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List of the best play to earn NFT games, newest, and upcoming NFT games that you can earn crypto (updated regularly)

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NFTs Popularity Explode !!

As the pandemic has taken over the globe, it started to impact almost everything in our world, from finance, companies, and supplies, almost everything is affected by the pandemic.

Many have lost their job, and lots of people are forced to stay in their homes.

As the pandemic wreak havoc on a huge scale, many peoples are finding ways how to release their boredom and one way to entertain themselves is through playing games.

Another problem that people are facing is the rising rate of unemployment.

Many companies are forced to close and a lot of people are left jobless, seeking ways how to earn money on the internet while staying at home—gamers find new ways to earn money by just playing games, and that is the start of the era of a new kind of game called “ play to earn games “ A.K.A — NFT games.

What is NFT?

To better understand an NFT game, let us know first what are NFT.

NFT stands for Non-fungible token, NFT is a non-fungible asset that is backed by blockchain technology that makes the item unique and authentic.

Blockchain technology stores all information from the Non-fungible assets like who own them, and who sold them.

The authenticity of the NFT gives the items real value in real life.

I create a more detailed explanation about NFT in a separate article, you can read if you want to know more about NFT, its origins, and its uses of NFTs.

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What are examples of NFT?

Examples of NFT are digital artworks such as digital paintings, and GIFs.

Another example of NFT is the NFT domain that gives the owner real ownership of their domain name without renewal fees.

Some other examples of NFT are some in-game items from play-to-earn games, such as armors, weapons, resources, and even the character itself are sometimes minted into an NFT and sold directly into a marketplace.

I played a lot of NFT games by myself, and every NFT games have different ways of creating NFTs, some are items, some are resources, and some are even the character themselves are NFTs.

How NFT are used in the games?

NFT used blockchain technology to make a digital asset unique and authentic and gaming companies used its technology to create in-game items that have real value in the real world.

Developers create the NFT game from the Idea that a lot of players are willing to spend money on a game.

But after spending a huge amount of money, players still own nothing from the game.

NFT game companies aim to change everything that is known to gaming.

NFT gaming developers create a new kind of game, where players will not just keep on spending real money on the games.

But instead, helps players earn money by just playing games.

It sounds too good to be true, but actually, it is real, you can earn money from NFT play to earn games based on your gaming skills and strategy.

There are even some reports that some players manage to buy a house by just playing NFT games.

Some players manage to earn money from NFT games and use the money from play to earn games to buy a new gaming PC.

But wait, I’m not saying that when you play NFT games, you will get rich pretty quick, sad to say, it doesn’t work like that.

All the progress and earnings in the games are all based on your own strategy.

If you are terrible at playing games, you may also find a lot of difficulties earning money in the game.

But don’t worry since I’m here, I will continue to create some useful guides, and tutorials about playing to earn NFT games.

I created some NFT gaming tutorials for beginners on this website, feel free to read them if you want, but the tutorials are just a guide and your progress will still depend on you.

You might be curious about how NFTs are being used in the game, well it works like this.

For example, there is only one diamond sword in the game, all of its information is stored in the blockchain, and the info of the diamond sword cannot be changed, which means if there is only one diamond sword produced in the game, there is no way that they can make another diamond sword making the item rare and unique gives it value in real life.

In addition, some NFT game companies form game alliances creating what they called a gaming universe in which NFT items can be used in other NFT games to make it more exciting and give more value to an in-game item that you owned.

Some also used resources where you can mint them, then those resources that minted are now an NFT, you can sell it to market place and when some players need resources they can buy your resources on the marketplace and use it for themselves.

Characters are also minted as NFT and those characters are rare, you can sell them to market place, and some might be bought it as a collection or even use it for themselves on the game.

There are a lot of possibilities for the use of NFT in the game, this is just the beginning, and more are expected to come.

After this long explanation about NFT and NFT games, you might be excited to try some of the play-to-earn games. So here it is, braised yourselves since here is our list of the current Best NFT games, newest NFT games, and upcoming NFT games that you can play.

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List Of The Best Play to Earn NFT Games

There’s is a lot of play to earn crypto games this year 2022, but only a few are featured in this list because I only pick those that are the best of the best play to earn NFT games AKA crypto games or blockchain games.

1. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds (Number 1 RPG NFT game of 2022)

Free to play NFT RPG game

NI no kuni Cross worlds, play to earn NFT game

First on our list is probably the number play-to-earn RPG game called Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, I was surprised by this game. Because honestly I didnt expect Ni no Kuni to be played to earn, they dont even highlight the play-to-earn features of Ni no Kuni in their promotion.

