Best Totally Free VPN For Android (100% Free VPN 2023)

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Best Free VPN For Android Summary

The Best Free VPN for android is not bad at all, some premium VPN providers create a free version of their software for the users to try. Once the user is satisfied with their free service they can successfully drive users on purchasing their premium product. But I’m sure that you are not looking for a free trial, but instead, you searching for the Best Totally Free VPN for Android. If that is the case, don’t worry since I prepared a list of VPNs for android that you can use for 100% free of cost.

Using a VPN is crucial since it hides the user’s identity on the internet. Others want to use VPN to access digital products that are not available in their country because of Geo-restrictions. Whatever your reasons are keep in mind that a premium VPN is more reliable than a free VPN. But if you still want to use a free VPN despite its uncertainty– let’s dive into our list of our top Free VPNs for android.

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Best Free VPN For Android Review

1. Turbo VPN

Turbo free android vpn screenshot

First on our list is called Turbo VPN, it is one of the most popular and the fastest free VPNs that I’ve tried. Turbo VPN is a 100% free and unlimited VPN proxy.

Turbo VPN is a 100% free VPN that is powered by ads. I know a lot of people hate ads but ads can greatly help in maintaining the products.

All the money that they get from the ads, is used for the maintenance and payment for their servers. Maintaining a VPN is not a joke, they need a lot of resources just to give us this VPN for free.

If you want an ad-free version of Turbo VPN you can upgrade to their premium. But I’m pretty sure that you are here because you prefer a free VPN rather than a paid version so to get it free—we must forgive them for the ads in their apps.

Turbo VPN offers some global locations that you can choose for free, but sadly some of their locations need some subscription. Their free location offers some part in the U.S. and Europe which might barely be enough for our needs.

Turbo Free VPN Features

  • Unlimited and Free VPN
  • Access website
  • Military-grade encryption AES 128-bit encryption
  • IPsec, OpenVPN protocols (UDP/TCP)
  • Streaming and Gaming Enable
  • Turbo library (You can Read Free Books)
  • User-friendly VPN Experience (One tap connect)

2. Psiphon Pro Free VPN

psihpone free vpn for android

Next on our list is probably the very first VPN that I’ve used on Android. This free android VPN gives me a nostalgic feeling every time I use it. Back in the day when I’m so curious about the internet. I’m just a teen back then and I’m looking for some ways to access the internet for free. The solution that I’ve found is the moded Psiphon Free android VPN.

But the Psiphon VPN that I will recommend to you now is a bit different from the Psiphon-free Android VPN that I’ve used a long time ago. Those versions that I’ve been using to get free internet is Moded APK, but don’t expect that I will teach you how to set up Pshipon android Free VPN to get free internet today since it is illegal.

The only Phisphon VPN that I will feature in this article is the legal version, not the Moded VPN Apk. But don’t be sad that even though this Psiphon Pro cannot give you free internet, it is still a 100% free VPN that you can use for your android device.

Psiphon Pro is a free Android VPN but just like some other free VPNs, this one has some limitations. One of which is its speed, for the free version you can have a speed limit of 2Mb/s which is a bit slow, but for a free, it is better than nothing.

If you want to remove the Psiphon speed limit you can upgrade from its monthly plan or you can purchase PSicash. A PSicash is a coin that uses as a currency in the apps. Psi can be purchased with real money which gives you 10 hours of a speed boost.

The Psicash lets you boost Psiphon VPN without a monthly fee but still costs you money. If you want it completely free, you can stick to choosing their free android VPN without a speed boost.

Psiphon Free VPN Features (100% Free No upgrade)

  • 100% Free VPN for Android
  • Thousands of servers and diverse entry points
  • No registration required
  • Stats about apps usage
  • Open Source
  • Apps tunneling options
  • HTTP proxy setting
  • Malware alerts

3. HTTP Injector

http injector screen shot free vpn for android

Next on our list is an Android app called HTTP Injector, at first glance, it doesn’t look like a VPN right? but it is. HTTP injector is a tool that you can use to create your secure connection. Like a moded Psiphon that I mentioned earlier, this tool is one of my favorite tools to get free internet access to my mobile phone years ago.

HTTP injector can be used to have access to free internet, but it is not easy to do for beginners. I will not teach you how since it is illegal, the only thing that I want you to do in this app is to use it as a normal VPN for Android to secure your connection.

HTTP injector is a 100% free VPN with no expiration, unlimited bandwidth, and no annoying ads. But the problem is, it is not a tool for beginners.

If you search this VPN app on Google play there is a description that said that this tool is for professional users only. This is not the typical VPN that you can activate with a click of a button. But if you’re a tech nerd that always curious and wants to learn something new this is the perfect free Android VPN for you.

If you want to learn about HTTP Injectors, I recommend that you should look for some forums that talk about these tools. I’m pretty sure you will learn a lot about HTTP Injector.

HTTP Injector Features

  • Secure your connection using SSH, Shadowsocks, or V2Ray tunnel
  • SSL/TLS tunneling is supported
  • DNS tunneling
  • No root needed
  • Specify an alternate proxy server to send a request.
  • DNS Changer
  • Build in SSH Clients
  • Build Shadowsocks Clients
  • Build a host Checker and IP Hunter
  • Support V2Ray plugin
  • Payload Generator
  • Apps Filter
  • Supports Android 4.0 to Android 11
  • Google DNS/ custom DNS
  • data compression
  • Hotshare- Tether Unlock
  • Ability to change buffer size, etc

Tunnel Types

  • HTTP Proxy + SSH
  • SSH
  • Shadowsocks
  • DNS tunnel
  • SSL (TLS)

4. OpenVPN

free Vpn for android, openvpn

Next, is a 100% VPN with no ads called OpenVPN, you might be confused since I said a while ago that some free VPNs that relies on ads, and use the money from their ads to maintain their service, but this OpenVPN is free from ads so how is it possible?

