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Top 7 Best and Upcoming NFT games To Earn Money in 2021

NFTs Popularity Explode !!

As the pandemic has taken over the globe and started to hits almost everything from finance, companies, supplies, and more.

Many have lost their job, lots of people are forced to stay in their homes, and as the pandemic wreak havoc into the globe many peoples are seeking on how to release their boredom and gaming are one of the ways to entertain our salves during the pandemic.

Gaming becomes much more popular during the pandemic but still many people are jobless, and thus where NFT games become popular since it gives entertainment and earn real money while playing.

In fact, some people earn more money from playing NFT than having an actual Job, In this article, I created a list of NFT games that you can play and earn some real cash.

What are NFT??

First, what are NFTs? it stands for a non-fungible token, it has many forms such as Digital paintings to GIF-like the Nyan Cat to Digital Pet like CryptoKitties to Songs, etc. it is basically any digital assets that are backup by blockchain technology to make it authentic or Unique.

How NFT are used in the Games?

As I’ve said earlier that NFT used blockchain technology to make a Digital asset authentic and unique developer comes to an Idea to use it to in a game.

Developers that create the first NFT game come to an Idea, that there’s a lot of players that are willing to spend money on a game, but they own nothing and doest have any value in real life, so they create something that has value in real life, the one that is truly owned by the gamers and has value.

Whatever tradable items that you get in the game can be tradable in real life in exchange for real money.

The tradable items depend on the NFT games that you are playing, in some NFT games some items are tradable and some are not, but one thing is for sure, when the items are tradable it has a value that’s why it is guaranteed that some will probably buy it for sure.

So what NFT games are the best to play in 2021? don’t worry since I will share with your the best NFT games that I found.

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Best NFT Games List To Play in 2021

1. Axie Infinity (Most Popular NFT Game)

NFT game, Axie infinity

A game that makes the NFT games famous in 2021, during the pandemic a lot are searching for an income even at home and Axie Infinity allowed many to make it happen.

Axie Infinity is probably the most popular NFT game in the Philipines and India, it allows many to earn money even staying at home.

The game Axie Infinity is a Pokemon Inspired game that where players can battle, collect and trade pets for real profit.


To start playing Axie infinity, you need to set up your account first by login into then go to marketplace> signup > setup metamask since you need it to store your Etherium > then link down Ronin Wallet.

After you successfully register and install all the needed stuff for the Axie account, you need to buy your virtual pet called Axie, you need to form a team with a member of three Axie to play.

You will need to invest first some real money in this game to start playing and earn real money.

Since you don’t have any Axies at first you will need to buy the first three Axies using real money, and you will need thus three to play different game modes in Axie infinity and start earning.


In Adventure mode it is basically a PVE where you need to fight three monsters using your Axies, once you defeated the monster, there are some rewards that you can claim like SLP, and sync them into your wallet for profit.


In this mode you will fight some real players by using your existing Axies, this will reflect on the Axies that you buy since you will need Axies that have a good attribute to survive in a PVP match.

That’s why some expert suggests that you need to be careful in buying your first three Axies, don’t get tempted easily to buy Axies that is cheaper since some cheap Axies has a lower attribute that will not likely to survive on a PVP.


The third thing is through breeding, you can match 2 Axies to breed and form an offspring, the attribute of the parents can be inherited by the offspring, and you can sell it on the marketplace for profit.

Axie Infinity Game Trailer

2. Ethermon ( Idle NFT Game)

ethermon, NFT game

Next on our list is another pokemon based NFT game called Ethermon, it was lunch in the year 2017, and one of the first NFT games that exist.

You can play Ethermon in 2D or you can enter the fully-pledge 3D MMORPG in Decentraland Metaverse.


In this game you need to collect Ethermon, it is basically a digital pet like Axies in Axie infinity, the mons or Ethermons that you own is the one that you will use to battle other players Mons in the battle ladder, fist you will need to create your team consist with 3 mons, then you will choose your opponents and start the battle.

During the battle, players have no control over their mons since it is an auto-battle like some of the Idle RPG games, you will just rely on your Mons and choose a weaker opponent to win.\

You can also jump to their 3D Decentraland Metaverse where you can interact with the existing Mons in the wild and engage with the skill-based PVE.