But when I tried the game, I’m surprised that they silently convert Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds into a play-to-earn game. This game Ni no Kuni is one of the best RPG games that you can play in 2022, The graphics are somewhat similar to Genshin Impact, it has a light and beautiful visual that is pleasing in the eye, but playable even on a budget phone.

For the gameplay, it was a story-based RPG game, and you will be amazed how good its story was, when I play this NFT game, it feels like I’m watching a movie and playing at the same time. There are also a lot of things that you can play on this game, you can continue on your story-based adventure to stop the evil and prevent the destruction of the world, or focus on PVP in the battle arena.

If you’re looking for a game like Genshin Impact but play to earn an NFT game? Well Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is your best choice.

How to earn in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

To earn In Ni no Kuni you will need to download a Marblex wallet on the play store, Marblex is the official crypto wallet of Netmarble, the game developer that creates this new series of Ni no Kuni together with another game developer “Level-5”.

After downloading the Marblex wallet just register using your Gmail account, set your password, and connect the Marblex wallet to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, after that you can smelt a blockchain-based token on Ni no Kuni.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has two blockchain-based tokens, The Territe token that can be smelt by using an in-game item called Territe, and Asterite Token that can be smelt using Asterite, and an in-game medal that can be obtained from PVP.

This NFT RPG game can be played on Android, iOS, and PC, but unfortunately, on this day of writing, the play-to-earn feature of Ni No Kuni is only Available on PC. IF you want to know more about this game, you can read my separate article Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds complete guide for beginners.

Game Features

  • Gorgeous and colorful graphics
  • One of the best stories in the game
  • Character customization 
  • Open-world RPG game
  • Join or create your own kingdom
  • Kingdoms defense againts invading monsters
  • Kingdoms attack and defense (PVP)

2. MIR4 (Best MMORPG NFT game)

Free to Play NFT Game

mir4 screen shot, best nft game

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First on our list is play to earn NFT game called Mir4, this game is the best NFT game that I’ve tried in terms of graphics.

Among all the plays to earn NFT that I’ve tried l, nothing comes close to the graphics of Mir4. The quality of this game is somewhat on a level of a AAA game, the colors are well balanced, and the environment, characters, and MOB are all realistic.

Let’s just wait if some upcoming play-to-earn games can beat Mir4 in graphics, but for now, from all the NFT games so far, nothing comes close to the Mir4 graphics.

If you have already tried the non-NFT game called Lifeafter, and the Black Desert by Pearl Abyss, you might notice that Mir4 is somewhat on their level when it comes to graphics.

Although Lifeafter and Black Desert have superior character customization, still MIR4 character customization is impressive for an NFT game.

MIR4 developers are really serious to make the game last with its gorgeous graphics and awesome gameplay, I also appreciate how the Mir4 game developers are constantly trying to solve some issues about the game.

How to Earn Money in MIR4

To start earning in this game, your character needs to reach first at least level 40 to unlock its DRACO coin, once you unlock the Draco you can now start to mine an in-game item called Dark Steel, and those Dark Steel that you have can be converter in DRACO, and covert DRACO into real cash


  • True MMORPG experience
  • Good Character customization
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Great game-play
  • Can be played on mobile and PC.
  • Free to Play
  • Earn Money while playing

3. Ethlas (Casual NFT games Metaverse)

Mir4 Gameplay Walkthrough (Short Ga...
Mir4 Gameplay Walkthrough (Short Gameplay)

Free To Play

ethlas cypto games

Do you love playing hyper-casual games? If so, there is a new play-to-earn crypto game where you can earn money by simply playing casual games.

Ethlas is similar to the Yandex Games site where you can play tons of casual games by just visiting the online website. But here in Ethlas, they double the fun by adding rewards such that you can earn money by just playing the games that you love, and are already playing!

Ethlas rewards players with their in-game currency called Gems, which can be obtained based on the player’s effort and performance in the games.

Some of the games include puzzle games like Gem Attack, which is a match-3 game that resembles the popular Candy Crush. And if you are already good at playing Candy Crush or simply play it daily, you can essentially earn money while playing the same game on Ethlas with Gem Attack!

They also have their own version of Flappy Bird called Tappy Flappy, and a lot more casual games that you can choose from!

