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is cloudways good for wordpress?

Is Cloudways Good For WordPress?

Is Cloudways good for WordPress? The short answer is an absolute yes. I’ve been using Cloudways on my WordPress hosting and I’m very satisfied with their cloud hosting service.

There are a lot of WordPress hosting out there that claim that their WordPress hosting is the best hosting for WordPress websites. However based on my own experience using Cloudways for seven months. I don’t have even a single issue using Cloudways on my WordPress website.

So to answer your question if Cloudways is Good for WordPress it’s a big Yes. In case you want a longer answer, continue reading and I’ll explain it much further.

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Is Cloudways Good For WordPress?: 7 Reasons Why It Is Good

Below are the main reasons why I say that Cloudways is good for a WordPress website. I will explain them one by one so you can also decide for yourself.


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Speed was a very important factor on the website. A slow website will greatly impact the user experience. If your site was very slow, there is a high chance that your visitor will leave before it fully loads. 

In terms of speed, Cloudways was fast. Did you know that WordPress hosting Bluehost and other more popular web hosting are just shared hosting? While Cloudways was a cloud hosting. In comparison in speed between shared hosting and Cloud hosting is like night and day.

Yeah sure, they said that WordPress hosting is shared hosting that is tailored for WordPress. But at the end of the day, WordPress hosting was still a shared hosting and it is no match for cloud hosting in speed performance. 

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In terms of uptime, they were excellent. From the first day that I moved my website into Cloudways, I haven’t experienced any downtime till now. I have been using Cloudways for about 5 months and have no downtime issues.

Cloudways was a cloud hosting, and cloud hosting is well known as an excellent uptime. It was because cloud hosting was composed of multiple physical servers. Even if one server goes down, other servers will take up a load of your website. Those will ensure that your website will have a 99.9% uptime using a cloud hosting like Cloudways.

Scalability and Flexibility

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Another feature of why Cloudways was a real deal for a WordPress website was its scalability and flexibility. In traditional hosting, when you host your site you will need to pick a plan and you will pay for it. 

In case you’re website grows and you need additional resources like storage, RAM, data transfer, and core you have no choice but to move into their more expensive plans. But in Cloudways, it’s completely different.

Cloud hosting like Cloudways has very flexible plans and resources that are scalable. You can just choose a server and a resource that your website needs. When the time comes that you need an extra resource there is no need to jump into other plans.

All you need to do is head over to the vertical scaling and rescale the resources that you need. Resources in Cloudways can be rescaled whenever you want without any issues. Cloudways also offers block storage which is excellent when your website only needs additional storage, without changing other server parameters.

Pay As You Go Pricing

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When it comes to pricing. Cloudways Offers a pay-as-you-go payment. In traditional hosting, once you choose a plan you will pay for the plan even if you’re website didn’t consume all the resources from the plan that you choose. In Cloudways, you will only pay for the resources that your website consumes.

There is no hidden cost for these features and the pricing is also very transparent. You can easily monitor your bill in real-time billing inside your dashboard.

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Staging Environment

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A staging environment is a feature that you can’t find in non-cloud hosting. This feature is very useful in testing plugins and themes on your website. I often use a staging environment whenever I want to redesign my website or test a certain plugin if it will not cause any issues.

Redesigning a website or changing a WordPress theme is risky. One falls move and your ranking and traffic will be in a great mess. There are some cases in which some of the content is gone after changing a WordPress theme. Those problems can be avoided by using a staging environment.

When using a staging environment you can create an exact copy of your website in a controlled environment. Everything that you do on the staging site will not cause some impact on the live site. 

After changing the theme in your staging environment, you can check for any errors or missing content on your site. After that—all the changes that you do in your staging environment can be pushed into your live website without any troubles since you already fixed the issue in the staging environment before pushing it into a live site.

The staging environment is one of my favorite features in Cloudways, and I highly recommend it when performing some modifications on your WordPress website.

Free WordPress Optimizing Plugin

breeze cloudways

Cloudways also provides a free plugin that can boost the performance of your website. The plugin is called Breeze it is an all-in-one caching plugin that provides a cache on your website. 

Breeze optimizes your website by giving you the options of minifying HTML, Minify and combining CSS, Minify and combining Javascript, optimizing Images, optimizing databases, and more.

Free Caching

Cloudways also provides free caching tools for your WordPress website. Just head over to your Breeze and make sure that the cache setting is turned on. The cache is automatically purged in one day. But if you want to have a longer purging time, you can. Just adjust the purging time based on minutes.


In summary, after moving my website into Cloudways I have had a very positive experience. The support is fast and very professional. My website performance with Cloudways is excellent with 99.9% uptime, fast website speed, and scalable resources.

The only thing that was lacking was the free business email and the dedicated file manager. But overall Cloudways was good for WordPress. If you want your WordPress website to be fast and always online, try Cloudways and you will not regret it like me.

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Frequently Ask Questions For Cloudways

Does Cloudways have WordPress?

Cloudways has features like one-click WordPress installation where users can download and install WordPress is their server in just one click.

Is Cloudways good hosting?

Not just good but great, Cloudways is one of the best Cloud hosting platforms that love by many, I host my website from Cloudways a few months ago now and it is just wow, I can’t believe how good it is.

Does Cloudways have a cPanel?

No Cloudways don’t have cPanel, but they have their own control panel which is much simple and easier compared to cPanel which even beginners can use easily.

Is Cloudways good for beginners?

Yes, I highly recommend Cloudways for beginners with its simple interface and user-friendly dashboard where almost all activities can be done with just a few clicks of a button.

How long is Cloudway’s free trial?

Cloudways offers a three-day free trial without the need for a credit card, for you to try and build a website for free before you decide if you use Cloudways or not.

How to Cancel Cloudways Free Trial?

You can cancel your Cloudways free trial anytime by deleting your server on Cloudways.