Ethermon has a lot of plans for the future include the use of AR technology in their game-play, the developer is serious to bring us a Pokemon game-like experience and earning while playing.

3. League of Kingdom (MMO Strategy NFT Game)

nft game, league of kingdom
League Of Kingdoms Full Review And Guide

Next, on our list is a Decentralized MMO strategy game called League of Kingdom, first released in the year 2020 and joining the race to be one of the best and biggest NFT games.

At first glance, the League of Kingdom looks like an ordinary MMO Strategy game that I played, the graphics or visuals are good and the game-play is surprisingly good.

I was expecting at first that because it is an NFT game they have a very simple game-play and visuals like the Axie infinity and Ethermon but it’s not.

In fact, the game-play can compete with some famous MMO Strategy games like the State of Survival, The Walking Dead Survivors, The Ants: the Underground Kingdom, etc. 

The Only difference that separates League of Kingdom from the ordinary MMO Strategy game is that the resources that you can farm or get in this game is an NFT you can mint and trade on the Open sea for real money. 

But not just resources but also the land owned, you can think of its a real state that you fully owned, once you own land every time players farm on the land that you own you will get a 5% of the resources that they obtained, and as your land level goes higher the more profit you will earn and the higher the level your land the higher price it will be if you try to sell it in Open sea.

League of Kingdom is available on PC through a browser, and also available on Android and iOS via an app.

Game Features

  • Real MMO Strategy Game.
  • You can mint Resources to NFT.
  • Slay Montsters like Orc, Skelaton, Golem for Resources.
  • Compete with some other players through PVP.
  • Get NFT Land that trully owned by you.
  • Get percentage from players resources that farm from your land
  • Sell NFT items like Land and resources to Opensea

League of Kingdome Trailer

4. Nine Chronicles (2D NFT Game RPG)

Nine chronicles, NFT game

Next on our list is a play to earn NFT game called Nine Chronicles it is in a form of a 2D MMORPG game, unlike some of the NFT games that we discuss earlier Nine Chronicles is a fully-pledge MMORPG in which you can play in Adventure, defeat some MOBs, fight some bosses, craft, sell and buy some items, and convert into real cash.

By the way, in this game, every item is NFT means it has value in real life, and you can sell it for real cash, for now, the game is only available in windows, the Android, iOs, Mac is in development, but sooner or later we can enjoy this game in some other platform.

Game Features


The currency that is used in this game is called NCG that can be exchanged for real money, one of the ways to earn NCG is through mining, you can turn on mining mode in your setting, but it is not recommended for those using lower performance CPU since mining will use some processing power of your CPU to mine NCG so if you’re using a lower CPU I recommend not to turn on mining options in this game.


The next feature is adventure mode, where you will battle some Mobs, and level up your character to unlock newer and more powerful in-game items, and if you manage to craft rear weapons or gears.

Crafting and Trading

The materials that you collect in your adventure can be used to craft some items, and if you manage to craft some rare items with special attributes, they can be traded for the exchange of NCG for profit.

Nine Chronicles Trailer

5. Chain Guardians (NFT Game Univers)

Read Guide and Review of Chain Guardians

Next on our list is an NFT game called ChainGuardian, it is basically an ecosystem where players can earn tokens while playing the game.

And those tokens can be converted into real cash.

There are two kinds of tokens in this game, the CGC and the CGG, the CGC is the in-game currency that can be converted into CGG and CGG is the one with the true value in the real world that can be exchanged for real money.


There are two kinds of game-play in this NFT game that you can earn CGC, the RPG and the Mining.

You can earn CGC when fighting some MOBS in RPG every time you win, you earn CGC and some loots that you can use for crafting, the RPG in this game is in beta mode, which means it will be improved and sooner or later we will experience much better game-play in RPG mode and has some possibility to earn more when playing.

