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Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Jet Guide

Jet Guide In Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

Hi Mirage here, first of all, welcome to part three of the beginner guide in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

Previously I create a tutorial on how to increase your damage in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict where I include in the article that you should always upgrade your jet to increase your damage in the game.

This article is a detailed version of how to improve your damage through jet how to upgrade and what kind of jet to use in the game, without further ado let’s jump un in our jet guide in Gunship Battle: crypto conflict.

Use only Epic and LegendaryJets

gunship battle: crypto conflict legendary and epic jets

When using a jet in this game Gunship battle: crypto conflict, there is one thing that you should do, never use common or rare jets, instead always focus on building and upgrading Epic and Legendary jets.

When you keep building common or rare jets you are just wasting your resources and blueprints. 

Instead of using the common and rare blueprints for building jets, you can covert your jet blueprint to get a chance to obtain higher rarity blueprints, convert common to rare, then convert rare to epic or legendary blueprints. 

Give attention to your jet Multifunction effects

gunship battle crypto conflict jets multifunction effects

There is one thing that you should know about jets in this game crypto conflict, did you know that there are three different kinds of malfunctioning skills in fighter jets in this game? Each of which has a different effect on your enemy which is useful in both offense and defense in the game. 

These three kinds of malfunction skills are waterlog, short circuit, and fire, when you are building a jet you cannot choose a malfunction effect since malfunction skills are obtained only by chance and appear randomly after the jets are produced.


First is the waterlog, this skill is very effective to increase your damage against your enemy since waterlog jets when activated can decrease the target evasion by 10.0-30.0% for 3 turns, which means less evade for your enemy and increase your accuracy to deal a direct hit to your enemy unit.

Short Circuit 

Next is called Circuit, when this skill is activated, it will decrease the accuracy of the enemy unit by 10.00-30.0% for three turns, which means that there is a chance that your enemy attack might miss, this is jet is good when you are playing defense.


Our third kind of jet is fire, among the three this is the most ideal for the offense. When the fire was activated you can deal an additional 25-100 extra damage for three turns.

The more you attack the more extra damage you can deal with your enemy when the fire was activated.

I recommend that you should have a mix of these three in your Aircraft carrier that can significantly help in a battle.  

Malfunction effects and their chances can also enhance the game, and there are a few ways how to do it, keep reading to learn more.

Enhance Malfunction effects and Malfunction effect chance

Jet skill

crypto conlfict jet guide, jet skills

The first way to enhance your jet malfunction effects and chance is by upgrading your skill. But wait, not all jets in this game’s Crypto conflict can enhance their malfunction effects and chances.

There are just a few jets that have a skill that can enhance their own malfunction effects, some examples are the Super F-18H, F-16FF in epic jets, and RF-M, Desert F-16FF, EF2000, F35-LT ll, F-14 Tiger, Foxhound31, and EF Ghost in legendary jets.

Some jets have skills that can enhance their malfunction effects, some have a skill that can increase the chance of their malfunction effect to active, and some have skills that can enhance their malfunction effects, and at the same time increases the chance for their malfunction effects to activate.

Upgrading Admiral ability

crpto conflict jet guide, admiral ability

You can also enhance your jet malfunction effect by upgrading your admiral ability, as your Admiral level increase, you will gain skill points, and those points can be used to upgrade your admiral ability.

IF you want to enhance your jet malfunction effects, go to admiral ability> Aerial operation then try to max out those skills that have jet malfunction effect chance and jet malfunction effect, but before you reach it you need to upgrade some skills in the skill tree that enable you to connect to your desired skill to upgrade and enhance malfunction skill of your jet in Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict.

How can you obtain skill points on upgrading your admiral skills?

You can get those skill points when your admiral level increases, that’s why it is so important to upgrade and max out your administration skill in a research lab.

If you don’t know how to do it, just head over to the research lab, then go to administration, and find and upgrade research admiral XP to increase your EXP gain to increase your admiral level faster.

Admiral Equipments

jets admiral ability

You can also enhance the malfunctioning effects of your jets through admiral equipment, I already discussed in my previous article that admiral equipment can enhance your unit stats, they can also enhance the malfunctioning effect of your jet by chance when reforging and equipment.

