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Writerzen Review: Unbiased Opinion

Writezen an SEO and AI writing platform that can help publishers refine and write their content

Writerzen Review
Writerzen Review
Overall, my own experience with Writerzen is a mix of thoughts, it has lots of features like topic discovery, keyword research, content creation, and content optimization but it is not perfect, it has some flaws which is why I don't fully recommend it. If you want to buy Writerzen for keyword research and topical discovery it's worth it, but for overall performance? it is not. For the reason that its AI writer performs poorly on my multiple tests, like I said it can only generate short and thin articles, and it even struggles against AI content detectors. In addition to all of that, their feature is not unique at all. Some alternatives can outrank them in content writing, content optimization, and keyword research. For now, I can't recommend this product, but maybe in the future if their AI improves over time.
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Hi, I’m Mirage from Mirageportal, today we’re looking at Writerzen one of the SEO tools on the market, Writerzen will give you some features like keyword research, AI content generator, content optimization, and plagiarism checker.

However, it comes with a set of pros and cons that you’ll need to consider before investing in a subscription. In the article, I’m going to share with you my personal experience using Writerzen which will help you decide on your purchase.

What Is Writerzen?

Writerzen is an SEO platform that helps publishers rank better on searches, it was founded in 2021 and offers different functionalities like keyword research, topic discovery, AI content generation, content optimization, and plagiarism checker.

What Are Features That Writerzen Offers?

On paper, their features look very promising but do their features work as they promise? Let me give an idea based on my own experience with Writerzen.

Topic Discovery

My screenshot of Writerzen topic discovery feature

Writerzen topic discovery was useful, it can give you different kinds of topics or ideas. This feature is good for increasing topical authority on your site. All you need to do is to enter a keyword that is related to your website niche, then the tool will provide you with different topics that you can write on your website.

The topic discovery features also show related questions that you can use as a separate topic for your article.

Compile Your Topics

Another useful benefit of using Writerzen is how easy it is to compile all the topics that Topic Discover provides. You can just select all the topics and keywords that you prefer and export them into a list which you can later use and import the listing keywords and topic when writing an article or creating a topical map using the keyword planner.

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is their main keyword research tool, if topic discovery gives you lots of ideas of new topics that you can write, the keyword explorer works as a typical keyword research tool. For me Writerzen keyword feature was good.

It gives plenty of useful data like search volume. trends, CPC, SERP overview, keywords difficulty, insight, and more. Writerzen keyword explores cant still compete with more popular keyword research tools like Semrush, but it still provides tons of useful data that can help do the work.

Content Creator

The content creator is Writerzen’s AI content generator, using this feature you just need to choose between manual mode or auto writing mode, the auto mode is a lot easier than manual mode since the AI will generate the title, description, outline, and whole article for you.

Manual Mode

While the manual mode gives you more control where you can freely choose and tune the title. You can also choose, edit, and tune the outline, you can even freely choose all the keywords or related keywords like opportunity keywords, and suggested keywords by Writerzen which serves as a guide when optimizing your article.

How Its AI Writer Perform?

checking the word count of article generated by writerzen

The content creator by Writerzen is good when creating the structure of the article but for its own AI writer? I don’t like it at all, I don’t recommend using Writerzen AI to generate the articles for the reason that the article that it can generate is pretty basic which is about 600-700+ words only. A kind of content that Google might label as thin and unhelpful content.

How About the Content Quality Of WriterZen AI Writer Produce?

ai generated article of writerzen

Based on my own experience using Writerzen, the only thing that I find helpful about its content creator is how it gives me some useful data to create an optimized outline for my articles, its AI outline generator is also good, just skip the AI article generator since it’s not yet as good as its competitors like Surgegraph, Frase, or even Neuronwriter which has AI writer that are more capable on generating a long-form article that is high quality and optimized.

AI Content Detector Test

Another thing that I didn’t like about the content quality that Writerzen’s AI produced was its struggle to pass on the AI content detector, I tested it multiple times but still failed to pass the AI content detector, you can see the result in the screenshot below this paragraph.

SEO Optimization Feature

Writerzen also has an SEO optimization feature that is almost similar to its competitors, it helps the user to optimize their articles to rank well on Google, and it provides data like competitors’ analysis and related key terms suggestions.

This feature is good, but out of all the AI writing tools and SEO optimization tools that I have tried I think that Neuronwriter is a better choice for optimizing articles than Writerzen, it provides more data with higher accuracy.

Plagiarism Checker

testing plagiarism checker of writerzen

Writerzen has its plagiarism checker which is great, I always mention in my reviews that a plagiarism checker is a must-have feature in every AI writing tool since AI writers just generate AI based on what information it’s gathered from the web.

To avoid copyright infringement you must always check if the article that is generated by AI is 100% unique and has no copyright issue, good thing Writerzen includes a plagiarism checker in their tools.

What Are The Pros And Cons of WriterZen


  • Increase Topical Authority: Writerzen is good to use to increase your site’s topical authority, their topical discovery works so well that it shows tons of topics that are relevant to your site’s main topic.
  • Good For Keyword Research: Its keyword research feature is also good, it provides useful data that can help you rank better, and you can even rely on it without the need for another keyword research tool.
  • Creating Article Outline: Another advantage of using Writerzen is that it can help generate an optimized blog outline.


  • Expensive Pricing: I find Writerzen to be more expensive than its competitors, its cheapest plan which is $23/mo only includes keyword research functionality, if you want to use content brief, AI writing, and plagiarism check you’ll need to spend $69/mo.
  • AI Writer Is Not Reliable: Just like what I’ve mentioned I don’t like its AI writer since it can only generate short articles and has very decent quality.

How Much Does Writerzen Cost?

Writerzen offers four kinds of pricing plans, the cheapest one costs $23 per month; it looks affordable but the features you can get are keyword. The second plan has two options both cost about $69 per month, you can choose from cluster & research or cluster & content.

The cluster and content plan is focused on keyword research while the cluster & content allows the user to use unlimited AI writing, content brief, and plagiarism checks.

Writerzen most expensive plan is its all-in-one plan, which provides everything that Writerzen offers for $199 per month.

Any Alternative For Writerzen?

Looking for a Writerzen alternative? Dont worry, If you think that Writerzen is not the right tool for you here are some of the best alternatives that you can choose.


The number 1 best alternative for Writerzen that I can recommend is Surgegraph, it has all of the features that you can get on Writerzeen and some are even better. Surgegraph has a keyword research feature that is unlimited to use.

Its long-form AI writer is also one of the best that can even rival SuferAI, it can generate unlimited articles that are optimized with a word length of 5000+ words. Unlimited and SEO-optimized content generation, unlimited content optimization, unlimited keyword research, and a cheaper price. For me, Surgegraph is better than Writerzen in all aspects.

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Another alternative for Writerzen is Frase, an AI content generator that can even rival both Surgegraph and SurferSEO in content quality and length. Frase SEO content editor is also good, it provides data that to outrank your competitors.

The only important feature that is lacking on is keyword research, this platform doesn’t offer keyword research but its AI content writer and SEO optimization is way better than Writerzen.

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