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Neuronwriter vs Scalenut: Which One is Better?

Neuronwriter vs scalenut comparison

In the world of content creation and AI writing assistants, Neuronwriter and Scalenut are two prominent names.

Both platforms offer advanced AI capabilities to help users generate compelling and grammatically correct content.

However, Neuronwriter is known for its intuitive interface and adaptive learning capabilities, while Scalenut boasts a vast database of industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

As more and more businesses turn to AI writing tools to streamline their content creation process, the competition between Neuronwriter and Scalenut continues to heat up.

In this article, we will compare the features and benefits of these two platforms to help you decide which is best for your writing needs. 

We will compare Neuronwriter and Scalenut side by side in five different categories which are; features, AI writing capabilities, competitors analysis, SEO optimization, and pricing.

Neuronwriter Vs Scalenut Features

Neuronwriter and Scalenut have almost the same features, except for keyword research, as Neuronwriter does have keyword research functionality.

Having more features doesn’t always mean better. As our review progresses, we will discuss how Neuronwriter and Scalenut perform in their actual performance



  • AI Writer
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitors Analysis
  • SEO Optimization Editor
  • AI Templates

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Neuronwriter Vs Scalenut: AI Writing Capabilities

Let’s start their duel in the AI writing capabilities.


Scalenut was introduced as an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform, but it is also renowned for featuring an AI writer.

Generating an article using Scalenut is easy; users simply need to follow the step-by-step writing process of their AI writer. They start by entering keywords, choosing a title and outline, and then the AI begins processing the content.

The AI writer of Scalenut is effective and can generate a 1500-word article with decent quality. The generated article is also optimized for keywords, but it’s essential to enter all the key terms at the beginning of the writing process for the AI to optimize the content based on the provided key terms.


Neuronwriter, on the other hand, provides various AI-powered writing tools for content generation. It offers a one-click article generator capable of producing 800-1500+ words that are highly optimized.

The quality of the articles generated by Neuronwriter’s AI is satisfactory and can successfully pass AI detection tests. In addition to the one-click article generator, Neuronwriter also features an AI paragraph generator. Users can utilize this tool to create long-form articles with a length of 3000+ words and beyond, ensuring they are also highly optimized.


Both Neuronwriter and Scalenut boast excellent AI writer tools, and in terms of AI writing capabilities, they are very close. However, personally, I prefer Neuronwriter due to its highly optimized generated content.

The AI writer in Scalenut optimizes content for given keywords, whereas Neuronwriter’s AI begins with a query. It analyzes the SERP and your chosen direct competitors for a given query, crafting content based on its SERP and competitors’ analysis. 

This results in more optimized content with a higher chance of ranking on Google.

Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

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Competitors Analysis

In the AI writing capabilities Neuronwriter has the edge, now let us explore who has a better competitor analysis feature.


Scalenut’s competitor’s analysis initiates the moment you enter the keywords or your main topic in the Scalenut AI-powered article writer. It analyzes the SERP and your competitors.

Within the editor, you can then view details about your competitor’s article structure, content score, and ranking.


Neuronwriter can analyze the SERP and competitors; it begins with the query and subsequently analyzes the SERP for your selected query.

It will present you with the top-ranking articles, allowing you to choose your main competitors. Neuronwriter then analyzes the selected competitors. In the editor, you can access a wealth of data about your competitors.


Both Scalenut and Neuronwriter can analyze your competitors for each query or topic. However, Neuronwriter’s data is more accurate. This is because Neuronwriter allows you to choose your main competitors. This is crucial as forums and YouTube, which sometimes get included in the competitors’ list, are not recommended since they do not produce articles.

Moreover, Neuronwriter provides more comprehensive data about your competitors within the dashboard.

Scalenut vs Neuronwriter: SEO Optimization

After the AI writing and competitors analysis comparison, let us now proceed to the SEO optimization category;


After generating content using Scalenut’s AI writer, you can further optimize your article using its SEO optimization editor. This feature provides you with related terms that you can add to enhance the content score of the article.

Scalenut also offers auto-optimization, which automatically adds more key terms inside your article to increase the content score.


Neuronwriter shares similar features in SEO optimization. When Neuronwriter analyzes the SERP and your selected direct competitors, it gathers NLP terms and provides them to your editor.

This process is akin to Scalenut but is more accurate, as it specifically analyzes your chosen direct competitors and reverse-engineers their content to offer you the frequency of NLP terms that you should incorporate.

Similar to Scalenut’s auto-optimization, Neuronwriter also includes a feature called ‘Auto insert,’ which automatically inserts unused NLP terms into your content to boost the content score.


After optimizing my content with both Neuronwriter and Scalenut, I still prefer Neuronwriter. I find it more accurate than Scalenut because Neuronwriter allows me to choose my direct competitors. Its algorithm then analyzes these chosen competitors for more precise NLP suggestions.

Pricing and Deals

After analyzing side by side the Neuronwriter and Scalenut functionality, let us now proceed on which has the better deal.


In terms of pricing, Neuronwriter offers five different plans. It starts with a $23 per month subscription for its cheapest plan, providing users with 25 article optimizations and 15,000 AI credits monthly.

The second plan is priced at $45 per month, giving users the ability to optimize 50 articles along with 30,000 AI credits.

In addition to the regular monthly pricing, Neuronwriter also offers a lifetime deal. This means you can enjoy all the features of Neuronwriter (depending on your chosen plan) without the need for a monthly or yearly subscription.


On the other hand, Scalenut offers a more expensive pricing structure compared to Neuronwriter. Its cheapest plan is priced at $39 per month, allowing users to optimize only five articles per month with 100,000 AI words.

The second plan is priced at $79 per month, offering unlimited AI words, but users can only create and optimize 30 articles per month.

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In terms of pricing, Neuronwriter offers a better deal. Its cheapest plan provides 25 article optimizations, while Scalenut only allows 5. For the second plan, Scalenut is also more expensive, offering unlimited words but restricting users to create only 30 articles per month.

Although unlimited words may sound appealing, if you can only generate 30 articles per month, Neuronwriter still provides a better deal, allowing optimization for 50 articles with AI credits sufficient for the same.

Additionally, Neuronwriter’s lifetime deal is a unique offering that Scalenut doesn’t provide. Scalenut can only be accessed through a monthly or yearly subscription.

Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

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Final Verdict

Both Neuronwriter and Scalenut are popular tools, and undoubtedly useful. However, in a comparison article like this, there is only one winner.

Having used both tools for my writing projects, in my opinion, Neuronwriter emerges as the overall winner. It excels in AI writing with more accurate SERP analysis and the ability to generate articles of 3000 words or more using its AI paragraph generator.

Neuronwriter also stands out with superior competitor analysis and SEO optimization suggestions compared to Scalenut. Moreover, when considering pricing, Neuronwriter is not only more budget-friendly but also offers a better overall deal than Scalenut.

The only feature where Scalenut has an edge is through keyword research since Neuronwriter doesn’t offer a keyword research functionality, but overall Neuronwriter is better.

Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

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