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The Ultimate Guide On League Of Kingdoms NFT Game

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MMO Strategy Games is been around for years, and many MMO strategy games earn their popularity on mobile.

Some of the famous examples of strategy games on mobile are State of Survival, The Walking Dead Survivors, and some other Strategy games like The Ants: Underground kingdom, and the Rise of Kingdoms.

Strategy games become popular because of some reason that this kind of game is easy to play, it doesn’t require a lot of effort like some shooter games.

the popularity and easy gameplay attract a lot of players to spend money on the game some players spend a lot of money on the game, but even though they spend a lot there is one thing that’s missing.

The so-called ownership, like some traditional games when we spend real money, we often get nothing but entertainment only, and as the game’s popularity passed by we still owned nothing in the game.

But here in League of Kingdoms, their goal is to give players land virtual land and items that they truly owned, which has real value in real life, players can get some profits while playing by selling some of the items like the resources as an NFT and enhance for real money.

Today we will review the game League of Kingdoms and we will give an opinion on whether this game is worth playing and how can we earn some money while playing this League of kingdoms NFT game.

First, let’s review the game League of Kingdoms on how it looks and its gameplay.


League of kingdoms graphics, earn money playing games

First the graphics, honestly when I first play this game I was surprised at how good the graphics of this game were, and this is not your typical NFT games like Axie infinity and Ethermon that have 2D graphics, except for the Decentraland version of Ethermon since it is a 3D.

The visuals of League of kingdoms are good on their own, you can compare it almost identically in terms of visuals to the Rise of Kingdoms, and in fact, the Rise of Kingdoms serves as an inspiration for this NFT game League of Kingdoms.

League Of Kingdoms Game-Play

league of kingdoms game-play

As I’ve said a while ago League Of Kingdoms is a fully pledge MMO strategy game and you can play this game like some regular strategy games that you might play before, in fact, League of Kingdoms has more features than some strategy games that I tried.

The game starts with a simple story you as the king of your small kingdom, is being attacked by a force of evil like Orcs, Skelton, and Golems, and your father is a good king who has some strong ally and thus ally will save your kingdom from destruction, that’s where the story ended.

After the short storyline has ended you will be a king of a small kingdom, and being a king it is your responsibility to lead your kingdom.

Like some strategy games, you need a lot of resources to run your kingdom, resources are needed to train your troops and upgrade every infrastructure inside of your kingdom, resources will serve as fuel and without them, your kingdom will not operate.

Inside your kingdom, you can build your farm, lumber camp, quarry, and gold mine, you should also build barracks since it is the place where you can train your troops that can guard your kingdom against enemy attack.

You can also use your troops to attack some MOBs like some Orcs, skeletons, or golems, you can also use your troops to attack other kingdoms, be careful in attacking other kingdoms since their allies might revenge and attack your kingdom.

If you run out of resources you let your troops gather some resources outside of your kingdoms, but be careful since other players might attack your troops when gathering and worst, they might attack your kingdoms when your troops are out for gathering and you don’t have troops inside to defend your kingdom.

This game is not hard to play, the only thing that you need to do is to gather some resources, train some soldiers, and use your strategy for offense and defense of your kingdom.

How to create an account in the League of Kingdoms?

Create an Account For League of Kingdoms Metamask

First, we need to create Metamask since it is the wallet that we will use to login into the League of Kingdoms and we will need it to store the NFT asset that we will trade in the marketplace to earn money.

And since Metamask is the most popular Ethereum wallet you can use Metamask in many NFT games if you want to try some NFT games other than League of Kingdoms.

Creating a Metamask account is just easy, so don’t worry and follow my instructions.

Step 1.

First, go to your browser and type

Step 2.

Click install Metask for chrome, then add Metamask to your Chrome extension like the image shown below.

metamask tutorial step 2

Step 3.

After you install Metmask in your Chrome extension, you will need to continue creating an account just press the blue button, that has a world get started like the image below.

metamask tutorial step 3

Step 4.

After you click the get started button two options will show, Import wallet and Create a wallet, and if this is your first time, choose the create wallet option.

metamask tutorial step 4

Step 5.

After you click the create wallet options, and agree to some terms you will now get your Secret Backup Phrase, and be careful since this part is one of the most important parts since you need to have a copy of your secret backup phrase.

If you accidentally lost or forget your secret backup phrase, you can no longer access your Metamask wallet, so it is advisable to write your Secret backup phare on paper and put it in a secure place, and don’t show it to anybody.

Metamask secret phrase

Step 6.

After you make a copy of your secret backup phrase, go to the next step where you will place each phrase to proceed in the next step as shown in the image below.

Confirm metask secret phrase

Step 7.

After you place correctly all your secret backup phrases, it is all set and ready to access.

metamask tutorial step 7

To fully understand you can also check our Youtube Video on how to create Metamask Wallet below.

How to Create Metamask Wallet Video Tutorial

After you have created your first Metamask Wallet you are now ready to play League of Kingdoms, you access the game on their website at

Now that you know about the game, the graphics, and the game-play, and you have now the Metamask account that you will use to login into the game and store your NFT that you can trade for money, you might be ready to play this game and since this game is just easy to play and to make it easier for you I will give you some tips that you can use in the game.

