their ships, use the skill to their advantage, and don’t even know how to counter.

Those players only prioritize increasing their combat power which is absolutely wrong, I even read an article on how to increase combat power in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict which is completely useless.

Increasing combat power without proper upgrades is like using a paper fleet in war. Your combat power will surely increase when you keep on building ships, and tanks but building ships without a goal will just increase your combat power but will not help you to win a battle.

So what to do instead of increasing combat power?

Build a lot of ships, but dont just keep on building and building ships, instead build a lot of lower-tier ships first, then use the lower-tier ships to do a limit break to produce high-stage ships with a star at least one star or two.

A higher-stage ship with a star is much more powerful than ordinary ships, but a star can be obtained by chance so you need to build a lot of ships and use them as a sacrifice on a limit break.

The next thing you do is to perform a tier-up, once you achieve your goal into the limit break which is to get a high-stage ship with a star, it is time to do a tier-up. Always tier up those ships into a higher tier to make them even more powerful.

After that, focus on research and make sure to max level all the research about ships, jets, carriers, and war research. War research is very important, try to max it out as possible, but you will need an item to called a medal of merit to increase the level of your war research.

If you are free to play make sure to join alliances that are active on completing an alliance activity called “Carrier strike group” you will get some medal of merit for free.

For more info about this matter, I recommend reading the separate article that I create that can surely improve your damage, and full stats in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, just remember dont just rely on combat power in this game, do an upgrade instead to make your whole fleet stronger.

Note: I’m the author of this article and I spend a lot of time and resources just giving you this info, If you enjoy this content and it becomes useful to you, please give me a little favor by writing a comment in the comment section at the bottom of this article, it will help me a lot. Thank you.

Bottom Line

That’s it, this ends our guide, tutorial, and tips about Gunship Battle Crypto conflict, I hope that I help you to better understand this play to earn an NFT game that you can earn money by playing.

If you want to learn more about the other play-to-earn games, read another article: Best NFT games” and follow by subscribing to our newsletter, thank you have a nice day.

Frequently Ask Questions On Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

How do I get my money out of the crypto conflict?

The only way you can earn money in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, for now, was to mine Titanium, then smelt the Titanium into a blockchain-based token called Milico, you can trade the Milico in WEMIX crypto exchange for money.

How do you get titanium in crypto conflict?

Acquiring Titanium in the Crypto conflict was easy, just find some city on the map that was occupied by the top alliance and you can send your ship to the mining site, but be careful since other players may attack your fleet and your Aircraft carrier.

What is milico Crypto?

Milico is a blockchain-based token used in Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict, it is under the WEMIX crypto exchange where you can trade your milico into real money.