The casual games of Ethlas are just the beginning and there’s a lot more to come in every one of their updates to be released. To stay updated on their new games and features, consider joining their Discord server and follow them on social media.

4. Thetan Arena (Fastest growing NFT game)

Free To Play NFT Game

thetan arena screenshots

Next on our list is one of the newest plays to earn an NFT Game named “Thetan Arena”. That is officially released on November 27, 2021.

Some other NFT games only lunch on Windows which means that if you want to play their games, your only choice is to use a Windows machine which is kinda frustrating for Android and iOS users.

Some NFT games can be played on Windows and Android but cannot be played on iOS.

Thetan Arena is a bit different, they lunch their NFT games on three platforms at once, which means that these NFT games can be played whether you are a Windows user, Android, or iOS user.

This newest play-to-earn game is a kind of game called MOBA a.k.a Multiplayer online battle arena, like the game DOTA 2, League of Legends, Pokemon Unite, or the famous mobile MOBA games in Asia called “Mobile Legends”.

If you are a gamer that loves to play MOBA, Thetan Arena might be your best choice for an NFT game.

But if you are the kind of gamer that doesn’t like MOBA, well you need to like it, why? Because it is not the kind of MOBA game that you might see before, Thetan Arena is Play to earn a game in which you can earn money by just playing, and you can play this game for free !.

Yup, you read it right you can play this game and earn money without investing even a single penny.

For more info about this game, you can also read our Thetan Arena Guide, which can help you to be familiar with the game.

Game features

  • Free to play, free heroes and skill (Not NFT or not tradable)
  • Play to earn cryptocurrency
  • Real MOBA experience
  • Exciting PVP with other players
  • Play with your friends
  • Create or join Guilds
  • Trade items and skins
  • Ranking System
  • Participate in every tournament
  • Leasing System

Thetan Arena has huge potential since it reaches 6 million users in just 20 days and still growing, if you’re looking for the best and newest play to earn NFT game that you can earn crypto, try to play Thetan Arena it’s free.

5. Yulgang Mobile (Romantic crypto game)

Free to play crypto games

yulgang mobile, play to earn crypto games

Next on our list is one of the newest play-to-earn MMORPG NFT games called “Yulgang mobile” it is currently one of the newest NFT games to date.

It was recently released in March of 2022 as a game that is based on Korean Comics hit Yulgang. 

This game is a mix of martial arts and romance where players can pick their partner and have their own wedding the game.

Yulgang mobile is perfect for players that want some social life in the game where they can meet some new friends or even some soul mates, get married, and do some missions together.

How to earn crypto in Yulgang Mobile?

Like some play-to-earn games, Yulgang mobile also has an official in-game token called TIG, it is a blockchain-based token like we’ve seen in other crypto games.

To earn crypto, you must first reach level 40 and perform a second transfer, where you can choose between Justice and evil to unlock its play-to-earn features, then after that, you can now smelt crystal into TIG (a crypto-based token).

You can obtain some crystals by mining in some selected areas like Dragon cave, you can search the area for some crystals that you can mine and smelt into the TIG token. 

Game Features

  • Play to earn 
  • Explore dungeons
  • PVP Arena
  • Challenge other players on the map
  • Socialized
  • Married System
  • Fight Powerful Bosses
  • Join Guild

NFT game, Axie infinity
Image Credit: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the play-to-earn game that makes all the NFT games famous in 2021.

During the pandemic, a lot of people are searching for an income even at home and Axie Infinity allowed many to make it happen.

Axie Infinity is probably the most popular NFT game up to this date, it allows many to earn money even while staying at home.

The game Axie Infinity is a Pokemon Inspired game where players can battle, collect and trade pets for real profit.


To start playing Axie infinity, you need to set up your account first by login into then go to marketplace> signup > setup Metamask since you need it to store your Etherium > then link down Ronin Wallet.

After you successfully register and install all the needed stuff for the Axie account, you need to buy your virtual pet called Axie, you need to form a team with a member of three Axie to play.

You will need to invest first some real money in this game to start playing and earn real money.

Since you don’t have any Axies at first you will need to buy the first three Axies using real money, and you will need thus three to play different game modes in Axie infinity and start earning.


In Adventure mode it is a PVE where you need to fight three monsters using your Axies, once you defeated the monster, there are some rewards that you can claim like SLP, and sync them into your wallet for profit.


In this mode you will fight some real players by using your existing Axies, this will reflect on the Axies that you buy since you will need Axies that have a good attribute to survive in a PVP match.

