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Top 10 Best NFT Games: Play To Earn 2022

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Are you looking for the best NFT games?

First and foremost, the NFT game is a new kind of game that is so popular among gamers that looking for ways how to earn money on the internet.

NFT games start when a game called Crypto Kitties hit the mainstream, on those time people started to sell their crypto kitties at a high amount of price.

Another NFT game that shocked the world and contribute to the popularity of the NFT games is the Axie Infinity, it is the game that popular the concept of NFT games during the pandemic.

The Covid 19 is also one of the factors why NFT games become popular.

When the pandemic started to surge globally and a lot of people lost their job, they find some ways to earn money on the internet, and one solution that people find is NFT games that give players to earn money while playing games.

To better understand an NFT game, let us first understand what NFT is.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token, NFT is a non-fungible asset that is backed by blockchain technology that makes the item unique and authentic.

Blockchain technology stores all information from Non-fungible assets like who owns them, and who sold them.

The authenticity of the NFT gives the items real value in real life.

I create a more detailed explanation of NFT in a separate article, you can read it if you want to know more about NFT, its origins, and its uses of NFTs.

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How NFT Are Used In The Games?

NFT meaning

NFT games are a real trend in the gaming community, but have you wondered how NFT is used in a game?

If you are curious it looks like this, an NFT game uses blockchain technology to add features in the game that you cannot find in a traditional game, which is NFT minting, in an NFT game certain in-game items can be minted an NFT, some of this items are game resources, in-game equipment like armors or weapons.

In some NFT games, you can buy some virtual land stored on the blockchain, some games use NFT to mint in-game characters that can be sold for real money, one example of this is Mir4 which is one of the minted NFT characters has been sold for about $100,000+.

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The Best Play Earn NFT Games Summary

  • Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
  • Mir4 Global
  • Ethlas
  • Thetan Arena
  • Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict
  • Every Farm
  • Crypto Ball Z
  • Lost Relic
  • Splinterlands
  • League of Kingdoms

There are a lot of play-to-earn NFT games this year 2022, but only a few are featured in this list because I only pick those that are the best of the best play-to-earn NFT games AKA crypto games or blockchain games.

1. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds (Free to play)

Number 1 NFT RPG games

NI no kuni Cross worlds, play to earn NFT game
Screenshots from the actual game Ni no Kuni: Cros Worlds, Image Credit: Mirageportal
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Released DateMay 23, 2022
Game PublisherNetmarble
GenrePlay to earn RPG game
PlatformPC, Android, IOS
Free To Play?YES

Visit Website

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is one of the newest play-to-earn games on this list, and one of the most beautiful RPG games I’ve played.

Honestly, I was surprised about this game since the first time I play Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds I didnt expect that this game is also a play-to-earn game. 

Netmarblex silently converts Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds into an NFT game, they dont even announce or even highlight that this game is an NFT game.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has graphics that similar to Genshin Impact and the Legends of Neverlands, which has beautiful colors that are pleasing to the eye.

For the gameplay, it was a story-based RPG game that you will surely be amazed by how good its story was. There are a lot of PVE and PVP action in Ni no Kuni, you can continue your adventure and stick to the main quest, fight some monsters and fight some powerful bosses.

You can also join or create a kingdom where you and your teammates will try to defend your kingdom from the monster invasion, you can also engage in fights with other kingdoms in this game, there are also some mini-game like the familiar arena, where you can use your pets into a duel with other players in a pokemon like battle.

If you are looking for a play-to-earn game like Genshin Impact, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is your best choice, with its beautiful graphics and amazing gameplay, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is the best RPG NFT game that you can play in 2022.

How to earn in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

To earn In Ni no Kuni you will need to download a Marblex wallet on the play store, Marblex is the official crypto wallet of Netmarble.

After downloading the Marblex wallet just register using your Gmail account, set your password, and connect the Marblex wallet to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, after that you can smelt a blockchain-based token on Ni no Kuni.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has two blockchain-based tokens, The Territe token can be smelt by using an in-game item called Territe, and Asterite Token can be smelt using Asterite, and an in-game medal that can be obtained from PVP.

