Illuvium: The New Upcoming AAA NFT Game In 2022

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Does Illuvium Will be the first AAA NFT Game this 2022?

Behold, the newest upcoming AAA NFT game was expected to be released in this year 2022.

NFT games are evolving at a faster rate, in just a short period, we witness that NFT gaming developers are serious about catching up in some modern games (Non-Play to earn),.

The newer NFT games that were recently released have surprisingly good gameplay, it also has nice and gorgeous 3D graphics like for example the Thetan Arena that can compete with some of the modern MOBA games like the Pokemon Unite,  the Mir4 that Stuns me in terms of graphics and gameplay that can surely compete with some high graphics games like Lifeater, Black Desert, and we can’t deny the fact that lost relics have a graphics and gameplay that are similar to Diablo.

You can’t blame me that I’m amazed by these new NFT games in terms of graphics and gameplay, because the NFT games that I knew in the past few years, has a very decent to bad looking game-play, some of them even have 2D graphics (not all NFT games in the past, just the others) don’t get me wrong some NFT games even though have 2D graphics still has nice and entertaining gameplay.

I’m talking about the other NFT games that are clearly in the rush to release their game, even though it’s clear that they are not yet ready, and their games are just half-baked NFT games.

Those game developers are just hoping to ride in the NFT wave and have their fortune, I will not mention those games here, you can just search it for yourself.

We are in the year 2022 and we gamers are spoiled of the high graphics, high intensive games, with realistic visuals, then some other NFT game with bad gameplay come out and I keep thinking to myself “are we evolving backward?”.

Then I just embrace it,  since I can’t deny the fact that even though some NFT games has just decent gameplay, there is some earning opportunity that is waiting for everyone, then the Lost Relics, the Mir4, the Thetan Arena came out and gives me hope that we can enjoy NFT games with good gameplay, graphics and earning opportunity by just playing games.

Now one of the biggest and might be a real AAA NFT game will be released this year in 2022, the

is called illuvium, it is expected to be released a public beta version of their play to earn game this Q1 of 2022, this information is based on the Road maps that they released.

What We Might Expect in illuvium?

I have a lot of expectations in this upcoming play-to-earn game, based on their game trailers, and white paper this play-to-earn game will surely be one of the biggest play to earn NFT games when released.


Illuvium graphics
Image Credit: Illuvium

One of the main factors that captivate me about this game is its graphics, after watching their game trailers, and cinematic trailers I was amazed how the game might look like, I know game trailers are sometimes inaccurate, but based on some screen shoots (Image) that they released in social media I was convinced that this game is a AAA NFT game that we are expecting.

Every detail on the environments to every character in the game are gorgeous, the developer gives much attention to every detail in the game, I just recently include Illuvium in one of my article about the best upcoming NFT game, but after I do some research about this game I have realized, that I should create a separate content about this game.

I know I may sound like a bit fanboy here, but honestly after watching all its trailer, and all of its image teaser on social media, I’m so thrilled and I want to try the game by myself.


Illuvium Gameplay Trailer
Illuvium Gameplay Trailer

For the gameplay, it was an open-world NFT game with a mix of collectible RPG and auto battler games.

The game will start with the story of you — as a player will take the role of the survivor of an intergalactic fleet that investigates with a distress call from ta ruined planet, the home of the unknown species with tremendous power.

These creatures are called the Illuvials, their power might be the cause of the destruction of the planet, soon you will learn how to master the energy that the illuvial possess, and capture these creatures by the use of shards that can be mined in the ruined planet.

These shards that are used to capture illuvial might work like a  pokemon ball to capture pokemon, we might assume that this game is a pokemon inspired NFT  game, where players can capture Illuvials, and use these creatures in a duel with other players.

Each Illivuals are different even in the power that they possessed, some, its was said that some Illuvials are rare and very hind to find, and we might assume that these rare illuvial are more powerful than common illuvial, and we might also expect that players might use special shards to contain them since ordinary shards might not work with this rare creatures

One thing that makes this game unique compared to other pokemon inspired NFT games, is not just the creatures will fight but also you as a player, you will fight together with your illuvial team in a battle with other players

Illuvials fusion

Illuvial can be fused to form a much stronger creature,  this can happen when players collect three with the same threshold level and fused them to form the evolved form of the creatures with much greater attributes.

Illuvium Main Gameplay

Some gamers love adventure and others love PVP and the developer makes sure that all adventure and PVP lovers will surely love this game.


Illuvium gameplay
Image Credit: Illuvium

In adventure mode, it was said that players can travel into the vast open-world of the game, searching, hunting, and capturing illuvial, this might not be easy since some illuvial are hard to find especially the rare ones.

I think the adventure mode is where the players can earn money, by capturing and selling illuvial in the marketplace, but it is just my assumption it is not guaranteed that this might happen, but who knows since a lot of NFT games can sell items, or creatures to earn money and I think that it might also happen in this game.

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is where PVP happens in the game, I have seen some of the video clips of the game in the arena, it works like a pokemon battle gym where players and their illuvial will fight to see who is the strongest.

Mining and Harvesting

There are also some features in the game where players can harvest and mine materials, and forge some useful materials, like armors and weapons, this might be another opportunity to earn money in the game.


This is the process where players can do some cosmetics change in some items that can increase their value, items include are weapons, armors, drones. When the items imbue, players can choose to use them or to sell them in the game marketplace.


The game Illuvium is a promising upcoming AAA NFT game, based on what I’ve seen so far this game might be one of the biggest NFT games that will be released in this year 2022, the graphics are great, and the gameplay might also be great,  things are uncertain if this game will surpass our expectation or we might just get disappointed, for now, the only thing that we can do is to wait till it was finally released.


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