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Lifeafter Season 3 Review: The Better Version of Lifeafter?

How good is the new LifeAfter Season 3??

A few months ago, I wrote a review about the post-apocalyptic game developed by NetEase called LifeAfter. The game’s stunning and realistic graphics captivated me, making me play it repeatedly.

At that time, I believed the game was nearly perfect. However, rumors started circulating about a new and significant update. The excitement among players reached a peak as everyone eagerly anticipated what the update would bring to the gaming experience.

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On November 7, the highly anticipated day finally arrived, bringing with it the long-awaited “LifeAfter Season 3″ update. This update marked a complete rework of the game, validating all the rumors that had been circulating.

NetEase generously provided players with various freebies through events, including free resources, formula shards, gold, new dollars, skill points, and three highly sought-after rewards.

Among these rewards, players were excited about the opportunity to receive a free facelift, allowing them to customize their character’s appearance based on their preferences.

The Season 3 update introduced additional options for character facial customization, enhancing the players’ ability to personalize their in-game avatars.

lifeafter season 3 free outfit

This one is the free outfit and headgear from LifeAfter season 3.

But you have to be careful about tweaking your character’s face and it might not end well if you commit some mistake.

lifeafter season 3 facelift
This one is a product of a facelift from Lifeafter, I didn’t create this by myself I just used the code from another player and tweaked it according to my preference.

In addition to the highly anticipated facelift, players were eagerly awaiting the release of free bikes. Previously, acquiring a bike in LifeAfter required spending real money during limited-time events.

However, with the Season 3 update, all participating players were pleasantly surprised to receive a free bike, and this time, it was a permanent addition to their in-game assets.

The introduction of free bikes brought a new level of accessibility and convenience to players, eliminating the need for real-money purchases to enjoy this in-game transportation feature.

free bike season 3 lifeafter
season 3 free bike

As mentioned earlier, LifeAfter Season 3 represents a comprehensive overhaul of the game. In addition to enhancing the graphics for a more crisp and realistic appearance, the update introduced a significant change by merging all the maps into one vast open-world super-content.

This expansive open-world setting offered players a multitude of opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Recognizing the importance of mobility in this new vast open world, developers generously provided all players with a free bike. This allowed players to conveniently travel from their camps to any part of the maps.

However, players needed to manage their bikes’ fuel, requiring periodic stops at gasoline stations for refueling – a realistic touch that added to the immersive gaming experience.

Furthermore, the Season 3 update included a valuable feature by granting players a free certification change. This feature enabled players to adapt their characters to new roles or gameplay styles without any cost.

For example, if a player initially specialized as a logger but wanted to explore PvP content, they could effortlessly switch to the warrior certification for a more combat-focused experience. This flexibility allowed players to tailor their characters to their evolving preferences and objectives within the game.

I change the cert from logger to Warrior, thanks for the free cert change in Lifeafter Season 3

Free cert change is useful for some of the players like me who are free to play and don’t want to spend a large amount of real cash in the game.

Other New Things in LifeAfter Season 3


You can now build a road in Lifeafter Season 3.

The introduction of the building feature, despite initial controversies and disruptions caused by some players, eventually evolved into a valuable and collaborative aspect of the game.

The ability to construct roads, ladders, benches, and slip rope devices not only enhances the players’ creativity but also fosters cooperation and strategic planning within the LifeAfter community.

The slip rope system, in particular, highlights how players can leverage these construction tools for practical advantages, such as facilitating faster transportation to specific locations or optimizing resource gathering.

This collaborative approach to building infrastructure within the game world not only contributes to the sense of community but also underscores the dynamic and evolving nature of LifeAfter’s gameplay.

Developers addressing and fixing issues related to the building feature demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

As a result, the building mechanic adds an extra layer of depth to the game, encouraging players to explore creative solutions and work together to overcome challenges in the post-apocalyptic world.

How to get the Gathering Vouchers?

Reaching a gathering level of 38 opens up the opportunity to participate in the Secret Path operation, where players can earn gathering vouchers among other rewards. However, it’s important to acknowledge that progressing to this level requires consistent effort and completing various quests, including daily tasks and camp quests like patrol and cascade.

For players looking to expedite their leveling process, focusing on daily quests and camp-related activities becomes crucial.

Daily quests, which are available every day, contribute to experience points and overall character development. Additionally, participating in camp quests, such as patrol and cascade, not only aids in leveling up but also offers a chance to engage in cooperative gameplay within the camp community.

By diligently completing these quests, players can steadily advance their gathering level and gain access to more challenging and rewarding operations like the Secret Path. This progression system emphasizes the importance of regular gameplay and collaborative efforts to unlock new opportunities and benefits in the LifeAfter universe.

Open Map 

In the previous version of LifeAfter, moving between maps involved finding and boarding a helicopter, selecting “return to camp,” and then choosing the desired destination.

However, LifeAfter Season 3 has streamlined this process, eliminating the need to return to the camp each time a player wishes to travel to a different part of the map. Instead, players can simply head to the helicopter and select their destination directly.

For those not in a rush, alternative modes of transportation, such as bikes or other vehicles, can be used to traverse different areas of the vast open map introduced in LifeAfter Season 3. Additionally, the game offers an autopilot feature, allowing players to set a destination and enjoy the scenery as their character travels along the roads.

This improvement in travel convenience enhances the overall gaming experience in LifeAfter, providing players with more flexibility and ease of exploration within the expansive and interconnected game world.

Final Verdict

LifeAfter, for me, is the best realistic survival Android game, and the complete rework in Season 3 has been outstanding. The addition and integration of maps into one, allowing travel using bikes or any preferred vehicle, is a major thumbs-up in my book.

As I mentioned earlier, LifeAfter by NetEase stands out as the best realistic survival game on Android. Now, after the significant update, it has become even more realistic than before.

If you still haven’t tried this game yet, you can download it at this link: Lifeafter Webpage