The Second one is Mining, you can use your NFT to mine some resources like tokens in the game, I will give more details about mining in my full review on Chain Guardians that I will publish in


  • Earn CGC through RPG
  • NFT mining
  • Bring your own NFT
  • Support Crytoverse from partners
  • Free to Play and Play to Earn
  • Newebie Friendly

Chain Guardians Trailer

6. Lost Relics (MMORPG NFT Game)

lost relics, nft game rpg

From some NFT game with more decent game-play to a 2D MMORPG, and now we have a fully pledge 3D AARPG, with graphics that can be compared to Diablo immortal, this NFT game compared to graphics are really good and I amaze how this game look, but don’t get me wrong since I was a gamer and I play some games with better graphics than this, but for NFT games?

I was expecting at first that all NFT games have just basic game-play and graphics, but as I keep on exploring and hunting some legit NFT games I was Amaze how some NFT games like this can compete with some modern Gaming that we usually play on a PC or Mobile Devices.

What is more, impressive is that this game is just developed by one person! yup, you read it right and it is insane since many games struggle to optimized even they have tons of developers, but surprisingly Lost Relics is just create and optimized by one person and his name is Cliff Cawley.

But even he is a one-man team of developers, he is not an ordinary man, he has a lot of experience in gaming development, for 20 years he created a lot of games from Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Android, and iOS.

And now he created this, a true masterpieces game that is backed up by blockchain technology that allows players to get some items that are truly owned by them, and they have a capability to fully own, destroy or even sell them for exchange of real profit in a real world.

We will not talk about its gameplay since it is obvious it’s a role-playing game and everybody knows whats a role-playing game is, instead we will talk about its game features.

Game Features

  • Discover Rare Artifacts – As a great War broke long time ago it cause chaos, lost of Lives,Knowledge, power, and some of its remnants is lay forgotten, and you has the ability to explored undescoverd land and find blockchain treasure, and each chest might have a chance to loot some of the rarest treasure in the universe.
  • Events & Encounters – it will gives you the ability to earn tradable goods and play exiting casual games.
  • Blockchain Rarity – Every Item in Lost Relics is a mix of Fungible and non-Fungible items, and each item are limited, rare, and unique and doesnt have any chance to create more.
  • Trully Valuable items– All Etherium Assets are Enjin Token and has limited supply, means that if an items are destroyed the remaining item become rarer and has more value.
  • Mutliverse Support – One of the exciting thing in this NFT RPG is the support of Multiverse items, what does it mean? If you have items from other platform, you can use it here in Lost Relics.
  • Cosmetics – There are some Cosmetic outift that can be use in lost relics that make your character unique, there is also some pets that can help you in you adventure.
  • Multiplayer – There will be 4 Player Co-op PVP in the near future.

Lost Chronicles Trailer

7. Splinterlands (Most Popular Card Game NFT)

Splinterlands Screenshots

This Nft game is a card game in which players fight in a duel of cards, it begins in matchmaking which you will be randomly matched with other players, and then you can start to choose from the cards that are playable or owned by you.

Each has its own attributes like attack, speed, toughness, health, some cards also have shields and special abilities that can use to counter opponents’ cards.

There are six sources of magic or elements that you can choose in every fight and it is based on summoners that you’ve chosen to use.

Summoners serves like a general for your cards and monsters will serve as its army, and if you are done choosing summoners and monster the auto-battle will start, and the one who has the best set of cards will win, and since it is an auto-battle you won’t have any control when the duel start that’s why choosing the best combination of cards before the duel is crucial.

How to earn in Splinterland?

  • Dark Eneygy- it is a rewards that can be obtained by winning in ranked battle, every time you win, you will earn Dark energy crystals that can be convert into a real cash using your metamask wallet.
  • Complete Daily Quest- By completing daily quest there is a chance to earn some rewards, or even a cards and if your lucky, you might get a card with a high value and can be traded for some real money.

Splinterland Trailer

Upcoming NFT Games

Playing NFT games or any kind of games at an early stage might be important to some since it will give some advantage against the newer players in terms of level and it gives much some opportunity to earn more in some cases of NFT.

So to become one of the first to try new NFT games here are some list of upcoming NFT game that you should keep an eye !!

Chumbi Valley

chumbi valley featured image

This NFT game is interesting since it looks like has a great game-play and a lot of earning opportunities, the visuals are also looking good, upon looking into the monster that they are planning to release I can say that the company is pretty serious to make this game stand out upon its release.

The choices of colors from its monsters called Chumbi from its environments are pleasing to the eye, and for the gameplay, Chumbi Valley has promising gameplay that you can battle with the other players for rewards.

