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To wrap it up, offers a user-friendly AI writing tool, but it has limitations. While it excels in short-form content like meta descriptions and blog introductions, its long-form articles fall short at 826 words, lacking the depth of competitors like Surgegraph and's content quality is decent but doesn't stand out. On the positive side, it passes AI detection tests effectively. The tool's simplicity and affordability are definite pros, but the 800+ word limit for articles might be a drawback. For those in need of robust alternatives, Surgegraph is great for high-quality, lengthy content, while, with its impressive writing capabilities, comes at a more budget-friendly price starting at $12 per month. In the end, your choice depends on the balance between simplicity, cost, and the depth of content you're aiming for.
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Welcome to my Review.

I’m Mirage from Mirageportal and I love reviewing different AI writing tools, some of the AI writer tools that I reviewed are, Frase, Neuronwriter, Ryter, and a lot more.

Now I will review an AI writer tool ‘’, and I will provide an unbiased opinion about this product to help you decide whether this tool is worth using or not.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI-powered writing assistant designed for content creation.
  • Focus on content generation, user-friendly interface, pricing, and versatility.
  • AI-powered long-form articles fall short at 826 words.
  • Quality is decent but lacks depth compared to competitors like Surgegraph and
  • performs well in AI detection tests, ensuring authenticity.

Review Objective

The primary objective of this review is to conduct a comprehensive and impartial analysis of, an AI-powered writing assistant.

My review will focus on its proficiency in generating high-quality content, user interface accessibility, pricing structure, and adaptability to diverse writing requirements—from blog posts to ad copy creation to crafting intricate song lyrics.

Through this comprehensive review, we aim to provide readers with detailed insights into the functionality, features, and overall utility of, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding its integration into their professional content creation workflows.

What is is an AI article generator designed to simplify writing tasks. It uses an advanced language model to offer features like an AI writer and supports various use cases. It’s a straightforward tool for writers looking to streamline their work and enhance efficiency. Key Features offers a variety of key features that make it a powerful AI writing assistant and tool.

Its SEO meta title and description capabilities help users optimize their content for search engines, ensuring better visibility and higher rankings.

The AI writing assistant collaborates with users to generate high-quality and engaging content, while the AI writing tool streamlines the writing process by providing valuable suggestions and corrections.

With, users can easily enhance their content and streamline their writing workflow. Now let me give you an insight into how all these features work.

Long-Form Article Writer long form article writer

The main feature of Writeme is its long-form content writing assistant. The long-form article writer is entirely powered by AI and it is supposed to write a long blog post, based on my standard a long-form should be at least 1000-1500 words minimum.

Sadly’s long-form article only managed to write 826 words, which is disappointing for the fact that some of its competitors are capable of writing true long-form content; with a length of about 3000-7000+ words articles like and Surgegraph.

Surgegraph Unlimited High-Quality Article

Generate unlimited high-quality and SEO-optimized articles, unlimited keyword research, and unlimited content optimization

Quality Test

article generated by writeme ai

The content generated by this tool possesses decent quality; it’s acceptable for me, but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. One significant concern for me is its length; while the overall quality is satisfactory, it still falls short of my standards.

In contrast to some of its competitors, such as and Surgegraph, this tool proves highly capable of generating well-structured content that is nearly ready for publication with just a few manual edits and optimizations.

AI Detection Test

While the quality and length of the generated articles are merely decent, the tool performed admirably in the AI detection test.

Similar to my routine AI detection tests conducted during AI writer reviews, I utilized two different AI detection tools to assess the articles generated by

As evident from the screenshot below, it managed to pass both AI detection tests, showcasing an impressive performance.

Short Form Article Writer/ Use Cases use cases screenshot

In addition to long-form content generation, provides a short-form article generator. If you’re already acquainted with other AI writers, these short-form article generators essentially serve as specific use cases. Let me demonstrate how it works.

  • Blog Meta Description: can generate blog meta descriptions. It creates short, catchy summaries that attract readers and boost search engine rankings. Tailored to your content, it’s a straightforward way to up your click-through rates and make your content more findable.
  • Blog Idea: can help generate content ideas. It gives you an additional inspiring topic based on your preferences. 
  • Blog Post Introduction: If a blog post introduction is all you need can help you with it. It whips up engaging openings that grab readers’ attention. By analyzing your content, it tailors intros to your style. Boost engagement and set the tone for your articles with personalized intros.
  • SEO Meta Title: The title is very important to grab attention in the SERP result. A  better SEO title has a better click-through rate if you’re having trouble creating a title it has use cases to help you generate a meta title.
  • Video Description: A video description is an important part of the SEO technique in ranking a video, to make your work faster and lighter, you can use this case to quickly generate a video description for you, just provide your video title and the AI will create a video description that you can use.

Surgegraph Unlimited High-Quality Article

Generate unlimited high-quality and SEO-optimized articles, unlimited keyword research, and unlimited content optimization Pros and Cons


  • Simple Interface
  • Affordable 


  • Can only write 800+ words of article
  • Generated content has decent quality Pricing and Plan

For the pricing, offers three options premium plan; freelance, agency, and enterprise. Below is the price breakdown for each plan.

  • Freelance: $10/month
  • Agency: $25/month
  • Enterprise: $50/month

Surgegraph Unlimited High-Quality Article

Generate unlimited high-quality and SEO-optimized articles, unlimited keyword research, and unlimited content optimization Alternatives


If you want an AI writing assistant to write a true high-quality long-form article Surgegraph is what I highly recommend. It is my number one choice since it can write an article that is highly optimized and is proven to rank on SERP.

The article length that it generates is around 5000-7000+ words that are well-structured and high quality. Surgegraph also offers unlimited keyword research, unlimited article optimization, and unlimited content generation.

Read our Review | Visit Surgegraph

Another alternative that I also recommend is, it doesn’t have keyword research, and an SEO optimization editor like Surgegraph but its writing capabilities are really good. The quality of the content it produces is almost comparable to Surgegraph.

It can generate an article with a length of about 5000+ words that is well structured and well written. The pricing of is also good starting at $12 a month and can be rescaled based on your needs.

Read our Review | Visit

Surgegraph Unlimited High-Quality Article

Generate unlimited high-quality and SEO-optimized articles, unlimited keyword research, and unlimited content optimization