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mir4 stats and damage guide

Complete Mir4 Stats and Damage Guide for Beginners

First of all welcome to our third and probably the last mir4 guide for beginners, recently I created a beginner’s guide in the game Mir4 where you can learn all the basic things that you need to know in the game.

I also write a guide on how to level up faster in the mir4 that can help you to level up faster in the game and quickly reach level 40 to unlock the play to earn a feature of the game.

Today I will teach you how to improve your character stats in Mir4, increase your damage, and things that you need to do to improve your character on booth PVP and PVE

Increasing your stats in Mir4 can sometimes be tricky and you need a lot of materials like darksteel, and upgrading items.

I will assume that you know all of that stuff about how to get materials since I already discuss it on my Mir4 beginner’s guide.

So in this article, I will just list and explain all the things you must do to increase your damage and improve your stats in mir4.

Ways To Improve Your Stats In Mir4

1. Choose Your Build Based on Your Character

mir4 sorcerer

The build-in of your character is may vary in the hero that you choose. All heroes in the game have different skills and roles, some are tanks some are damage dealers, so you choose wisely.

For example, the Warrior class is known to be the toughest and has the highest rate of survivability amongst heroes. You could take advantage of that on improving your warrior damage reduction and defense to make it tougher, you could also upgrade its physical attack and bash, since bash and PHY attack it the main source of damage to the Warrior class.

If you choose Arbalist it is one of the highest damage in PVP, they are a marksman in the game, and are known for their high critical rate and speed of attack, some of their skills are like enhancing normal attacks that give them a speed attack boost, it is wiser to take advantage on it and focus on improving its critical chance and PHY attack, those can give an Arbalist terrifying damage on PVP.

When sorcerer is your choice, keep in mind that this hero class is more of an AOE attack. Sorcerers are very effective in a team fight and most of their damage comes from spell attacks, always considered enhancing their spell damage, dont ever try to enhance its PHY attacks since sorcerers are pure magic and your character will not benefit from any PHY attack upgrade.

2. Use Higher Tier Weapons and Gear

Mir4 stats weapon

There are four kinds of weapons and gears in the game uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. I recommend that you only craft items that you badly needed, don’t try to craft and craft some unnecessary items since you will just be wasting your Darksteel.

When I first play Mir4 I don’t do craft uncommon items, since you can just obtain a lot of those by doing some quests in the game.

Instead of crafting some uncommon gears, I focus on quests like field quests, and requests. Doing those missions will guarantee that you’ll get some uncommon gear and weapons.

Only craft rare, epic, and legendary weapons since you need a lot of those to upgrade gears to a higher tier one.

3. Enhance your Weapons & Gears

enhance weapon in mir4

When you have the weapons and gears, always considered to enhance them. You will need two kinds of items, the dark steel and enhancing materials called  “Enhancement stone”, there are two kinds of these stones that are categorized in different rarity, the enhancement stone, and the mystic enhancement stone.

Booth can enhance your weapons and gears, but mystic enhancement stones can give higher stats compared to ordinary enhancement stones.

You can only use these stones according to the grade of weapons & gears, uncommon enhancement stone for uncommon gears, rare enhancement stone for rare gears & weapons, epic enhancement stone for epic weapons and gears, and legendary enhancement stone for legendary weapons, it was also the same to mystic enhancement stone.

Enhancing greatly enhances the stats of your weapons and gears, but there is a certain chance that your gear might fail to enhance based on the rarity and your luck. 

There is also a certain possibility that when the gears reach a danger zone and failed to enhance your gears or weapons might be destroyed, but it will only happen when your gears reach the level of +5, any enhancement beyond this level is in a danger zone that when you failed you’ll lose your equipment (gears & weapons).

4. Increase your Stats in Mir4 Through Enchant

mir4 enchant

Another way to increase the stats of your equipment is by using enchantment, it gives your equipment additional random abilities like CRIT ATK DMG boost, Bash ATK DMG boost, PvP DMG reduction, and many more.

When using Enchant in mir4 you’ll need three items, the Darksteel, Identification scroll, and copper. When you have all of the materials click enchant and you will get a random ability.

5. Increase your damage and stats in Mir4 by using codex.

increase damage in mir4 using codex

You can also enhance your character’s damage and stats using Codex, if you are not yet familiar with this one dont worry it is very easy to use.

The codex is like a registry, you can register items that you’re not using, or in other words, only register your spared items in the codex.

Dont try to register your main equipment on your codex because everything that is registered in a codex will be lost permanently. But in exchange for your lost items, your character will gain additional bonus stats like EVA, hunting EXP boost, all Atack damage boost, and many more.

