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Cloudways Review (Full Review 2022)

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Definitive Cloudways Review As A Customer

This website where your read these articles is hosted on Cloudways, I have been using Cloudways hosting for months, which gives me a reason to write my own Cloudways review as a customer and as a webmaster.

It started a few months ago when I faced some issues with my previous web hosting provider, I have been hosting Mirageportal in my previous web hosting provider for years until some issues appear which give me a reason to use Cloudways instead.

My previous web hosting was good, it is a premium shared hosting since Mirageportal because of a reason that this website of mine was just a small website back then.

As I keep publishing more and more content, Mirageportal traffic started to kick in, my visitor grows significantly, and because I keep publishing content my website size also grows, and that is where the problem starts.

Issues Started To Appear

A few months ago my website issues appear, and there are errors everywhere, I also face some issues where my website has been down for about five hours and as a publisher, I know that you know that a website that is offline for hours is not good for a business.

After finding some issues, and asking for some help from my previous provider they offer me a new and more expensive plan to fix my website problem, that’s when I realized I need to move to Cloud hosting for better performance.

After finding some Cloud hosting options the one that captivates my attention was Cloudways, it was because of their pay-as-you-go feature, where I can try their Cloud hosting and leave whenever I want to.

After I migrated this website Mirageportal to Cloudways and try their services the result amazed me and after four months of hosting my website on Cloudways, I decide to write a Cloudways review and share with you my own experience in Cloudways.

To fully review Cloudways I will be focusing on some major things that I’m sure most of you want to know and give you some insight into how Cloudways perform, we will be focusing if it is user-friendly, has performance, pricing, and whether Cloudways features.

I will keep this review as simple as possible, without using some technical terms that may confuse those that are new website owners.

Cloudways review summary

Cloudways Review (Full Review 2022) - Mirage Portal

After using Cloudways hosting for 5 months until now, I'm very satisfy with hosting, the uptime are excellent, a fast cloud hosting, with lot of excellent features. The only thing that I don't like was the lack of free webmail, and a dedicated file manager on the dashboard.

Price: $10

Price Currency: USD

Application Category: Cloud hosting

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What Is Cloudways?

To better understand our review, allow me first to discuss what Cloudways was.

Many still mistake Cloudways as a cloud provider, but they are not. Cloudways is a kind of technology that brings all the premium and popular cloud providers into one place.

Instead of going to the different official websites of this cloud provider and trying to decide which is better and which is the best for your website.

Cloudways bring all the premium cloud provider into their platform for you to choose which cloud provider you preferred based on their own plan, Cloudways also create a solution to remove the complexity of this premium cloud hosting on which you can create and manage your website in a cloud with just few click of a button.

Our Cloudways review will be based on important factors that everyone is interested to know, I place them down below to summarize my overall experience with Cloudways and give you some insight into what you might expect when using Cloudways web hosting.

Does Cloudways Userfriendly?

First, let’s talked about how user-friendly Cloudways is.

Cloud hosting is not for beginners, hosting a website on another Cloud hosting is a huge learning curve. A lot of things are complicated for beginners including me, I’m a publisher and a webmaster, and I manage this website of mine alone.

I do all the stuff like writing, editing, and everything you see on this website is created by me. I can’t afford to spend a lot of time and do all the complicated stuff on migrating my website to other cloud hosting with a more complicated setup.

This is why instead of directly trying to host my website in some cloud provider like DigitalOcean, or Google Cloud I try to host my website on Cloudways. Because setting up a website in a premium cloud provider like the DigitalOcean or Google Cloud by the use of Cloudways was as easy with just a few clicks of a button.

Another user-friendly feature was their managed one-time free website migration, once you decided to migrate your website on Cloudways you have two options, to migrate it yourself or avail of their one-time free manage migration, all you need to do is to request a manage migration, fill up the necessary information, then wait for the process to complete.

If you also want to start a WordPress website on Cloudways it is as easy as one click of a button. Follow this short video tutorial below on how you can easily install WordPress in Cloudways.

Video Tutorial

How to Install Wordpress On Cloudwa...
How to Install Wordpress On Cloudways In 2022

When creating an account you can use my promo code “MIRAGE10” to get 10% off for your first 3 months, after registration and verification you can install the server and WordPress in just one click.

Cloudways Pricing

cloudways review, pricing

Now let us talk about Cloudways pricing. Before I try Cloudways, I first surf the internet and find some cloud web hosting for my website, I visit Google cloud hosting website, Amazon Cloud, and DigitalOcean, but I don’t know how to compute the cost per hosting from those websites.

As a complete beginner in Cloud hosting at that time, I could not even use their price calculator because I don’t know how to use it when I visit Cloudways and their website, and I can easily decide because of their hosting plan.