That’s why some expert suggests that you need to be careful in buying your first three Axies, don’t get tempted easily to buy Axies that is cheaper since some cheap Axies has a lower attribute that will not likely survive on a PVP.


The third thing is through breeding, you can match two Axies to breed and form an offspring, the attribute of the parents can be inherited by the offspring, and you can sell it on the marketplace for profit.

7. League of Kingdom (MMO strategy NFT game)

Free To Play NFT Game

nft game, league of kingdom

Next, on our list is a Decentralized MMO strategy game called League of Kingdom, first released in the year 2020 and joining the race to be one of the best and biggest NFT games.

At first glance, the League of Kingdom looks like an ordinary MMO Strategy game that I played, the graphics and visuals are good and the game-play is surprisingly good.

I was expecting at first that because it is an NFT game they have a very simple game-play and visuals like the Axie infinity and Ethermon but it’s not.

The game-play can compete with some famous MMO Strategy games like the State of Survival, The Walking Dead Survivors, The Ants: The Underground Kingdom, etc. 

The Only difference that separates League of Kingdom from the ordinary MMO Strategy game is that the resources that you can farm or get in this game is an NFT you can mint and trade on the Opensea for real money. 

But not just resources but also the land owned, you can think of its a real state that you fully owned, once you own land every time players farm on the land that you own you will get a 5% of the resources that they obtained, and as your land level goes higher the more profit you will earn and the higher the level your land the higher price it will be if you try to sell it in Open sea.

League of Kingdom is available on PC through a browser, and also available on Android and iOS via an app.

Game Features

  • Real MMO Strategy Game.
  • You can mint Resources to NFT.
  • Slay Monsters like Orc, Skeleton, and Golem for Resources.
  • Compete with some other players through PVP.
  • Get NFT Land that is truly owned by you.
  • Get a percentage from players’ resources that farm from your land
  • Sell NFT items like Land and resources to Opensea
League Of Kingdoms Full Review And Guide

8. Nine Chronicles (2D RPG NFT game)

Free To Play NFT Game

Nine chronicles, NFT game

Next on our list is a play to earn NFT game called Nine Chronicles it is in a form of a 2D MMORPG game, unlike some of the NFT games that we discuss earlier Nine Chronicles is a fully-pledge MMORPG in which you can play in Adventure, defeat some MOBs, fight some bosses, craft, sell and buy some items, and convert into real cash.

By the way, in this game, every item is NFT means it has value in real life, and you can sell it for real cash, for now, the game is only available on Windows, Android, iOs, and Mac is in development, but sooner or later we can enjoy this game in some other platform.

Game Features


The currency that is used in this game is called NCG which can be exchanged for real money, one of the ways to earn NCG is through mining, you can turn on mining mode in your setting, but it is not recommended for those using lower performance CPU since mining will use some processing power of your CPU to mine NCG so if you’re using a lower CPU I recommend not to turn on mining options in this game.


The next feature is adventure mode, where you will battle some Mobs, and level up your character to unlock newer and more powerful in-game items, and if you manage to craft rear weapons or gears.

Crafting and Trading

The materials that you collect in your adventure can be used to craft some items, and if you manage to craft some rare items with special attributes, they can be traded for the exchange of NCG for profit.

9. Chain Guardians (NFT game metaverse)

Free To Play NFT Game

chain guardians

Next on our list is an NFT game called ChainGuardian, it is an ecosystem where players can earn tokens while playing the game.

And those tokens can be converted into real cash.

There are two kinds of tokens in this game, the CGC and the CGG, the CGC is the in-game currency that can be converted into CGG and CGG is the one with the true value in the real world that can be exchanged for real money.


There are two kinds of game-play in this NFT game that you can earn CGC, the RPG and the Mining.

You can earn CGC when fighting some MOBS in RPG every time you win, you earn CGC and some loots that you can use for crafting, the RPG in this game is in beta mode, which means it will be improved, and sooner or later we will experience much better game-play in RPG mode and has some possibility to earn more when playing.

The Second one is Mining, you can use your NFT to mine some resources like tokens in the game, I will give more details about mining in my full review on Chain Guardians that I will publish on


  • Earn CGC through RPG
  • NFT mining
  • Bring your NFT
  • Support Crytoverse from partners
  • Free to Play and Play to Earn
  • Newbie Friendly

10. Lost Relics (MMORPG NFT crypto game)

Free To Play NFT Game

lost relics, nft game rpg

Next on our list is a crypto game with graphics that can be compared to Diablo immortal, this NFT game is good and I am amazed at how this game look, but don’t get me wrong since I was a gamer and I play some games with better graphics than this, but for NFT games?