This NFT RPG game can be played on Android, iOS, and PC, but unfortunately, on this day of writing, the play-to-earn feature of Ni No Kuni is only Available on PC. If you want to know more about this game, you can read my separate article Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds complete guide for beginners.

2. Mir4 Global (Free to play)

Number 1 MMORPG NFT game

mir4 sorcerer
screenshots from the actual game Mir4, Image Credit: Mirageportal
Mir4 Global
Released DateAug 24, 2021
Game PublisherWemade
GenrePlay to earn MMORPG
PlatformPC, Android, IOS, Mac
Free to play?YES

Visit Website

Next on our list is probably the most popular play-to-earn MMORPG game called Mir4 Global, this NFT game is probably the number 1 NFT MMORPG game that you can play today, it has high quality and realistic graphics that can compete with some traditional MMORPG games.

The combination of colors from characters, and environments is beautiful and realistic, the character customization is amazing, and if you are good at customizing the appearance of your character you will surely have an amazing outcome. Mir4 Global might also be the best high-graphics NFT game today.

When we talked about gameplay this free-to-play crypto game is also good, you can enjoy both PVE and PVP in this game, you can fight monsters, defeat some powerful bosses, and fight other players in the PVP arena.

This NFT game is free to play, you can play Mir4 global without spending even a single cent, some players earn about $350+ a month and some even earn more. If you are looking for a play-to-earn game that you can enjoy playing and earn at the same time, Mir4 global is one that I recommend.

How to earn in Mir4

As of this day of writing, there are various ways to earn in this game, one is through mining, when you reach level 40, you can unlock mir4 play to earn features, and you can mine minerals that can only be found in a certain part of the maps, this mineral is called Dark steel.

After mining and having a sufficient amount of this, you can mint the Dark steel in a blockchain-based token in Mir4 called Draco, this token has a real value that you can exchange into real money or convert the Draco into a much higher value token in Mir4 called Hydra.

Hydra is also a blockchain-based token of Mir4 but it has a higher value compared to Draco, you can exchange Draco into Hydra to earn more in the game, and there is also a hero minting in Mir4 global, which means you can mint your character into NFT and sell it to the marketplace.

3. Ethlas (Free to play)

Yandex like crypto game universe

ethlast cypto games
Screenshots from the actual game Ethlas, Image Credit: Mirageportal
Released DateNovember 2021
Game PublisherTeam Ethlas
GenreBlockchain Casual game
PlatformPC only (browser game)
Free to play?YES

Visit Website

Do you love playing hyper-casual games? If so, there is a new play-to-earn crypto game where you can earn money by simply playing casual games.

Ethlas is similar to the Yandex Games site where you can play tons of casual games by just visiting the online website. But here in Ethlas, they double the fun by adding rewards such that you can earn money by just playing the games that you love, and are already playing!

Ethlas rewards players with their in-game currency called Gems, which can be obtained based on the player’s effort and performance in the games.

Some of the games include puzzle games like Gem Attack, which is a match-3 game that resembles the popular Candy Crush. And if you are already good at playing Candy Crush or simply play it daily, you can essentially earn money while playing the same game on Ethlas with Gem Attack!

They also have their version of Flappy Bird called Tappy Flappy, and a lot more casual games that you can choose from!

The casual games of Ethlas are just the beginning and there’s a lot more to come in every one of their updates to be released. To stay updated on their new games and features, consider joining their Discord server and following them on social media.

4. Wizardia

Best NFT Game Like Raid Shadow Legends

Top 10 Best NFT Games: Play To Earn 2022 1
Image Credit: Wizardia
Released DateTournament (Alpha Version)
Game publisherTeam Wizardia
GenreTurn-Based RPG game
PlatformPC through browser
Free to play?No, it needs investments

Visit Website

Wizardia is a turned-based NFT game with AAA-quality graphics, this game is not free to play, which means if you want to play this game, you need to buy some wizards to be used in a battle.