Not just that, but their scalability feature is what more I like on Cloudways. You can easily adjust the resources that you need on your website, you will only pay based on what you used, not like on other web hosting where when you choose a plan you’ll gonna pay for the plan, even if your website used the allocated resources or not.

In Cloudways even if you choose the desired plan but didn’t use the allocated resource in a month you will only pay based on what your website consumes.

Vertical Scaling

cloudways vertical scaling, cloudways review

Cloudways pricing has what they called vertical scaling, it is the most efficient way to scale up your budget based upon how many resources you’ll need, you choose your resources like RAM and storage and you will pay what you consume every month.

Vertical scaling gives freedom to adjust your resources whenever you need to, Cloudways is truly one of the most flexible pricing that you can find in web hosting.

Pricing may range from about $10/month to $274.33/month based on the cloud provider that you will choose. A bit of advice if you are a beginner and your site is not that huge yet, always considered to choose a lower plan at first to save some money.

Besides, you can just easily adjust the vertical scaling when you’re site started to grow its traffic and you need more resources.

I ask one of Cloudway’s representatives how much monthly traffic their lowest plan can cater to, and they said that it is good for a website with 20,000 monthly traffic, so if you are just started a website It doesnt need to go all in their most expensive plan, beside you can easily adjust the resources that you’ll need as your visitors started to grow.

Cloudways Performance

In terms of performance, Cloudways was fast, I know that shared hosting should never be compared to cloud hosting, but just to give you an idea of how my website speed improved from premium shared hosting vs Cloudways, you can take a look at the screen below this line.

Page Insight Of My Website In a Shared Hosting

page insight result on shared hosting

Page Insight Of My Website In a Cloudways

speed insight with cloudways

Gtmetrix In Shared Hosting

website gtmetrix result from shared hosting

Gtmetrix in Cloudways

gtmetrix speed test result with cloudways good for wordpress

You can see the difference in speed between my previous hosting which is a premium shared hosting versus Cloudways, the speed can still be improved by using a CDN, caching plugin, or choosing a plan with more RAM and processor.

Cloudways Features

1 Click Fast Server and WordPress Installation

1 click server and wordpress installation in cloudways

If you are planning to start a WordPress Website on Cloudways and if you are a beginner, you will surely like these features.

In some cloud hosting setting up a server and installing a WordPress Application is really frustrating for beginners, there is a lot of technical stuff that you need to do, but in Cloudways everything can be done with just 1 Click of a button.

If you don’t, believe me, you can try it for yourself, but honestly, everything can be set up in just one click, all you need to do is choose a plan and click the button, and you are done, the server and WordPress will be installed.

Free Astra Pro For 1 Year

Astra pro free

This is a feature that I was surprised about in Cloudways, I host the website Mirageportal on Cloudways a few months ago and honestly, I don’t even know about Cloudways and Astra partnership.

Just one of Cloudway’s representatives send me an email and inform me that Astra and Cloudways have a partnership and all Cloudways users can use the Astra Pro theme for free for a whole year. If you are a complete beginner in WordPress and you are not aware of Astra, it is the fastest WordPress theme that you can use today.

If you are not aware, there is the free version of Astra which is already good for a free WordPress theme, even for a free Astra theme you will benefit from its speedy performance, but a free version offers fewer features, especially in customization.

You can create a basic-looking website from the free version but a pro version of Astra enables you to use all of its features to create a stunning and professional-looking website which you can use for free when you host your website in Cloudways.

The free Astra pro version can be used not just for one website but for unlimited websites for free in one year, a truly useful feature especially if you planning to create multiple websites. This website Mirageportal was not using an Astra theme when I first migrate it to Cloudways, but now that I learn that Cloudways users can use Astra pro for free I changed my theme to Astra just to try it for myself.

If you want to try Cloudways and Astra pro on your website, just visit their website using the button below.

24/7 Live Chat Support

One feature why I say that this cloud hosting is beginner-friendly was their 24/7 live chat support.

Some cloud hosting most of them are unmanaged with minimal technical support, but since Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting, they always have an expert that can help you any time of the day, I tried it a lot of times, and they responded fast about only 3 mins or even faster.

If you want more response time you can avail of their advanced support or their premium support add ons which give you a dedicated account manager, a private Slack channel, direct phone support, and faster response, but it is not free you will be charged an extra every month.

For me the standard 24/7 support is enough, it is fast and fixes all the issues when I ask for help. Advanced and premium support is for those with a huge website that every minute is critical for their business, but for most users’ standard 24/7 support is enough.

1 Click Free SSL

cloudways free SSL, cloudways review

Not all web hosting offers free SSL in all their plans, In our cloud hosting all their plans have a free SSL, although this is not recommended If you already have one when you migrate your site to Clouways, but for others that are just starting up, a free SSL is a good option.

In comparison to my previous hosting, they also offer free SSL, but installation is really hard for beginners and cause some mixed HTTPS result on my website, some of my pages are HTTPS and some are not, which force me to use a third-party software just to convert all my page to HTTPS.