There are a lot of NFT games out there that are good in income but kinda bit short in visuals, but here in Lost relics, you can enjoy the gameplay and at the same time you can earn by just playing.

What is more, impressive is that this game is just developed by one person. It was amazing that many games have a hard time mentaining and optimizing the game even though they have tons of developers, but surprisingly Lost Relics is just created and optimized by one person “Cliff Cawley“.

He is a one-man team, and he is not an ordinary man, he has a lot of experience in gaming development, for 20 years he created a lot of games for Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Android, and iOS.

And now he created this, a true masterpieces game that is backed up by blockchain technology that allows players to get some items that are truly owned by them, and they can fully own, destroy or even sell them in exchange for real profit in a real world.

We will not talk about its gameplay since it is obvious it’s a role-playing game and everybody knows what a role-playing game is, instead we will talk about its game features.

Game Features

  • Discover Rare Artifacts – As a great War broke a long time ago it caused chaos, loss of Lives, Knowledge, power, and some of its remnants are lay forgotten, and you can explore undiscovered land and find blockchain treasure, and each chest might have a chance to loot some of the rarest treasure in the universe.
  • Events & Encounters – it will give you the ability to earn tradable goods and play exciting casual games.
  • Blockchain Rarity – Every Item in Lost Relics is a mix of Fungible and non-Fungible items, and each item is limited, rare, and unique and doesn’t have any chance to create more.
  • Truly Valuable items- All Etherium Assets are Enjin Token and have a limited supply, which means that if items are destroyed the remaining item becomes rarer and has more value.
  • Multiverse Support – One of the exciting things in this NFT RPG is the support of Multiverse items, what does it mean? If you have items from another platform, you can use them here in Lost Relics.
  • Cosmetics – Some Cosmetic outfits can be used in lost relics that make your character unique, some pets can help you in your adventure.
  • Multiplayer – There will be 4 Player Co-op PVP shortly.

splinterlands gameplay

Next on the list is one of the most popular and one of the best play to earn NFT games today, it is a card game, like from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh, this play to earn NFT game is called “Splinterlands”.

This Nft game is a card game in which players fight in a duel of cards, it begins in matchmaking which you will be randomly matched with other players, and then you can start to choose from the cards that are playable or owned by you.

Each has its attributes like attack, speed, toughness, and health, some cards also have shields and special abilities that can use to counter opponents’ cards.

There are six sources of magic or elements that you can choose in every fight and it is based on summoners that you’ve chosen to use.

Summoners serves like a general for your cards and monsters will serve as its army, and if you are done choosing summoners and monster the auto-battle will start, and the one who has the best set of cards will win, and since it is an auto-battle you won’t have any control when the duel starts that’s why choosing the best combination of cards before the duel is crucial.

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How To Earn in Splinterland?

  • Dark Energy- it is a reward that can be obtained by winning in a ranked battle, every time you win, you will earn Dark energy crystals that can be converted into real cash using your Metamask wallet.
  • Complete Daily Quest- By completing a daily quest there is a chance to earn some rewards or even cards and if you are lucky, you might get a card with a high value and can be traded for some real money.

12. Ethermon (Idle NFT Game)

ethermon, NFT game

Next on our list is another pokemon based NFT game called Ethermon, it was lunch in the year 2017, and is one of the first NFT games that exist.

You can play Ethermon in 2D or you can enter the fully-pledge 3D MMORPG in Decentraland Metaverse.


In this game you need to collect Ethermon, it is a digital pet like Axies in Axie infinity, the mons or Ethermons that you own is the one that you will use to battle other players Mons in the battle ladder, fist you will need to create your team consist with 3 mons, then you will choose your opponents and start the battle.

During the battle, players have no control over their mons since it is an auto-battle like some of the Idle RPG games, you will just rely on your Mons and choose a weaker opponent to win.\

You can also jump to their 3D Decentraland Metaverse where you can interact with the existing Mons in the wild and engage with the skill-based PVE.

Ethermon has a lot of plans for the future including the use of AR technology in their game-play, the developer is serious to bring us a Pokemon Game-like experience and earning while playing.

13. Gods Unchained (Free play card NFT game)

Free to Play NFT game.

