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Best Black Friday Deals for AI Writing Tools (2023)

Best Black Friday Deals for AI Writing Tools

As autumn leaves fall and temperatures drop, there’s one more thing that’s dropping heavily – prices! Especially when it comes to cutting-edge AI writing tools for Black Friday. In this era where artificial intelligence has revolutionized writing through smart predictive text and grammar checks among other features, it’s high time you jumped aboard this train too.

Let us guide you through a curated list of the cream-of-the-crop offerings in this article: Best Black Friday Deals for AI Writing Tools. Enough for this intro and let’s dive in.


Editors Choice


  • Unlimited Longfrom Content Generation
  • Unlimited Keyword Research

2nd Best Choice


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Detailed Competitors Analysis


Surgegraph is an AI-powered SEO writing tool, it has features like unlimited keyword research, AI image generator, and unlimited long-form article generator that is highly optimized for ranking. Surgegraph is my favorite AI writing tool since it can generate 5000+ SEO-optimized article which is ready for publication.

Black Friday Deal For Surgegraph:

Discounts: 24% discount
Promo Status: Live
Valid Till: Black Friday Only

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Another AI writing tool that has the Best deal on black Friday is, it is an SEO platform that is popular to use on optimizing content to rank better on Google SERP. Some of its features include competitor analyses, content gap analysis, content editor to optimize your content, and AI writing tools that can generate long forms of 6000+ words of SEO-optimized articles.

Frase is one of the best black friday deals for AI writing tools but if you visit their site today directly, you can’t see their black Friday deal yet, you can only access it now using the button below, and you will be redirected to their special black Friday sale page.

Black Friday Deal For Frase:

Discounts: 30% OFF of Frase for life
Promo Status: Live
Valid Till: November 27th, 2023

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Neuronwriter is also one of my favorite SEO platforms, it offers in-depth and precise recommendations that can boost your site ranking. It provides competitor analysis, content optimization, and AI writing tools, but what is even more surprising is that this tool offers a lot of functionality for an affordable price.

Neuronwriter already has a Lifetime deal on Appsumo but on Black Friday they also have another deal of up to 50% discount, their normal price is already affordable, and they add great deals left and right; Neuronwriter is one of the best AI writing tools that you shouldn’t miss to check in Black Friday.

Black Friday Deal For Neuronwriter:

Discounts: 10-50% discounts
Promo Status: Live
Valid Till: 11/27/2023

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WordHero is not like Frase, Surgegraph, or Neuronwriter which offers both SEO optimization and AI writing, instead, WordHero is only focused on AI writing tools.

It has tons of useful features including an AI art generator (image generator), a long-form article generator, an enhanced mode that uses GPT 4, and other micro AI tools like blog conclusion generator, outline generator, content summarizer, content rewriter, and a lot more.

WordHero offers two lifetime deals for Black Friday, the first one costs about $89; it’s cheaper but lacks features, some of the features that are missing on this option are a long-form editor and keyword assistant which means you cannot place a keyword on the AI writer for optimization.

The best black Friday deal for WordHero is the Lifetime Pro since it allows you to use all of the features including future updates for a lifetime

Black Friday Deal For WordHero:

Discount: One-time Payment, no monthly fees
Promo Status: Live
Valid Till: Black Friday End

Promo code: THANKS15

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Buyers Guide: Read My Advice Before Making A Decision

To help you decide on your purchase, here are guides that will you on making the right decision;

Features to Consider When Buying

As you prepare to seize the Black Friday deals for AI writing tools, it’s crucial to bear in mind the key features these applications should possess. An ideal tool should offer an easy-to-use interface – you don’t need software engineering knowledge to generate content. You want something designed with user-friendliness in mind, supporting your creative process rather than hindering it. A platform that allows seamless integration with other systems or apps would indeed be worth your investment.

Moreover, the quality of content generation is paramount. Your chosen tool should be capable of delivering coherent and contextually accurate write-ups that require minimal manual editing. Additionally, look out for AI adaptation capabilities – can it learn and improve its performance over time? Evaluate its ability to handle multiple languages if you’re targeting a global audience. Lastly, don’t overlook on-demand customer support; sometimes glitches happen, and swift assistance equates to maintained productivity.

Tips for Choosing the Best Deals

Navigating the chaos of Black Friday sales can be overwhelming, especially regarding AI writing tools. To ease this stress and ensure that you’re at an advantage, always compare prices from different vendors before settling on a purchase. Consider not only the initial price but also perks like after-sale support, software upgradability, and any available bundled extras that could add significant value.

Do your research meticulously; understanding more about each AI writing tool will lead you to discern if a deal is genuinely worth your money or just an enticing gimmick. Look out for customer reviews and ratings as they may provide valuable insights into the tool’s real-world performance. It’s not always about getting the biggest discount, but securing value for every penny spent!

I also include the full review of each tool, don’t forget to check it before making a purchase.

Reviews of Top-Rated AI Writing Software

Before proceeding with purchase always check the reviews of the product, The features that vendors list sometimes work differently in actual use, luckily all the AI writing tools that I featured in this article are proven and tested by me.

I’ve purchased every one of them, used it for myself, and observed, and evaluated its actual performance and usefulness in the real world, you can read my product review of each tool that I mention in this article before making a purchase.

Potential Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The excitement of bagging great deals on AI Writing Tools can often be blinding. It’s easy to stumble into traps like impulse buys, fake advertisements, or inferior product quality. Commonly, the pitfalls pertain to ‘too-good-to-be-true’ deals that conceal hefty hidden fees or unnoticeable subscription plans. Such misinformation could trick you into buying a deceivingly cheap deal only to realize the actual cost later.

To steer clear of these potential hiccows, it’s important to do your research. Ensure that you are familiar with the standard price range of different AI writing tools so that you can spot an unrealistically low price tag and avoid it like the plague. Also, always make sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully before clicking on ‘buy’. It’s better safe than sorry!