What is good about Cloudway’s free SSL was how easy to use it, you can convert all your page into HTTPS with just 1 click of a button, all you need to do is to place your domain names click save and you’re done.

My previous hosting, it gives me a lot of headaches since I was a beginner back then and I couldn’t find a solution on how to properly install SSL on my website, which can be done in just one click in Cloudways, I wish I’m using Cloudways when I was just a beginner, It will save me a lot of time.

Block Storage

Another unique feature of this cloud hosting was the block storage, in some other web hosting what plan you choose is what you will get, in case you want to add some storage you will need to change to the other plans, but thanks to Block Storage you can add storage without the need to change without changing other server parameters.

1 Click Backup and Restore

cloudways 1 click backup and restore

This cloud hosting also offers one-click backup and restore in case you need a backup for your website, in some other cases if you need to get some backups on your website it might give you an extra cost by purchasing premium backups for your website, which you can get for free in Cloudways.

The backup that you will create will allocate the storage of your server so always make sure that you always monitor your storage when creating a backup.

Free Premium Caching Plugin

breeze cloudways

In case you’re using WordPress instead of purchasing a premium caching plugin, Cloudways will give you a free premium caching plugin called ”Breeze”.

Breeze has a lot of features that you will need for your WordPress websites like file compression which give you the option to minify HTML, Javascript, and CS.

It also features image compression, Gzip compression, and more, thus the kind of features that you can usually get on a paid premium plugin.

If you want to see its full features you can visit its official website.

Premium Cloud Provider

cloudways cloud provider

Like I constantly say cloud hosting is a huge learning curve and not for beginners, hosting a website directly on some cloud hosting like DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Amazon Cloud was hard if you are new to cloud hosting, but not in Cloudways– with the help of their technology you can host your website with this premium cloud provider with ease.

Things That I Don’t Like In Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Cloudways was a great cloud hosting from the speed, the flexibility, and almost all that it offers are great, but there are a few things that I didn’t like about it and let me elaborate on them for you.

No Free Webmail

rackspace cloudways

Honestly, this was my main concern about this cloud hosting. I need webmail to create a professional-looking email rather than an email address that is provided by Gmail for free.

I use it for my contact, and for those inquiries on my website like sponsorship, affiliate, or any concern with my website.

In my previous hosting provider even though their plan was cheaper compared to Cloudways because obviously, it was a premium shared hosting, they still include free webmail on which I can create a professional-looking email address together with a mailbox at no extra cost.

But in this cloud hosting, if you want to have webmail, you can include it on your Cloudways add-on, which is cheap enough, but still an extra cost is an extra cost no matter how cheap it is, it was still an additional cost which you can get for free in some web hosting.

No File Manager

Another thing that I don’t like was the lack of a file manager, in the five years of managing my own website, there are some instances where I need to delete, modify, or add some files on my website which is why having a dedicated file manager on hosting is important for me.

Sadly Cloudways doesn’t have a file manager, if you want to access your file you can use FileZilla which is not convenient for me because you need to set it up first before you can use it. FileZilla is another learning curve, especially for beginners.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use a plugin called File manager, but a plugin is not as secure compared to a file manager that is directly into a hosting, which is why It is a disappointing factor for me, I need a file manager right out of the box without using third party software or a plugin.

Cloudways Pros and Cons

24/7 SupportNo Free Webmail Include
User friendlyNo File Manager
Beginners Friendly
Support Fast Hosting
Flexible Pricing

Host Your Website On Cloudways

Final Verdict

After a few months of hosting my website in this cloud hosting, I couldn’t find any issues it was fast, and way faster compared to a premium Webhosting, and the 24/7 support and really fast response help me a lot when there are some issues in my website.

The only downside for me was the lack of free webmail, and the lack of file manager, some complained about Cloudways about lacking cPanel, but for free it doesn’t matter since the control panel is way easier compare to cPanel.

I migrate my website to Cloudways and will remain with Cloudways since I’m very satisfied with its features, server performance, and customer support, it is a cloud hosting that is truly worth trying.

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Frequently Ask Questions For Cloudways

  • Is Cloudways Worth it?

    Realy worth it, I have been hosting my own website in Cloudways for a few months and It was excellent, it was fast on WordPress, and had no downtime.

  • How much is Cloudways monthly?

    The monthly bill in Cloudways depends on how many resources your website use, and what plan you choose, it may range from $10 a month to $274.33 a month.

  • Is Cloudways good for beginners?

    Cloudways has a very simple interface, it is the simplest hosting dashboard that I have ever used, almost all functions in Cloudways can be done in just a few clicks.

  • Is Cloudways a VPS?

    No, Cloudways is manage cloud hosting which is faster than a VPS, and the cloud provider in Cloudways is premium like DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, VULTR, Linode, and Amazon Cloud.

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