Gods unchained NFT game screen shots

Next on our list is another popular card-based play to earn NFT game called “God Unchained”, it is the same card-based NFT game as Splinterlands, but the difference is this game God Unchained is completely free to play, unlike the game Splinterland where you need to buy and summoners spellbook that cost $10 to unlock the earning features of the game.

In this game, God unchained you can earn and play without spending a single dime, but sad to say that this free-to-play NFT game is not available on mobile yet, it is only playable on a Computer, it is downloadable and playable on both Windows or Mac Os.

God unchained is not a browser-based NFT game like some of the games that I’ve already featured like the Chain Guardians, Leauge of Kingdoms, and Splinterlands where you only need a browser to play, In God unchained you will need and update the game.

After you update and start the tutorials you will be given a set of cards you can use in every card duel, but you need to do a little bit of research about this NFT game since it is a bit hard to play, but once you learn how this game works, you can play and earn some money by just playing the play to earn game called God Unchained.

14. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict (War simulator NFT game)

Free To Play NFT Game

Gunship battle NFT game

Next on our list is the war strategy game from joy city named “Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict”.  It is an NFT game based on their famous war game Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, we can even say that Crypto conflict is just a play to earn a version of Gunship Battle: total warfare.

If you are familiar with the game tota warfare you will now have an idea of what the crypto conflict NFT game would look like. The only difference between the two is that you can earn money by playing this NFT game.


For the gameplay, it is a war strategy game, it is the same as some MMO strategy games with some twists.

Like other  MMO strategy games, you will take the role of a commander, you will be responsible for building your base, creating infrastructure on your own based, training or building troops and units, and strengthening the defense system to defend your base from the enemy, and many more.

As a commander, you have the responsibility to make your base powerful enough to withstand an enemy attack.

How to Earn in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict?

Like Mir4, Crypto Conflict used Wemix Wallet to store tokens that players can exchange for cash. Tokens that Crypto Conflict use is called Milico is the Draco counterpart in Mir4.

Players can exchange in-game items called Titanium into a Milico token, Titanium is an essential item that is widely used in the game, it includes, upgrading skills and infrastructure, it is also used in building war machines like jets, submarines, destroyers, carriers, frigates,s, etc.

You can obtain Titanium by completing missions, mining, or winning city conquest, when you have a certain amount of this item you can convert it to Milico and exchange it for real money.

Gunship Battle crypto conflict is one of the best NFT games that you can play, and what even is that this play-to-earn game is also a free-play game, which means you can play and earn without spending a single dime, you can download and play the game in PC, and there is also a mobile version of this game where you can play in both Android and iOS

List Of Best Upcoming NFT Games This Year 2022

Playing NFT games or any kind of games at an early stage might be important, it will give you some benefits and advantages against the newer players like levels, etc.— and in some cases, it will also give you more opportunities to earn more in the game, since there are some NFT that players have reported that they earn well at first and when players flooded the game their income dramatically decrease.

So to become one of the first to try new NFT games here are a list of upcoming NFT game that you should keep an eye on.

1. IIluvium (Upcoming AAA NFT Game)

Illuvium upcoming NFT game
Image Credit: Illuvium

If we’re talking about the biggest upcoming NFT game, one game above the others is on my radar, this game will gonna be big for sure, the graphics, and the gameplay looks like some of the best AAA games in the market.

A new upcoming NFT game, will soon arrive, and based on its trailer and teasers, this upcoming NFT game will gonna be great, this play to earn NFT game is called “Illivium”, I know we can’t rely on all the stuff based on the trailers, but if this game trailer is accurate when it finally releases —-well this might be the biggest real AAA NFT game metaverse.

The graphics of this game looks outstanding, from the colors of the environments, the creatures look real, they do a great job in improving the vision of the game, and set a new standard on NFT gaming.

Upon reading their white papers, I’m thrilled about what this game will look like in the real game, the game will start with players choosing and creating their avatar in the game, they can also create a companion drone to help them catch their first Illuvial.

By the way, illuvial are the creatures that players need to fight and try to subdue and when players are successful, they can use these Illuvials to fight other Illuvials creatures in a duel with other players,—-sounds familiar? 

I know what you thinking, and actually, you’re right this game will look like a pokemon based play to earn an NFT game with some futuristic touch since all of this will happen on a ruined planet, and players are intergalactic species that discover a ruined planet a home for Illuvial creatures, soon when this upcoming NFT game finally releases we will enjoy the fun of earning while playing a AAA NFT game.