Each wizard is classified by three rarities which are Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rare one has the lowest stats and the Legendary has the highest, same as for price the Rare Wizards have the cheapest, and the Legendary is the most expensive one.

Wizards also have different affinities that have their own advantages and disadvantages against other affinities to make the game more balance.

The three affinities are soul, body, and mind. Below are the effects of each affinity in the NFT game Wizardia.

  • Soul– Soul affinity Wizards have increased damage to mind wizards but decreased damage against Wizards with body affinities.
  • Body– Wizards with body affinities have increased damage to the soul and reduced damage to mind wizards.
  • Mind– The third affinity is the mind which has increased damage to the body and reduced its damage when fighting soul wizards.

For the gameplay, If you are familiar with the game Raid Shadow Legends they have a bit of similarity in play style. Both Raid Shadow Legends and Wizardia have turned-based battles that use skills and strategy to win.

How To Earn In Wizardia?

For now, it has different ways to earn from this NFT game, the first one was through selling Wizards NFT, you can use your Wizards in a battle and try to level up your wizards and improve their stats in the game, then you can sell it for a higher price.

Aside from selling, you can also let other players rent your NFT wizards for some passive income, you can also earn through owning Arena Genesis NFT which can give the owner to have some cut from the transaction fee in the Arena or the market in this NFT game.

5. Thetan Arena (Need investment)

Best MOBA NFT games

thetan arena screenshots
Thetan Arena
Released DateOct 27, 2021
Game PublisherWolffun
Genre Play to earn MOBA
PlatformPC, Android, IOS
Free to Play?YES

Visit Website

If you like MOBA games I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like this play-to-earn game called “Thetan Arena”, this NFT crypto game is a play-to-earn version of a not-so-popular offline MOBA game “Hero Strike”.

When Wolffun Game released the play to earn a version of Herostrike which is the Thetan Arena it quickly attracts a lot of players.

Upon release, Thetan Arena quickly reach 100,000 downloads during its first hour, which is a clear indication that the best play-to-earn MOBA game is born.

Thetan Arena has a bit similar to Pokemon Go, but Thetan has more game modes that you can play, there are four vs four, duo, or solo battle royals where every player on the maps is your opponent.

How to earn in Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a MOBA game, and if you want to earn you’ll need to win. Players need to reach a certain rank to earn a token called gTHC, which can be claimed and exchanged into THC a blockchain-based token of Thetan Arena.

Since THC was a blockchain-based token, it has a real value that can be exchanged for real money for a profit.

Thetan Arena is a free-to-play NFT game but if you want to earn more in the game, you need to invest money by renting gTHC heroes to increase earnings.

gTHC heroes are NFT and when you use them in a battle it gives an additional gTHC coin bonus in every battle, thus can maximize your earning potential in the game.

6. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict (Free to play)

Best War strategy play to earn NFT game

gunship battle crypto conflict jet guide jets specializaton
Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict
Released DateFeb 27, 2022
Game PublisherJoycity
GenreCrypto war simulator/ MMO Strategy
PlatformPC, Android, IOS
Free to play?YES

Visit Website

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is a play-to-earn MMO strategy game, that is based on Gunship Battle: Total Warfare by Joycity.

If you already tried the Non-crypto version of this game I’m pretty sure that you can have an upper hand in this game since this is a war strategy game and you need to be strong to earn in this game.

Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict is the number 1 play to earn strategy game, because of its realistic graphics, and good gameplay.

You can build your Aircraft Carrier, Frigates, Destroyers, and Submarines, to form a Carrier Strike Group. It will be accompanied by Fighter Jets, Tanks, Artillery, and IFV, which you can send for any naval operations you wish.

How to earn money in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

To earn money in this play-to-earn game, you’ll need to upgrade your trade warehouse first to unlock the earning features of Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict.

