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Lifeafter Season 3 review, The better version of Lifeafter?

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How good is the new LifeAfter season 3??

A few months ago I created a review about the post-apocalyptic game that was developed by NetEase called Lifeafter. I was so amazed and fell in love with this game.

Watching the beauty and how marvelous and realistic the graphics make me play over and over again.

Then I thought It was it, for me, the game was almost perfect, then there are some rumors about the new and big update, it was so hyped that all of the players are so excited about what the new update will bring.

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On November 7, the day that we are waiting for has finally come and the biggest update is now available the“LifeAfter Season 3 “, is a complete rework of the game and all of the rumors are proven true, NetEase gives a lot of free kinds of stuff to all of the players that participate in the events like free resources, formula shards, golds, new dollars, skill points and the three most important stuff that almost all of the players are waiting was the free facelift, it gives the players a chance to change there character face based on their preference, the new update in season 3 adds more options to customized the face of their character based on their preference.

lifeafter season 3 free outfit

This one is the free outfit and head gear from LifeAfter season 3.

But you have to be careful on tweaking your character’s face and it might not end well if you commit some mistake.

lifeafter season 3 facelift
This one is a product of facelift from Lifeafter, I didn’t create this from by my self i just used the code from other player and tweaked it according to my preference.

Aside from facelift, the other thing that players are waiting for is the free bikes, because before if you want to have a bike in LifeAfter you will have to spend real money on a limited event just to own a bike, but in season 3 all of the players that participate receive a free bike permanently.

free bike season 3 lifeafter
season 3 free bike

As I’ve said, LifeAfter Season 3 is a complete rework, aside from enhancing the graphics that give a more crisp and more realistic look and feel than before, they also merge all the maps into a single one and become a vast open-world super-content.

And the new vast open-world maps is also a reason why developers give a free bike to all the players because they need it to explore the newly massive maps in season 3 and for that reason, you can simply travel using your bike from your camp to any part of the maps, but just make sure to bring a fuel or head to the nearest gasoline station for top-up some fuel into your bike, just like in real-life when your bikes run out of fuel it will no longer run.

Aside from free facelift and bikes, they also give a free cert change, In my last article my character is a logger cert, and since developers give a free cert change and I love to do some PVP, I quickly change from logger to a warrior.

I change the cert from logger to Warrior, thanks for the free cert change in Lifeafter Season 3

Free cert change is useful for some of the players like me who are free to play and don’t want to spend a large amount of real cash in the game.

Another new thing in LifeAfter Season 3


More dangerous Zombies?

Before season 3 the developer announced that the zombies in the new season will be much smarter and more dangerous than the previous one, but after a few months playing after the big update (Season 3) I found that the zombies are not what I’m expected, they are not smarter than before and I can easily pass near a horde of zombies without being caught or attack by the zombies



You can now build a road in Lifeafter Season 3.

This feature is the most controversial among players, developers allow players to build roads, ladders, benches, slip rope devices, and many more. 

In the early days of season 3, some players used the building feature to mess with some players, they build some roads everywhere and putting ladders to interrupt others’ quest, but thanks to NetEase as they fix that kind of problem in their previous update.

After the developer has fixed the problem in buildings, it becomes useful for many.

For me, the most useful thing was the slip rope, where players teamed up to build a slip rope system that can be used to move faster to certain locations, like the place for Area operation or go to gathering teams where you can get a lot of resources in exchange for the gathering vouchers.

How to get the Gathering Vouchers?

You can simply get a gathering voucher every time you finish an area operation like Secret path and Golden desert, the only problem is when you’re level is too low to perform an Area operation but don’t worry complete the daily quest every day, and complete camp quest like patrol and cascade will help you to level up faster, and when your gathering level reaches 38 you can join your first operation that is called the secret path and get some gathering vouchers as one of the rewards.


Open map 

In the old version of LifeAfter to transfer from one map to another, you need to find and ride a helicopter, click return to camp, then ride again and choose the map you want to go, but in LifeAfter Season 3, you don’t need to return to your camp every time you want to move to other parts of the map, all you just need to do is to head to the Helicopter and choose which maps you want to go.

And if you are not in a hurry you can also use your bike or other vehicles and travel to another part of the Big open map in LifeAfter season 3.

You can also use the road in the maps to travel, just click autopilot and it’s good to go, and while traveling using autopilot you will have time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the landscape on the map.

Final Verdict

LifeAfter for me is the best realistic survival Android game and the new complete rework on season 3 was the best, adding and combining the map into one where you can travel using bikes or any vehicle you want is the best thumbs up for me.

As I’ve said before LifeAfter by NetEase is the best realistic survival game on Android and now after the big update, it becomes more realistic than before. 

If you still haven’t tried this game yet, you can download it at this link: Lifeafter Webpage

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