It is simply because OpenVPN is open-source and you cannot use it right after you download the application, free VPN with ads has one-click functionality on which you just click the button and you’re in, but OpenVPN doesn’t work the same way.

After you download the apps, you need to configure them manually, just like HTTP Injector, but don’t worry since OpenVPN is much easier to configure compared to HTTP injector, you just need to download the apps, then go to, once you’re in the website go to the bottom part of the landing page look for Free OpenVPN and PPTP VPN.

Then choose and download from the certificated bundle, on a piece of paper write down the username and password, that you can see at the bottom of the certificate bundle that you download at the VPN book webpage, then head to your file on your phone find the certificate bundle that you have downloaded, usually, it is in the download folder, then unzip the file.

Then go ahead to your OpenVPN app, choose File, then find the certificate that you extract and click import, then place the username and password, then click the add button, then click connect, and your done, you can find some video tutorials on OpenVPN on Youtube in case that you’re having trouble on configuring OpenVPN free VPN for Android.

OpenVPN Features

  • 100% Free VPN
  • No Ads
  • Fast and Secure
  • Strong Encryption uses AES-256 and AES-128 bit encryption
  • 100% anonymity
  • Providing Cloud-based IP CDN

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5. Atlas VPN

atlas free vpn free android vpn

Next on our list is another free VPN for android called “Atlas VPN”, but for this VPN we have good news and some bad news, let’s talk about first the good news.

The good news about Atlas VPN is they don’t have ads, yeh even for a free version of their VPN you can’t see even a single ad, if you are a person that hates ads, you will be happy that Atas free VPN doesn’t really on ads, they also give a premium connection for free users, honestly, Atlas VPN is one of the fastest free VPN for Android that I’ve personally test.

Now it’s time for the bad news, Atlas free VPN only gives a 2GB a day of data to spend on their free version, yeah it’s a lot for many, but if you are users that watch videos frequently 2GB might be enough for you.

Next are their servers, they are fast, actually one of the fastest for a free VPN, but you can’t choose a server, for free users, servers are automatically chosen by the apps and there is no way to change it not unless you upgrade to their premium VPN.

I know you come here to find a free VPN cause you might be tired of some VPNs that are too costly, but Atlas VPN has the cheapest plan of all the paid VPNs.

Their premium plans offer great discounts, and you can get their premium VPN for as low as $1.99 a month—- if you choose their three years premium VPN plan, but if you if your not interested you can just choose their free Android VPN or choose from the other free Android VPN in this list.

Atlas VPN Features

  • Strong encryption, top-grade security
  • Split Tunneling
  • VPN protocols IKEv2/IPsec and WireGuard
  • 700+ servers worldwide
  • No logs
  • No ads

Best VPN For Android (Bonus Part)

This part is just a bonus part since I find that some premium VPNs are giving 30 days of free trials it is not the usual free trials that we commonly know, but the free trials that these companies are offerings are a money-back, in case you don’t like their products you can request for your money.

You will need a credit card for some of these free trials, please do it at your own risk.

NordVPN 30 Days Free Trial (Number 1 VPN In The World)

image 100415018 13795051

Premium Price: $3.99 a month (Lowest Plan)


  • Strong VPN connection
  • VPN protocol: OpenVPN, NordLynx based on Wireguard
  • Unlimited data (Internet Freedom)
  • 5500+ Servers Worldwide for turbo speed
  • Protection for 6 devices with single accounts
  • Double VPN
  • VPN auto-connect
  • 24/7 support
  • Split tunneling
  • Custom DNS (set custom DNS Server)
  • Switch TCP and UDP Protocols
  • Specialty Servers Optimized

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Cyber Ghost VPN 7 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

image 100415018 13805207

Premium Price: $ 2.15 (Lowest Plan)


  • Encrypt Your Internet
  • Secure proxy server
  • No logs
  • 7600+ servers worldwide
  • VPN Protocols: OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2
  • No bandwidth limit (No data Cap)
  • Split Tunneling

SurfShark 7 Days Free Trial

Premium Price: $2.49 ( Lowest Plan)


  • 3200+ servers in 65+ countries
  • Fast Online experience
  • White List Features
  • Kill Switch
  • 30-Day Money Back
  • Strong end-to-end data encryption
  • Budget-friendly (One of the cheapest VPN plans)
  • Leak protection
  • Unlimited device
  • 24/7 support

Bottom Line

All the free VPNs that I feature in the list are 100% free VPNs that I already used for years, especially Pshipon, HTTP Injector, and OpenVPN I have good memories of those free VPNs, and if you are a person that doesn’t have much time to manually configured a VPN Turbo VPN and Alas are your best choice.

Those top 5 free VPNs that I’ve mentioned are all free, but I still recommend that you must go into a premium VPN if you want a more secure connection, since the premium is always more secure than a free Android VPN.

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Frequently Ask Question For Free Android VPN

Does Android have a built-in VPN?

Yes but to use you need to configure it correctly, and it is not safe as some third-party VPNs that build by reliable software companies.

Does VPN drain the battery?

Yes, any apps that run in the background drain battery but don’t worry since the power that it consumes are just a little.

Does a VPN slow down your internet?

Yes slowing down a VPN Is inevitable no matter what VPN you use, but there are premium VPN out there that has a minimal impact on internet speed.

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