If your equipment doesn’t have special effects to enhance your jet multifunction effect, you can reforge your equipment until you get the special effects for a multifunction effect enhancement, but those can only obtain by chance when reforging and equipment.

Choose what jet specialization to upgrade

gunship battle crypto conflict jet guide jets specializaton

Aside from jet rarity, and malfunction effect, jet specialization is also important in this game Gunship battle: crypto conflict.

There are some jets that are good in the air to air combat, those are jets that have has higher anti-air attacks and have some skills that enhance their anti-air attacks, some examples are F-15EA, F-14ST, Flanker 33 in epic jets, and EF2000, Strike F-15EA, F-14 Tiger for Legendary jets.

There are also some jets that have high attack damage to the ship, those are kind of jets that has anti-ship skill enhancement good for defending your ships on your Aircraft carrier or attacking other enemy ships, some examples are Super F-18H for epic jets, and RF-M, F-35 LT ll, Foxhound 31 and EF Ghost for legendary jets.

Some jets have a high anti-ground attack and anti-ground skill enhancement, these kinds of jets are good for destroying or damaging ground units like tanks, IFV, and SPG, some examples of these kinds of jets are F-16FF for epic, and Desert F-16FF, A10C for legendary.

Always make sure that you have a mix of anti-air, anti-ground, and anti-ship jets on your aircraft carrier to maximize the offense and defense capability of your Aircraft carrier.

Choose your main jets

crypto conflict jet guide, main jets

I recommend that you choose your main jets, why? Because having the main jet, will make it much easier for you to upgrade, you can always focus on your main jets, rather than upgrading every jet that you have.

Always upgrading jets and skill core

cypto conflict jets upgrade

To have a stronger jet in this game Gunship battle: Crypto conflict, always considered upgrading all your main jets level, and skills.

You can upgrade your jet level by using blueprints and titanium, the success rate of upgrading jets level may vary according to the current of the level of your jets, the higher the level the lower the success rate.

How can you obtain blueprints to upgrade your jet level in crypto conflict?

Jets blueprints in the game can be obtained in different ways like defeating armada base, defeating interceptors, participating in armada strike group, and blitz defense.

By the way, if you are unaware of what are armada strike group and blitz defense, it is an activities in the alliance, it was like boss fight or boss raid in other games.

Participating in these events gives you random jet blueprints as a reward that are based on your rankings.

You can also obtain some legendary jet blueprints at the black market inside your base, there are random stuff that is sold by a black market trader in the black market, this trader appears randomly, which means there is no certain time when this trader will appear so always check your black market if there is a legendary jet blueprint that is being sold.

Upgrading jet skills

Aside from upgrading your jet level, make sure that you also upgrade its skills, for upgrading the jet skills in this game crypto conflict, you will need a Titanium, and a skilled core, these skill cores are classified in tier and rarity, which means that you can only use an epic tier 1 skill core in upgrading the tier 1 skills of your epic jets, same in upgrading skills of other jets.

Like blueprints, a skill core can also convert into a higher rarity skill core, you can convert a normal tier 1 skill core into a rare tier one skill core, then convert to epic or even convert epic into legendary blueprints.

If you doest know how to upgrade skill jets, you should need to reach first the required level to unlock its skill, for example when you want to upgrade your jet skill tier one, you need to upgrade the level of your jet first to level three, then jet level five to unlock tier two skill, level seven to unlock tier 40, and level twenty to unlock a tier four skills.

That’s all for now and thank you for reading! Take a look at one of our articles too.

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  1. Hi Mirage!
    Thanx for the article. Just have a question, do you know how we can increase the chance of upgrading jets in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict?
    For example I have lvl 10 F14 and F18, but when i want to upgrade to lvl 21, the upgrading proess fails, even though I have 45 blueprints of each of them.
    Any tips on how to do it?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, for your question. Unfortunately, there is no way now to increase the chance. You can just use an item called R&D just to prevent the downgrade, but for increasing the success chance there are no options for it. Unless you are willing to wait for a certain event. There is an event in the game where you can upgrade any jet for a 100% success rate. Make sure that you always check their discord channel.

    1. Hi, any Legendary or even epic jets with high anti-air stats are good for ASG. If you have more questions feel free to visit and post your question on the forum section of this website. You can create an account for free and post your question there, I do my best to answer your question on my forum. See yah.

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