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Rytr Review 2024: Unbiased Review

A full review of one of the most popular AI writer 'Rytr'

Rytr Review
Rytr Review
Now for our verdict, and to answer the question of whether you should invest in Rytr or not. It still depends, if you just starting in the blogging industry and don't have enough budget Rytr is the best choice, for the reason that it offers a lot of features at a very affordable price. Rytr is good but it is not the best of its kind, it has some competitors that can do better in terms of writing and optimization like Surgegraph, which is more advanced but has a reasonable pricing.
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Welcome to my Rytr review.

Today I will review another AI writing tool called Rytr, previously I published a review about the tool Writerzen I also mentioned why I don’t recommend it.

Now I will do a detailed Rytr review where I will mention all its features and how it performs, its pros and cons, and the content quality from the generated article.

I will also provide show you with an insight into its pricing, and in the last part of the review, I will give my recommendation and conclusion if this AI writing tool is worth buying or not.

Rytr Review: Key Features

Every product has its specs and features, a lot of features are good on paper but it doesn’t matter at all since what matters the most is how its features perform in the real world.

To help you decide I will explain Rytr features and how it works based on my own experience, let’s begin.

Rytr AI Writer


Let us begin with the Rytr AI writer since it is the main selling point of this product. The Rytr AI is used to generate an article that publishers can publish on their websites.

When I first heard about this product I thought It was an AI writer that could easily generate a long-form article with just a few steps like Surgegraph & Frase, but I was wrong.

Rytr doesn’t have those features, but it can also generate a long-form article and the process is a bit different.

At first, I thought Rytr couldn’t generate a long-form article, it took me about 30 minutes before I figured out how to do it.

Below is a simple tutorial that will help you if you don’t know yet how to start using Rytr and generate long-form articles.

Content Quality

For the quality of the content generated by Rtyr AI, I find it okay it performs decently and can do the work.

If you ask me if it is the best AI writer that I’ve used? Actually no, I have used a lot of AI writing tools and I can say that Surgegraph is far more better and advanced than Rytr.

Sure Rytr can generate an article with decent optimization, but Surgegraph is on another level, its generated content is more optimized using NLP and can generate a more in-depth article.

But when it comes to pricing there is no doubt that Rytr is cheaper.

Rytr Test Using AI Detector

If you are curious about how the generated content by Rytr performs in AI detection, below is the screenshot from the test that I performed.

I’ve used three different AI content detector tools and it has a mixed result.

In the screenshot above, you can see that it passed the first AI detector, then failed in the second, and the third one said that it was only 60% human.

I tested it multiple times and the result was the same, sometimes it passed the AI detector it failed.

AI Templates (AI-Powered Writing Tool)

Rytr also offers different writing tools that are powered by AI, others call them AI templates and others call them micro tools, let me give you some insight about it.

Blog Idea & Outline Generator

The blog idea & outline generator is used for generating outlines, titles, and keywords that you can use for your blog.

I have mentioned in the tutorial on how to generate a long-form article that we need to create an outline first and this tool can do it for you.

Blog Section Writing

The blog section writing tool is useful if you need to generate a section of your blog. For example, if you have an old blog post and you want to change some of its sections then you can use this tool and it can generate for you to refresh your content.

Keyword Extractor


A keyword extractor is a useful tool when spying on your competitors. If you are curious about what keywords they use in their content, you can just copy a section of their blog >> paste it into the keyword extractor, and then the tool will show you different keywords that they can find in the blog section.

Keywords Generator


Run out of keyword ideas? This tool might help you, it can be used to create different keyword variations by just adding your primary keyword.

Take note that this is just a keyword variations generator, not a keyword research tool so in other words it doesn’t have real data for each keyword.

SEO Meta Description Generator

This tool is useful for generating meta descriptions for your blog. Just enter the information that it needs and it will give you a few variations of meta description.

Just choose one that you preferred then you can use it for your blog article.

SEO Meta Title Generator

SEO meta title generating is useful for generating a compelling title for your article, you can just enter the info that the tool needs then it will generate different titles for you to choose from.

Rytr Image Generator

Rytr also has an image generator which is great since you can create your featured image and illustration for your article with ease.

The downside of this tool is the quality, it can generate images, yes but the quality is very decent.

If we compare it to other AI generators it’s not even close, but still, the Rytr image generator is better than nothing. At least you can still create images with less effort.

AI Chat


AI chat is a copywriting assistant inside of your dashboard, you can ask it when you need to know some things like GhatGPT.

Rytr AI chat is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 so in other words it just works like ChatGPT.

The only difference is that you don’t need to access your ChatGPT when using Rytr since you already have one inside your dashboard unless you want to use GPT 4 since for now Rytr AI chats only use GPT 3 and GPT 4 are not yet available.