Game Feature

  • Avatar Creation
  • Team Building
  • Adventure
  • PVP in Battle Arena
  • Mining and Harvesting
  • Mini-Games

2. Chumbi Valley (Upcoming Free To Play NFT Game)

chumbi valley featured image
Image Credit: Chumbi Valley

Next on our list is an upcoming NFT game called “Chumbi Valley”, since the first day that I’ve read some information about this game, I have a feeling that this will gonna be great when it is released, the gameplay looks good on paper, and there is a lot of earning opportunity that is waiting for the players, the visual-based on their update social media looks also good, the colors are well balanced and interesting.

The game is about monsters or a digital pet called Chumbi, it is like a Pokemon-inspired NFT game, where you can have a duel with other players, Chumbi like Pokemon has some advantages and disadvantages to other Chumbies which I think is more interesting since it will test the player’s strategy in the game.

As stated in their white paper they constantly update, that players have can breed their own Chumbi to produce an offspring by chance that has higher stats or ability that can help them to succeed in every battle, or just to simply sell the Chumbi in the market for more profit, the rarer and the stronger the Chumbi’s are, the higher the value it has, and the higher it may cost in the market.

Other Interesting Features of Chumbi Valley

  • Exploration– you can explore various terrain and fight and defeat curse Chumbi to earn a reward.
  • Farming- You can find some seeds and start farming, crops are tokenized or NFTs that you should water regularly to grow, and crops can be combined with so-called “Lucky Stars” to make food for your Chumbi.
  • Offline Reward– This game also has some offline rewards that players can leave their Chumbi and come back with various resources that can be sold in a marketplace.
  • Fostering- Players can send their Chumbi to other players and obtain a percentage or rewards from players that use your Chumbi.
  • LSTS- This upcoming NFT game has a secondary token called “LSTS” that can be obtained when defeating cursed Chumbi, farming, and selling in-game assets, this secondary token is Chumbi valley Play-to-earn rewards that players can convert to real cash for a profit.

Chumbi Valley doesn’t give an exact date on when they gonna lunch this game but based on the road maps that they released, we can assume that we can play this game on Q1 of 202, but for now always keep an eye on this upcoming NFT game so you don’t miss it’s released and be one of the first to try this NFT game.

3. Monsta Infinite (Upcoming Axie Alternative NFT Game)

Monsta infinite
Image Credit: Monsta Infinite

Next on our list is a game called “Monsta Infinite” an upcoming NFT game that is inspired by Axie Infinity the most famous NFT game right now.

Axie infinity has inspired many NFT game developers including the team behind Monsta Infinity their goal is to create an NFT game that not just imitates Axie but also makes the game better and some potential problems about Axie infinity.

One of the problems might be the cost, in the Philippines where I currently live I saw a lot of gamers that want to play Axie but a lot of them have a problem with how they can invest in the game.

Think about this, a lot of people that dive into the NFT game want an income and how can they start to play the game if it was costly to start? But Monsta Infinite tries to solve this problem by making their NFT game a lower entry cost to start playing.

There are some reports that one Monsta can be bought for $10 to $15, but this price may vary depending on the demands of the players.

Game Features of Monsta Infinite

  • Monsta Cloning– This feature allows players to clone their monsta by using the genes of the two Monsta and to be fused to what they called Critus Furnace to undergo synthesis cloning.
  • STT– It is an in-game secondary currency that is used in cloning Monsta, it can be obtained by world game-play and battling with other creatures, it can also be used to purchase monsta in the marketplace, STT is like an SLP equivalent in Axie infinity so if you are playing Axie you know how important STT is.
  • Monsta Augmentation- Each Monsta is composed of six body parts, and those parts can be augmented by sacrificial offering weaker Monsta to Shani God, those body parts that have been augmented will acquire a new skill card.
  • Battle System- Monsta battle system is unique in some ways, it is a mix of cards and a puzzle system in which every battle each Monsta will have 6 skill cards, 2 attack cards, and 2 defense cards, during the battle players can choose from 5 cards randomly, and after each round, players can perform it puzzle system and if it is matched correctly Monsta skill will be enhanced
  • Open world- Monsta Infinite is also an open-world NFT game in which players can explore the vast digital world of Monsta infinite, players can purchase lands, craft some recipes, and they can even design their dreamland.

Monsta Infinite has a lot of potential as an upcoming NFT game this game is now a popular NFT game even though it is not yet released, for now, some players are already hatched their own Monsta and just waiting for the game to be officially released.