By using codex in mir4 you need to complete all the required items to gain the attribute, for example in the image above in order to get the additional PvP attack damage boost of 1.00%, you need to register all the required magic stones plus the Nefariox horn, once you registered the required items, your heroes will acquire the attribute permanently.

There are a lot of stats that you can get in the codex to increase your damage or stats in the game like spell attack for Sorcerer, Accuracy, crit damage boost, PHY attack, skill DMG boost, and many more, you dont need to complete every codex, you just need to choose what you need the most if you want to increase damage go for the damage attribute, if you want to increase defense, you can choose damage reduction.

Always remember dont try to register in the codex your main equipment, like weapons, and armor since it will be gone forever.

6. Increase your damage and stats in Mir4 using Spirit

increase your damage in mir4 using spirit

I already mentioned the use of spirit to level up fast in mir4 in our previous article, the spirit has a lot of use like to boost some EXP gain, increase drop chance, and it can also use to increase your damage in Mir4.

There are some spirits that can give additional PHY ATK, all attack damage boost, spell attack, PVP attack damage boost, etc, if you have this kind of spirit, you can create a separate deck for it, so you can quickly change your spirit stats if you need it, you can change from mining deck if your mining or gathering, and change for PVP deck to increase your damage and stats when there is a threat.

7. Increase your damage using Constitution

increase your damage Mir4 constitution

Our next way to increase damage and stats in mir4 is through upgrading the constitution, upgrading the constitution has a lot of benefits in increasing stats for your character like PHYS DEF (physical defense), HP (hit points), EVA (evasion), PHYS ATK (physical attack), Spell DEF (spell defense), MP (mana points), Accuracy. 

Unlike codex and items where you can only choose certain stats based on your character, in the constitution, you shouldn’t choose, you need to enhance everything since you cannot proceed to the next tier of your constitution if you dont enhance all the stats in your current tier.

To enhance you need materials like herbs, reishi,  herb root, century fruit that you can gather in the gathering area on the map, and unihorn slice, and flower oil that can be obtained by defeating monsters in the labyrinth area

If you have a lot of materials, try to upgrade everything to obtain the additional attribute, and dont forget to promote your constitution to proceed into the next tier of your constitution.

8. Increase Damage and Improve Stats in mir4 Using Inner Force

mir4 inner force increase mir4 stats

Like the constitution, the inner force is another way on improving your hero stats and increase its damage in mir4. By enhancing you’ll gain the same additional attribute from constitution like PHYS ATK, Monster ATK DMG Boost, PHYS DEF, Spell DEF, and a lot more.

There are six manual inner forces that you can unlock and enhance based on your current level, try to upgrade everything in inner force and promote to the next tier to increase and improve your stats.

With the combined stat boost from the constitution and inner force you will have a massive increase on your damage and stats, but upgrading these two becomes harder as the tier increase, make sure that you have a lot of materials to upgrade.

9. Increase Your Stats in Mir4 by Upgrading Conquest

mir4 conquest improve mir4 stats

Aside from all of its functions, you can also gain some stat boost and increase your damage by upgrading your conquest. You can upgrade your conquest by upgrading its requirements like completing missions, reaching a certain level, etc

By upgrading your conquest you’ll additional stats attributes like Spell DEF, PHYS DEF, EVA, Boss DMG Reduction, PVP DMG Reduction, HP, MP, Accuracy, Boss ATK DMG Boost, PVP ATK DMG Boost, and  PHYS ATK to increase your damage.

10. Increase Your Damage and Stats by Using Magic Stone

increase damage and stats in mir4 using magic stone

Like spirit you can also create a separate Deck in magic stone, you can create a deck for farming EXP by using magic stone that enhances your EXP gain and damage to the monster, and you can also create a deck for PVP.

By building a deck for PVP in mir4 you should base it on your characters, like what I’ve said if you are an Arbalist you can prioritize its critical and PHYS attack, and use magic stone that can greatly enhance its crit and attack.

If you are a warrior you can build a deck with a magic stone that enhances its damage reduction, Crit DMG Reduction, all damage reduction, and bash attack damage boost.

This is just an example, try to experiment with your deck based on your character.

Note: I’m the author of this article and I spend a lot of time and resources just giving you this info, If you enjoy this content and it becomes useful to you please give me a little favor by writing a comment in the comment section at the bottom of this article, it will help me a lot. Thank you.

Bottom Line 

When you do and upgrade all the things that I’ve mentioned in this article, you will notice a massive boost in your damage and stats, but before you can do all of it, just make sure that you have a lot of materials, like darksteel, enhancement stone, magic stone, and etc.

Try to gather as many materials as you can, because it is the key to increasing your damage and stats in Mir4.