Rytr Pros and Cons


  • Simple Interface: Rytr has a very simple interface it has less distraction, and because of its simple UI, it performs fast. It can generate results in just 1-2 seconds.
  • Affordable Pricing: Another advantage of using Rytr is its price, it is one of the cheapest AI writing tools available and in smaller publishers, even the lowest plan of $9/mo is barely enough.


  • No one Click long-form Article Generator: The first disadvantage of using Rytr that I noticed was the lack of a click long-form article generator, if you want to create a long-form the AI can write it section per section.
  • Lack of SEO Optimization: You can generate an SEO-optimized article in Rytr but the optimization is pretty decent, it can’t compete with the likes of Surgegraph and Surfer SEO in terms of optimization.

Use Cases: Who and Where Can You Use Rytr?

Rytr offers a lot of functionality, it can generate outlines, blog ideas, keywords, and more but who and where can you use Rytr? People like copywriters can benefit from using Rytr’s copywriting framework AIDA and copywriting framework: PAS.

Bloggers and publishers can also use Rytr to generate blog articles for their websites, even freelance writers can make their job much easier.

They can use Rytr’s generated articles as a draft and edit them to make them better, by the use of AI writers; freelance, bloggers, and publishers can write faster than manually writing every bit of the blog article.

User Experience and Interface: Navigating the Rytr Platform

Rytr has a very simple interface, it’s indeed very simple, and at first, I thought it was not a premium product by judging it by its appearance, but when I used it I understood that its simplicity provided more value like speed.

Since it is simple it is very easy to use, has no distractions, and is very responsive. No lags and can use all its features smoothly. Kudos for the ease of use and how fast it performs.

Rytr Review: Pricing

For the pricing, Rytr has one of the best pricing of all the AI writing tools that you can have.

Their saver plan only costs $9/mo with gives its users some features like generating 100k characters per month, accessing 40+ use cases, generating up to 20 images per month with AI, and a plagiarism checker.

The other plan is the Unlimited Plan for $29/mo you can generate unlimited characters per month,
generate up to 100 images per month with an AI, plagiarism checker, write in 30+ languages, access 40+ use cases, and access 20+ tones, and everything that you can get from saver plan but better.

Comparing Rytr with Other AI Writing Assistants in the Market


The best Rytr alternative that I can highly recommend is Surgegraph, if you want to use AI writing tools just to generate articles that rank Surgegraph is a much better choice.

This tool can generate unlimited articles that are about 5000-7000+ worse with just one click.

What’s even better is that the generated article by Surgegraph is more optimized using the combined OpenAI and Surgegraph’s own AI plus Surgegraph NLP processor, which results in an in-depth article that has a higher chance to rank on Google than Rytr generated article.

Surgegraph also offers unlimited keyword research, and unlimited SEO optimization similar to SurferSEO and Neuronwriter. You can check my full review to learn more about Surgegraph.

Read our Review | Visit Surgegraph


If optimization is your main priority Neuwronwriter is what I recommend, it is one of the best SEO optimization tools that I use which can even rival Surfer SEO.

Neuronwriter also has AI writer tools that can generate a highly optimized article which is about 1500+ words.

Neuronwriter also uses advanced techniques like NLP and top-ranking article analysis to generate tons of recommendations on how to optimize your article or generate an article that can rank well.

Surgegraph and Neuronwriter use a similar technique to analyze the query to optimize your article, only that Neuronwriter is slightly above Surgegraph in terms of optimization.

I’ve used a lot of AI writing and SEO tools like Frase, Scalenut, Writerzen, and more but I can say that Neuronwriter is the only one that is equal to Surfer SEO in optimizing articles which Rytr pales in comparison.

What is even better is that Neuronwriter offers a lifetime deal that starts at $89, so you can use this tool without any subscription. Neuronwriter’s lifetime deal is only available for a limited time, make sure to get one before it’s gone.

You can use the button below and it will redirect you to the Neuronwriter lifetime deal sales page. If you go directly to Neuronwriter’s official website you can’t find a lifetime deal since the special link was given to me by Neuronwriter as an affiliate.

Read our Review | Visit Neuronwriter

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FAQ Section

Is Rytr a good tool?

Yes, Rytry is a good tool to use, it is cheap and offers a lot of features like AI writer, image generator, and other micro tools.

Is Rytr free to use?

Rytr is a premium AI writing tool but you can also use it for free and can generate 10K characters per month.

Can Rytr rewrite an article?

Yes, inside the document you can enter your article and then highlight the text you want to rewrite and click rephrase.

How do you use Rytr effectively?

To use Rytr effectively you must have keywords and then use the blog ideas & outline features after that you can let the AI write each paragraph of the outline