I might just be new to this game League of Kingdoms but this kind of game is not new for me I played a lot of strategy games and all of the strategy game mechanics are the same, and League of Kingdoms is no exception.

And for years of experience in playing strategy games let me give you some key tips to make League of Kingdoms playing much easier.

League of Kingdoms Beginners Guide

Keep an Eye Of Your Resources

As I’ve said like some strategy games the resources serve as fuel for your kingdoms, you gonna need them to train soldiers and upgrade the level of every instruction in the game, so it is the best thing to keep an eye on resources.

For maximum production of resources always upgrade your farm, lumber camp, quarry, and gold mine based on the level of your castle

You can also send your troops to gather resources outside of your kingdom and always look for the highest level of resources near you because the higher the level the more you can get.

You can also obtain resources by defeating monsters outside of your kingdom, you can obtain food in defeating Orcs, stone at the golem, and lumber in the skeleton, but always keep in mind that you should only attack monsters based on your level.

Always Upgrade your Hospital

You should always upgrade your hospital to the highest level possible because always keep in mind that this game is a war game and there will be some possibility that a hostile player will attack your kingdom except if you are in a peaceful state where players agree that they will not attack other players.

But if you are in a war-active state your must upgrade your hospital to the max since when someone attacks your kingdom, your wounded troops will be sent to the hospital and when your hospital run out of capacity some of your wounded soldiers will be dead, and by upgrading your hospital it will increase the capacity of a wounded soldier that can be treated.

Join a trusted and strong alliance

Like any strategy game, it is a must to join an alliance since it is much faster to grow when you are in an alliance than to be alone, and there are a lot of benefits to joining the alliance you can read its befits below this text.

Benefits of Joining an Alliance

  • Protection-Your alliance can protect you from hostile players especially when you are in a strong alliance, the enemy will hesitate to attack your kingdom.
  • Alliance Technology- Alliance technology will help you get an extra buff to your troops like attack, defense, HP, troop speed, and production like an increase in food, lumber, stone, gold production, gathering speed, and more.
  • Speed in an upgrade- Alliance can help you in speeding your building upgrade.
  • Alliance Shop- By donating in alliance, you will earn a coin, and this coin can be used to buy some useful stuff in the alliance shop, but dont worry since thus donations that you give will be added to the attribute of your kingdom.
  • Rally- You should lead or join a rally against powerful monsters like the Deathkar and the dragon to get some rewards such as crystals, gold, treasure, resources, and more.

Always Upgrade Your Castle

Your castle is the foundation of your kingdom, to increase your power you must upgrade your castle to unlock more features in your kingdom, such as troop limit, marching troop capacity, and other features to increase your kingdom power.

Always train your troops

Your troops have many uses, it defends your kingdom against invading enemies, defeat some monster outside of your kingdom, use to attack other enemies during a guild war, and you can use them to gather some resources outside of your kingdom, the more your troops can be despatched the more resources that they can get, so always train more troops if possible.

Always upgrade buildings

The Level of your kingdom is based on the level of your castle, but before you can upgrade the level of your castle there are certain requirements, some of your buildings should reach a certain level before you can upgrade your castle level, so it is wiser if you always keep your building level near your castle level.

Upgrade Academy technology

Your Academy is one of the keys for your kingdom to progress, always make sure to upgrade academy technology since it will increase your troop’s stats like HP, attack, defense, speed, and troops load, and enable you to train higher-tier soldiers that is much stronger than your previous one.

Your academy technology can also increase your resources production, gathering speed, gathering storage, and more.

If you want to know how to earn in the League of Kingdoms, you can check the separate article that I published: How to Earn in the League of Kingdoms

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Bottom line

League of Kingdoms is one of the best NFT games that I’ve tried, the graphics are good, the game-play is impressive, and you will never get bored in this game, if you are here just to have fun this might be one of your best choices as a strategy game, the battle system is as good as some famous strategy game.

And if you want to play this game for extra income this game is also a good choice since this game is completely free to play and you can play League of kingdoms without spending even a single dime, you can earn money in this game but just make sure that you choose a peaceful state so you can farm some resources freely.

Should I recommend this game to anyone? definitely yes since nothing is more fun than a game that is free to play and you can earn extra money while playing.

Hope this article that I’ve made has helped you with this game, and if you have some suggestions just comment down below, thank you, and happy gaming !!

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FAQ In League Of Kingdoms

Is League of Kingdoms free to play?

League of kingdoms is a free-to-play MMO strategy game where players can build their kingdom, train some army, conquer the lands and earn some crypto by playing.

Can you play League of Kingdoms on PC?

League of Kingdoms is an MMO strategy game that is playable on android, but you can also play it on PC using your browser because League of Kingdoms can play as a browser game on PC.

Can you make money playing League of Kingdoms?

Yes by playing League of Kingdoms, you can earn some crypto, you can mint resources in the game into NFT, and sell them to Opensea to make money.