A trade warehouse is one of the buildings inside your base where you can trade some items and smelt a crypto-based token of this game called “Milico”

A Milico can be smelt by the use of the in-game items called Titanium, a very important mineral in the Gunship battle: Crypto conflict.

Titanium has many uses like upgrading buildings, research, building weapons, and equipment, building war units, and of course, smelting a Milico. Each Milico can be traded in the WEMIX network to earn real cash in this game.

If a war strategy game is your choice, you need to try Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, the best play to earn an MMO strategy game.

Learn more about Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict in this article: Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict Guide

7. Every Farm (Free to play)

Best free-to-play NFT farming game

Every farm free to play nft games android
Every Farm
Released DateMay 25, 2022
Game PublisherWemade
GenreFarming Blockchain game
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Free to play?YES

Visit Website

If a farming game is your choice, Every Farm is the one that I recommend, it is one of the newest NFT games today that you can play on mobile, it is available on Android and IOS, unfortunately, you cannot play this NFT game on PC even if you try to use an emulator

The good news is that Every Farm is a free-to-play NFT game, which means you can enjoy the game and has the potential to earn some money for free.

The gameplay is simple, you owned land, plant some crops, and raised some animals, that you can sell in the marketplace.

How to earn on every Farm

To earn in this NFT game, you must reach first level 35 to start your own restaurant in the game, where you can cook, and serve some dishes to earn hearts.

These hearts are needed to smelt a blockchain-based token in Every Farm called “Flero“. After earning enough Flero tokens you can trade them to the WEMIX network to earn some extra money in your pocket.

8. Crypto Ball Z (Free to play)

Best Idle NFT game

play to earn games crypto ball z
Crypto Ball Z
Released DateMay 6, 2022
Game PublisherJoycity
GenreIdle Crypto game
PlatformAndroid Only (IOS soon)
Free to play?YES

Visit Website

If an Idle game is your choice, I also add an Idle play to earn a game that you can play called “Crypto Ball Z”.

This game is also a game that is made by Joycity, but this time instead of a War-related game, what they released is an Idle NFT game.

The gameplay of Crypto Ball Z is very simple, merge heroes to form much stronger heroes to fight off a wave of enemies.

Since this is an Idle game you can expect very limited player interaction in a battle of this play-to-earn game, making Crypto Ball Z one of the easiest P2E games that you can play today.

How to earn in Crypto Ball Z

To earn in Crypto Ball Z, you’ll need to smelt an official blockchain-based called “HERCO”. This HERCO token can be smelt using an in-game Minerals called Herostone, which you can obtain from mining, completing missions, and season rewards.

HERCO token is also under WEMIX networks like Draco of Mir4, and Milico of Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, which means trading HERO is the same procedure when trading Draco or Milico in WEMIX.

9. Splinterlands (Need Investment)

Number 1 NFT card game

splintelands play to earn NFT games
Released DateMarch 25, 2021
Game PublisherSplinterlands
GenreCrypto card game
PlatformPC, Android
Free to play?NO

Visit Website

If you want a play-to-earn card game, Splinterlands might be your best choice. Splinterlands is not a free-to-play NFT game, you’ll need to invest some real money in this NFT game to earn.

You can play this game for free, but if you want to earn, you’ll need to purchase an item called “Spellbook” to unlock its play-to-earn features.

You will also need to buy some cards to reach the power requirements before you can earn some crypto called DEC or Dark Energy Crystals.

The gameplay of this game is like a Yu gi oh, but without some fancy special effects that you can see in anime.

The duel in Splinterlands is simple, you find a match, and when you get an opponent, you can build your own fighting deck based on the data of your opponent’s previous fight, after that, you have no direct control of the battle, it will just solely depends on which card is stronger.

How to earn in Splinterlands

To earn in this NFT game, you’ll have some options, one is through winning a battle, after every win, there will be a reward called DEC.

DEC is crypto-based that you can exchange into real cash, but to earn DEC you’ll need to reach certain power requirements, and to acquire power you’ll need to increase your card collections, which means you’ll need to invest in some cards using real money.