4. Dinox (Upcoming Dinosaur NFT Game)

Dinox screen shoots
Image credit: Dinox

Are you dream to have your own “Jurassic Park”? well in real life it is impossible because these creatures are long extinct about 65 million years ago, even our best scientists cant bring back to life this mighty creature that once roams the earth.

Everybody knows that owning a Dinosaur and building a Jurassic park is impossible, but what if I tell you that owning and building your own Jurassic Park is possible thanks to “Dinox” you can now have a chance to have your very own dinosaurs.

What is Dinox?

Dinox is an upcoming NFT game, in which everything that you can see in the game is fully owned by players or called NFT or nun fungible token that is backed up by blockchain technology that allows players to own items that have real value in real life.

All Dinosaurs in Dinox are NFTs means they are unique in every way, just like us humans in real life, we don’t have a copy of our self so do our Dinosaurs in Dinox they are unique and have their value.

This upcoming NFT game has some nostalgic feel since even though we are now in the year 2021 where almost every game has intensive and realistic graphics, Dinox Plans to bring us the beauty and simplicity of the game in the past since all the scenes from the environment to the Dinosaurs are pixilated just like the early games in the past.

Game Features

  • Breeding– Just like some other NFT games, Dinox also allow a player to breed their dino to create a new kind of dinosours, those offspring might also have a chance to inherit the stats of their parents.
  • Dino Egg hatching- Players can have a chance to own and hatch Dino eggs which they can buy on Opensea.
  • Play to earn- Like other NFT games, Dinox can help players earn money while playing by selling dino eggs on Opensea or hatch the eggs and sell the dino from the eggs that they hatch.
  • Dino Battle– It was said that the players can have a duel match like the one we’ve seen from pokemon, the winner in a duel might get some useful rewards.
  • Dino care– This feature might be inspired by the digital pets called “Tamagochi” where you can feed your dino and take care of it like a real pet.

Dinox is unique in that instead to create their monster for their game, they used Dinosaurs that can bring back childhood memories to many, and a lot of players will have the fun of owning their digital pet dinosaurs and earning real money from playing.

5. Sipher (Upcoming NFT 3D Game)

upcoming NFT game sipher
Image Credit: Sipher

Next on our list is the upcoming NFT game called Sipher, this NFT game has a theme of galactic civilization with lots of advanced weapons and stuff, it has four known main characters in this upcoming NFT game, the INU or the Dog that often resembled the appearance of a famous dog breed Shiba Inu, there is also Neko or a cat, Buru the bull, and Tori the bird.

For now, there are four characters but they may add some more since the game is not yet released, about the game-play—- based on their white papers and teaser videos that they upload on social media, it seems like MOBA, but the company said that Sipher is consist of multiple game modes and it is an open-world kind of game, so we can assume that the MOBA like game-play on their teaser video may just be one of the game modes that they talking about, and if the so– this upcoming NFT game might gonna be huge.

It was also said that players can also clone Sipher, which may be one of the players earning sources in the future, like some NFT games where the clone pet or character can be sold on a marketplace, we can also assume those things in this upcoming NFT game.

Some of the features that we may expect in this upcoming NFT game are the Following

  • PVP and PVE game modes
  • Level up while fighting with your Cipher characters
  • Clone, grow, and evolve your character
  • Engage in a battle with some players to gain ranks and earn rewards
  • Create your guilds and challenge other guilds in a battle.

Sipher has a good potential for an upcoming NFT game, after seeing their game features, video trailers, and character creations, it’s clear that the company is serious about this project.

Bottom Line

All games on the list are played to earn game or NFT games, some are free and some need to invest some real cash first to start the game, this list will continue to update and I will continue to add some new and best NFT games that you can earn money while playing. Happy gaming !!

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What is NFT Game?

NFT game is a new kind of game that uses blockchain technology to make some digital assets like in-game items to be unique and authentic.

Are NFT Games Profitable?

It depends, some are profitable and some are not it just depends on what NFT game you choose to play, there are even gamers that make a living by just playing NFT games.

What is the famous example of a Nonfungible token?

A famous example of a nonfungible token is the famous GIF called Nyan cat which is sold for $600,000.

Can I earn Crypto by playing games?

Almost all NFT games can let you earn crypto by just playing, some example is Axie infinity, Splinterlands, etc I already created a list of games that you can earn crypto at the top of this FAQ

What are examples of NFT games?

NFT games examples are Axie infinity, Monsta infinite, Splinterlands, etc check our list of NFT games at the top of this FAQ.


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