There are also different types of Chumbies that you can use in a duel, it is a Pokemon inspired NFT game so they make the duel looks like a Pokemon battle, their monster called “Chumbi” has some advantage and disadvantage against the other Chumbi that depends on types, so should choose wisely on what Chumbi that you gonna use in a duel.

In this upcoming NFT game, players can also breed their Chumbi to produce an offspring with higher stats that they can use in their adventure or sell it on the marketplace for more profit, the rarer and the higher stats the Chumbi has the higher the value it has and the more profit you might get on selling in on the market place.

Other Interesting features about this game are the following.

  • Exploration- you can explore various terrain and fight and defeat curse Chumbi to earn a rewards.
  • Farming- You can find some seeds and start farming, crops are tokenized or NFTs that you should water regularly to grow, and crops can be combined with so called “Lucky Stars” to make a food for your Chumbi.
  • Offline Reward- This game also has some offline rewards that players can leave thier Chumbi and comback with various resources that can be sold in a market place.
  • Fostering- Players can send their Chumbi on other players and obtain a percentage or rewards from players that using your Chumbi.
  • LSTS- This upcomming NFT game has a secondary token called “LSTS” that can be obtained when defeating cursed Chumbi, farming, selling in game assets, this secondary token is Chumbi valley Play-to-earn rewards that players can convert to a real cash for a profit.

Chumbi Valley doesn’t give an exact date on when they gonna lunch this game but based on the road maps that they released, we can assume that we can play this game on Q1 of 202, but for now always keep an eye on this upcoming NFT game so you don’t miss it’s released and be one of the first to try this NFT game.


Dinox screen shoots

Are you dream to have your own “Jurassic Park”? well in real life it is impossible because these creatures are long extinct about 65 million years ago, even our best scientists cant bring back to life this mighty creature that once roams the earth.

Everybody knows that owning a Dinosours and building a Jurassic park is impossible, but what if I tell you that owning and building your own Jurassic Park is possible thanks to “Dinox” you can now have a chance to have your very own dinosaurs.

What is Dinox?

Dinox is an NFT game, on which everything that you can see in the game is fully owned by players or called NFT or nun fungible token that is backed up by blockchain technology that allows players to own items that have a real value in real life.

All Dinosours in Dinox are NFTs means they are unique in every way, just like us humans in real life, we don’t have a copy of our self so do our Dinosaur in Dinox they are unique and have their own value.

This NFT game has some nostalgic feel since even though that we are now in the year 2021 where almost every game has intensive and realistic graphics, Dinox Plans to bring us the beauty and simplicity of the game in the past since all the scenes from the environment to the Dinosours are pixilated just like the early games in the past.

Game Features

  • Breeding- Just like some other NFT games, Dinox also give player an opportunity to breed their own dino to create a new kind of dinosours, those offspring might also has a chance to inherits the stats of its parents.
  • Dino Egg hatching- Players can have a chance to own and hatch a Dino eggs in which they can buy on Opensea.
  • Play to earn- Like other NFT game, Dinox can help players earn money while playing by selling dino eggs on opensea or hatch the eggs and sell the dino from the eggs that they hatch.
  • Dino Battle- It was said that the players can have a duel match like the one weve seen from pokemons, the winner in a duel might get some useful rewards.
  • Dino care- This features might inspired from the digital pets called “Tamagochi” where you can feed your dino and take care of it like a real pet.

Dinox is unique that instead to create their own monster for their game, they used Dinosours that can bring back childhood memories to many, and a lot of players will have the fun of owning their own digital pet dinosaurs and earning real money from playing.

Bottom Line

All games on the list are played to earn game or NFT games, some are free and some need to invest some real cash first to start the game, this list will continue to update and I will continue to add some new and best NFT games that you can earn money while playing. Happy gaming !!

I would also like to thank you for reaching this very last part of this article, if you have some questions about these games just let me know in the comment section if you want to support me and to help Mirageportal to grow you can purchase through links in this website.

I may earn affiliate commissions and it will help this website a lot, and those that I earn can help to improve and give you more valuable guides, tips, and reviews to some of the latest and best games out there.

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