You can buy some or rent some cards in the marketplace, to reach the power requirements.

During the early year of Splinterlands, there are no power requirements to earn, once you purchase a spell book you can start earning.

When an update about the power requirements has been released Splinterlands become much more pay to earn.

You’ll need to invest some to earn some. If you want to know more about play to earn game Splinterlands, you can check out my separate article, Beginners Guide in Splinterlands.

10. League of Kingdoms (Free to play)

The best NFT games like clash of clan

league of kingdoms featured image
League Of Kingdoms
Released DateJuly 2020
Game PublisherNPLUS Entertainment
GenreMMO strategy blockchain game
PlatformPC(Browser), Android, IOS
Free to play?YES

Visit Website

Next on our list is also an MMO strategy game like Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, but has a different theme.

Instead of a modern war theme, the League of Kingdoms has a medieval theme in which you can build your own kingdoms, flourish, and defend your beloved kingdoms from invaders.

You can train your soldiers like infantry, archers, and chivalry that you can use to defend your kingdom from other players or attack other players in a war. Because League of Kingdoms is a strategy game, you’ll need to plot all your strategy in the game, strengthen your army, upgrade your technology, and build a robust defense of your kingdom.

How to earn in the League of Kingdoms

To earn in this play-to-earn strategy game, you’ll need to register first a crypto wallet, and you will need to store some of your minted NFT to sell it to the marketplace. After you have created one, you can log in to the game and start minting some resources in the game into NFT and try to sell them to Opensea for profit.

To learn more about this play-to-earn game, I created a beginner guide in League of kingdoms that you can check if you are interested.

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 Bonus List

Lost Relic (Free to play)

Best ARPG blockchain game

lost relics, nft game rpg
Lost Relics
Released DateMay 23, 2019
Game PublisherCodebit Labs
GenreARPG blockchain game
Platform PC, Mac
Free to play?YES

Visit Website

Lost Relic is a free-to-play blockchain action-adventure RPG game, which has graphics or looks like the older version of Diablo Immortal.

This blockchain game is an adventure game that is mostly PVE, you can explore different parts of the map, enter dungeons, defeat monsters and find some lost relics that are hidden in the universe of the game.

Like I’ve said this blockchain game is mostly PvE, but there are some features that are recently in development like the 4vs4 PVP arena, that can surely add the thrill to the game.

Lost Relics is developed by only one person which makes it more impressive since some games are typically maintained by a whole team.

Lost Relics has only one developer, but he is not an ordinary man. Cliff Cawley has a lot of experience in gaming development, in 20 years he created a lot of games for Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Android, and IOS.

Now his masterpiece was this play-to-earn game, that gives players an earning opportunity just by playing.

Game Features

  • Discover Rare Artifacts – As a great War broke a long time ago it caused chaos, loss of Lives, Knowledge, power, and some of its remnants are lay forgotten, and you can explore undiscovered land and find blockchain treasure, and each chest might have a chance to loot some of the rarest treasure in the universe.
  • Events & Encounters – it will give you the ability to earn tradable goods and play exciting casual games.
  • Blockchain Rarity – Every Item in Lost Relics is a mix of Fungible and non-Fungible items, and each item is limited, rare, and unique and doesn’t have any chance to create more.
  • Truly Valuable items- All Etherium Assets are Enjin Tokens and have a limited supply, which means that if items are destroyed the remaining item becomes rarer and has more value.
  • Multiverse Support – One of the exciting things in this NFT RPG is the support of Multiverse items, what does it mean? If you have items from another platform, you can use them here in Lost Relics.
  • Cosmetics – Some Cosmetic outfits can be used in lost relics that make your character unique, and some pets can help you in your adventure.

Yulgang Mobile (Free to play)


yulgang mobile graphics

Platform: Android, IOS, PC through Emulator

Visit Website

This play-to-earn NFT game is also an MMORPG game like Mir4, it is also an open-world game, that you can enjoy exploring. Yulgang mobile is a game based on a Korean comic hit “Yulgang”, a martial art comic that is popular in Korea.

