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AI-Writer Review 2024: Is This AI Writing Tool Worth To Try?

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In this AI-Writer review, we explore the capabilities of this AI writing tool, focusing on its one-click and tailor-made article generators. The tool produces satisfactory content, with SEO-friendly articles, but falls short of competitors like and Surgegraph. AI detection tests reveal human-like results, yet AI-Writer lacks an SEO optimization editor, necessitating external tools for fine-tuning. The pricing plans cater to various user needs, but the tool lacks a plagiarism checker and offers fewer features than some alternatives. Despite being user-friendly, users should consider specific needs and alternatives for enhanced features.
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AI-powered long-form content generator
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Capable of producing high-quality content
No plagiarism checker
Offers fewer features than competitors
Decent optimization 
No SEO optimization editor

Welcome to my AI-Writer Review.

Today, we delve into the realm of AI writing once again, shining a spotlight on a distinctive SEO writing tool—’ AI-Writer.’ 

I reviewed different AI writing tools like Frase, Rytr, WordHero, and more. I have constantly been looking for the best AI writing tools in the market and reviewed all of them one after another to provide a proper insight into how the product works.

In this review, I will share with you my personal experience of using AI-Writer to help you on your decision whether it is worth trying or not.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI-Writer offers a one-click blog post writer and a tailor-made article writer, both capable of producing AI content with a minimum length of 5000 words.
  • Content quality is satisfactory, though not as impressive as some competitors like and Surgegraph.
  • AI detection tests show human-like results, but the tool lacks an SEO optimization editor, requiring external tools for fine-tuning.

What is AI-Writer?

AI-Writer stands as a cutting-edge generative AI tool designed to assist publishers, freelancers, copywriters, or any writer in content creation. Leveraging advanced AI technology, AI-Writer offers a suite of features, including AI one-click article writing, topic suggestions, summaries, email composers, proofreaders, and much more.

AI-Writer Features

AI-writer has a few features that users can enjoy like a one-click blog post writer, it also as a step-by-step article writer, a topic suggestion, a summarizer, and more, Let me give you an idea of how all the key features of AI-writer work.

AI-Powered Article Writer


AI-Writer boasts two types of article writers: the one-click article writer and the tailor-made article writer. Both can whip up AI-generated content, and they’re good for articles at least 5000 words long.

I’ve tried one-click articles on various AI writing tools, but this time I went for the tailor-made article writer. Why? Because it gives me more control. I can toss in extra keywords to fine-tune the content in the writing process. This tweak results in more optimized content compared to the one-click version. 

Content Quality


The content produced by AI-Writer is decent, though not as impressive as what you’d get from and Surgegraph.

When it comes to SEO-friendly articles, AI-Writer’s got it covered. However, for top-notch optimization, it’s best to opt for the tailor-made article option. This ensures your content is finely tuned for maximum impact. So, while the standard AI-generated content is good, going the extra mile with the tailor-made feature guarantees that extra polish for optimal performance.

AI Detection Test

I put the AI-Writer’s generated article to the test using two AI detectors, and the results look promising.

In the first test, it passed partially, scoring an impressive 96.67% as if it were written by humans. 

The second test echoed similar results, with the AI detector rating it as human, detecting only a few AI-generated sentences. This suggests that AI-Writer’s output is remarkably close to human writing, as per the detector assessments.

SEO Optimization Test


AI-Writer claims to generate blog posts and articles optimized for better SERP rankings. However, it lacks an SEO optimizer editor to gauge content scores, making it challenging to assess the level of optimization in the generated content.

To conduct a more precise evaluation, I turned to ‘Neuronwriter,’ a trusted SEO optimization tool in the market. As shown in the screenshot below, the AI-Writer’s generated content achieved a content score of 28 – a solid starting point. However, it falls short of being publication-ready without further optimization.

While the content is acceptable, using a dedicated optimization tool like Neuronwriter is recommended to ensure thorough optimization before publishing, enhancing the chances of better ranking.

Topic Suggest


The functionality of AI-Writer’s topic suggestions mirrors that of a savvy keyword research tool. Much like the ones you might be familiar with, you input your main keywords, and the magic happens – you get results!

However, here’s the simple perk: AI-Writer provides essential information without overwhelming you. It narrows it down to the basics – the keywords and their monthly search volumes.

But, here’s the nuance: it skips the info on how tough it is to rank for those keywords. This omission is crucial because it leaves us in the dark about the competition. Knowing the difficulty level helps us gauge if our content can make it to the top of the search results.

While AI writers excel in simplicity, for a comprehensive strategy, you might need to supplement it with additional research to gauge the competitiveness of your chosen topic.



Another handy feature in AI-Writer is the Summarizer.  It does exactly what it says on the tin: creates a summarize of your article.

Here’s how it rolls: Type in your article title and paste the entire content into the tool. That’s it. The Summarizer then works its magic and hands you a brief yet comprehensive summary of your article. 



The Proofreader in AI-Writer is your grammar and spelling wingman, much like Grammarly. Using this feature is easy – just input your article title and content, hit the button, and wait for the result.

Here’s the drill: the tool proofreads your content, fine-tuning grammar and spelling and looking for grammatical errors in your content. In a blink, you get an improved version of your content. It’s a swift and effortless way to elevate the quality of your writing. Just a few clicks, and you’re good to go with a refined piece. 

AI-Writer Pricing

AI-Writer offers three pricing options; the basic plan, the standard plan, and the power plan. Below is the table of the pricing and features that are offered for each pricing plan.

                Basic Plan               Standard Plan                   Power Plan
Price: $39Price: $59Price: $375
Generates up to 70 articlesGenerates up to 150 articlesGenerates up to 1000 articles
1 user3 users10 users
Up to 5000 words each articleUp to 5000 words each articleUp to 5000 words each article
AI text writerAI text writerAI text writer
Text rewordingText rewordingText rewording
Topic discoverTopic discoverTopic discover
API Access API AccessAPI Access
Publish to WordPressPublish to WordPressPublish to WordPress
2 months free for a yearly subscription2 months free for a yearly subscription2 months free for a yearly subscription

AI-Writer Pros and Cons

Here is a list of pros and cons that may help you on your decision if AI-writer is the right platform for you or not.


  • AI-powered long-form content generator
  • Easy to use
  • Capable of producing high-quality content


  • No plagiarism checker
  • Offers fewer features than competitors
  • Decent optimization 
  • No SEO optimization editor

AI-Writer Alternatives

If AI-Writer isn’t quite hitting the mark for you, there are some alternatives worth considering that I’ve personally tried:, much like AI-Writer, might not dazzle with a ton of features, but it stands out with one powerhouse feature – a robust and reliable article generator.

What makes shine is its ability to craft long-form articles that often outshine AI-Writer. The generated content is well-structured and can genuinely compete with content written by experienced human writers.

Key features of include a product review article writer, a product roundup creator, and a handy how-to guide article generator. If you’re after solid, well-structured articles, is one of the best article generators on the market.

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Surgegraph holds the top spot as my preferred AI writing tool and stands out as a stellar alternative to AI writers. In my experience with various AI writing tools, Surgegraph shines in both content quality and SEO optimization.

The content it generates is highly optimized, making AI-Writer’s output pale in comparison. Surgegraph can churn out lengthy articles ranging from 5000 to 7000+ words, boasting a commendable content score that often requires little to no editing before publishing.

Some standout features of Surgegraph include unlimited keyword research, limitless SEO optimization, and an endless stream of generated content. If you’re after top-notch quality and comprehensive capabilities, Surgegraph is a solid choice.

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