This blockchain game has decent 3D graphics, with good gameplay. Just like other MMORPG games, you can hunt some monsters, defeat some powerful bosses, and enter dungeons, you can also fight some other players in a duel in the PVP arena to get some rewards, and you can also find a partner couple in the game and have you own wedding in Yulgang mobile.

Yulgang mobile has a blockchain-based token called TIG, this TIG can be smelt using an item called crystals that can be mined in a certain part of the map, once you have you can also exchange it to Wemix blockchain network.

Four Gods (Free to play)

Best NFT game like Mir4

four gods, new play to earn blockchain games games

Platform: Android, IOS, PC through Emulator

Visit Website

This play-to-earn NFT game “Four Gods” is also an NFT game under the Wemix network, and also an MMORPG game like Mir4 global.

Four Gods is also a high graphics game, that might test the performance of your mobile device, unfortunately For Gods are only playable on Mobile, and If you want to play it on PC, you’ll gonna need an emulator to play this game.

I’ll recommend using BlueStacks since it is optimized for a mobile game, and also has reliable performance.

You can earn in Four Gods, by smelting their crypto-based token called LUX, to smelt you’ll need a sufficient amount of RedGem that can be obtained through gathering, hunting, field boss, and more.

Gods Unchained (Free to play)

Best Free to play card NFT game

Gods unchained NFT game screen shots

Platform: PC only

Visit Website

Next on our list is also a card-based play-to-earn NFT game called “Gods Unchained“, if Splinterland is an NFT game that needed some investments, The Gods Unchained was completely free.

The downside of this play-to-earn game as it is only available on Windows and Mac, you cannot play this NFT game on mobile, but dont worry because they will surely release a mobile version of this crypto game.

When playing this crypto game, you will surely get some NFT cards, and if you earn some rare ones, you can sell them to their marketplace for profits.

Axie Infinity (Need Investment)

Most popular NFT game

NFT game, Axie infinity

Platform: PC, Android

Visit Website

An NFT game that reshape that popularized play-to-earn gaming, this play-to-earn is not free to play, but still, worth playing, it is a turn-based 2D game, that uses a digital pet called Axie.

Every Axie in this game is an NFT that players can buy, breed, and sell for profit. Once you own an Axie you can use it in PVE to battle some creatures or fight in a duel with some other players to earn much better rewards.

Dark Eden M (Free to play)

Number 1 2D MMORPG play to earn games

nft games, Dark eden M

Platform: Android, IOS only

Visit Website

A play-to-earn NFT that focuses on PVP, Dark Eden is a 2D MMORPG game about the battles of two factions, Vampires and Vampire slayers. At the start of the game, you can choose which side you want then after that you cannot change factions anymore.

You will remain vampires if you choose vampires, and slayers if you choose the slayers faction.

To earn you must need to eliminate other factions to obtain a medal, and that medal can be smelt into a crypto-based token of this NFT game called DEBCO, this crypto-based token is under a Wemix token, which means you can also exchange it to Wemix, then sell to earn cash in the game.

If you want to know what are the best upcoming NFT games, you can check them out in my separate article: Best Upcoming NFT Games 

Bottom Line

All games on the list are played to earn game or NFT games, some are free and some need to invest some real cash first to start the game, this list will continue to update and I will continue to add some new and best NFT games that you can earn money while playing. Happy gaming !!

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Frequently Ask Questions On NFT Games

What is NFT Game?

NFT game is a new kind of game that uses blockchain technology to create non-fungible assets in the game like blockchain-based tokens, in-game items, or even the character itself that can be traded by players to earn money, that’s why NFT games are also called play to earn games.

Are NFT Games Profitable?

It depends, some are profitable and some are not, it will just depend on what NFT games you play, and also based on your strategy in the game and your efforts

Can I earn Crypto by playing games?

Almost all NFT games can let you earn crypto by just playing, some example is Axie infinity, Splinterlands, Mir4, and Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict.

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